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Shafted, shafted, shafted: A Story of Female Second Leads

Thursday, March 25, 2010 8 comments


This is Janine Zhang, who plays Lan Xiying in Black & White (she’s basically an expert on everything having to do with the law, medicine, and a damned good sharpshooter into the bargain). I would love to be her, but yeah. I’m not that awesome.

A long time ago Thundie wrote an article-essay on the treatment of male secondary leads in kdrama, and I felt inspired enough that I promised myself that I would write up a similar one about the female ones.

This is just something I’ve noticed, but the amount of hate towards female characters almost always beats the hate for male ones. And while on one hand it’s seriously not cool, on the other hand I think the tired old tropes women keep being thrust into have something to do with it.

Without further ado:

LADIES! Be more awesome!


Spring 2010, Trailers!

Friday, March 12, 2010 1 comment


Hong Lou Meng/Dream of Red Mansions

– Okay, I don’t actually care for this version because the 1989 one was like, the end-all be-all of Hong Lou Meng adaptations, but after the clusterfuck of the selection process and the general pretty, I’m curious to see where this goes.

Summer’s Desire

(My god, the trailer comes in 2 parts!)

– As for as I can tell from dramawiki, it’s about 2 people in love with a manipulative second male lead trying to separate them. (He had money, it helped.) Honestly, if it wasn’t Huang Xiaoming and Barbie Xu, I wouldn’t even look, but… the opportunity of a TWdrama, with an actress who’s not, you know, the type to fake idiocy.


(This thing is just so gorgeous.)

– Han Hyo-joo! Bae Soo-bin! Ji Jin-hee! Pretty historical clothing and intrigue (though at 50 episodes it’s a bit heavy)! Bae Soo-bin doesn’t get the girl, again!

Personal Taste

– Ahh, what would a girl be without her fake-gay roommate? (Apparently missing all those rainbow-sparkly moments.)

Cinderella’s Sister

– The summary’s somewhat sketch on details, but it’s Moon Geun-young being sexy and angsty. I’m really not going to pass that one up.

Oh! My Lady!

– Romantic hijinks between a male star and his housekeeper! With added age difference! I mean, I’m not expecting any Oscar-level acting, but it sounds fun.

Already Airing:

Down With Love

– He’s a snotty lawyer who has no time for anything, she’s that hard-working girl who carries fridges on her back to earn money. This is a drama just waiting to happen. (Having actually watched all 26 leaked episodes, I can honestly say that this is a joy to watch.)

Who’s who in Prince of Tennis?

Sunday, November 23, 2008 Leave a comment

I thought, just so we stop being confused, that I would post this here for ya:

These are only the main players on the Seigaku/Qing Xue team, but it’s still better than nothing!

Oh, and a list of the Chinese vs. Japanese names of the people.

Coach Lin Qi — Ryuzaki Sumire
Long Zheng Nan — Echizen Nanjiroh, Ryoma’s papa
Long Ma — Echizen Ryoma
Guo Guang — Tezuka Kunimitsu
Zhou Zhu — Fuji Syuusuke
Chen Hai Tang — Kaidoh Kaoru
Qian Zhen Zhi — Inui Sadaharu
Ju Wan — Kikumaru Eiji
Da Shi — Oishi Shuichiro
He Chun Long — Kawamura Takashi
Zhou Yu — Fuji Yuuta
Tao Cheng Wu — Momoshiro Takeshi
Lin Ying (Nickname: Xiao Ying) — Ryuzaki Sakuno
Xiao Peng — Osakada Tomoka
Xiao Bo — Street Court dude
Seigaku — Qing Xue
Hyoutei — Bing Di
Fudomine – Yi Lin



Prince of Tennis Live Action: Episode 5

Saturday, October 18, 2008 3 comments

The live action is officially AU now, I think. I much prefer this version to the anime, though Long Ma needs some work. (By work I mean a large hammer and lots of humility, but character rewrites will do.)

Correction: The coach’s name is actually Lin Qi, not Tian Qi as previously assumed.

Episode 5: In Which There is Yet More Angst, Will It Never End?!?

Tao Chen Wu and Hai Tang exercise at the same time, as much as to snark at each other as to actually build muscles. Cheng Wu urges Hai Tang to retry the match, while Hai Tang looks down on him for being too enthusiastic about everything and everyone. (Yeah, but how else is Long Ma’s cold, neglected little heart going to melt?)

In the school caf, Xiao Peng grabs Long Ma for an interview, only to have him walk off when it’s apparent Xiao Ying won’t show up. Xiao Peng is chagrined. (Serves her right.)

In English class, the rest of the team muses on whether they like having Long Ma around (answer: obvious no) – angst about Inui and Kaidoh ensues. The two don’t really help, as they do their soulful gazing thing in the gym. I would like to remind them that it’s not the end of the world – just one ranking match, dudes! There will be others, like, next semester. Aww, brotherly bonding (or not, you slashers, you) totally occurs.

zOMG Zhen Zhi breaks down and says that data isn’t everything. OMO. Hai Tang feels cheated, and super under pressure. Also, he dislikes Long Ma. What a newsflash.

It does get better at the end…

Prince of Tennis subs

Friday, October 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Since so many of you have been asking!

Prince of Tennis, the Chinese live action version, is being subbed by a very friendly group of people over at, and to date they have released episode 5.

The group is called dramapuri_subs, here’s the link to the released fansubs. You’ll have to register at LJ (it’s free) and the particular community (also free), but think of it as an enriching experience. 😀


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Prince of Tennis Live Action: Episode 4

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 2 comments

Having realized that, hey, they use Chinese names, I thought it would be a better idea to start using them too.

So just for your reference:

Coach Tian — Ryuzaki
Long Zheng Nan — Nanjiroh, Ryoma’s papa
Long Ma — Ryoma
Guo Guang — Tezuka
Zhou Zhu — Fuji
Hai Tang — Kaidoh
Zhen Zhi — Inui
Ju Wan — Eiji
Da Shi — Oishi
He Chun Long — Taka
Zhou Yu — Yuuta
Tao Cheng Wu — Momo
Xiao Ying — Sakuno
Xiao Peng — Tomoka
Xiao Bo — Street Court dude
Seigaku — Qing Xue
Hyoutei — Bing Di

Episode 4: In Which Heavy Objects of an Angsty Nature Fall

Omg, they actually play tennis this episode…

Prince of Tennis Live Action, Episode 3

Monday, October 13, 2008 3 comments

It’s been a long time, folks. Gomen, gomen, was not really in the mood until now.

Episode 3: In Which Fuji Angsts and Ryuzaki Spits Out Her Tea

Momo and Kaidoh get into another off-the-sides match. Inui and the rest of the team watch on the sides, commenting that with the arrival of Ryoma, the team has felt the pressure of the ranking matches. Tezuka comes in at an intense point in the match to stop them and to award the rest of the team with laps. Disciplinarian and moasochist? Maybe.

The next day, Momo meets Ryoma in the locker rooms and tells him to do well, and Ryoma shows his arrogance once more by muttering that he had wanted to be in the same group as Tezuka and Fuji (otherwise known as the ‘Death Block’ for obvious reasons). When he finds his rackets stolen by jealous teammates, he goes into snark-competitive mode. And skips practice. (Genius, dude.)

When Ryoma skips practice, he goes to Sakuno’s art room. (And they say romance is dead.) He compares his skill and confidence to her assurance in drawing, yada yada yada, he is sure of winning, what else is new?

For more cracktastic feats of backstory >>