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BBC Merlin Season Two Confirmed!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 96 comments

Anthony Head, actor for king Uther Pendragon in BBC’s 2008 drama Merlin, confirmed last night in an interview that there will indeed be a season two to the much-beloved series.

The highlight:

Q: What about Merlin? What’s going to happen this Saturday night?

ASH: Merlin is definitely coming back, it’s getting darker, the last episode is really deep, I think the dragon will surprise people, you know, there are all sorts of little tricks and treats in the last one, and not everything is what you think, and relationships have been developing.

Merlin stars Colin Morgan as the titular character while Bradley James takes on the role of Prince Arthur. The latest episode of the series, To Kill the King, gathered 5.74 million viewers on the night it broadcasted. Despite fears from fans and networks that its subtext would prove too much, this show does enjoy a large following with so-called family audience.

There may not be enough capslocking for my fangirly joy. 😀


Source: Digitalspy.

ETA 09/04/2009: As of now, unofficial sources indicate the airing date to be the 19th of September on BBC.


Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Sunday, November 9, 2008 2 comments

Holy crap guys, I just saw this on TV.

Vancouver journalist Melissa Fung, who reports for the CBC, was kidnapped while working in Afghanistan and held in a tunnel for 28 days until her release. Her kidnapping occurred right around the time of the Canadian federal elections, but the media kept mum so her safety would not be jeopardized. She’s safe and sound now, albeit massively shaken by what’s happened.

Right now the news says that her kidnappers had more of a criminal than political intent. (Though grabbing a Canadian and expecting it to not become a political issue is somewhat… optimistic of them.) Still, by accounts of what happened the day she was kidnapped, these people were prepared.

So, all you people who think being Canadian makes you safer? Not true.

Sources: here and here.

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Painter, Beethoven Virus Rescheduled

Sunday, October 12, 2008 1 comment

Urm, folks, I have some bad news for ya.

Next week, due to a soccer match, Beethoven Virus will air only one episode, on Thursday. This does have the effect of evening out the extension, and BV will air a total of 19 episodes, to end sometime in mid-November. (More recapping for me, watch the pom poms flail.)

In addition, to add to a previous injury, Park Shin Yang, Moon Geun Young’s age-inappropriate costar in Painter of the Wind, has broken the poor girl’s nose. (OW.) The actress has been ordered to take at least 10 days of rest, which means that the filming schedule will be delayed, which means no Painter episodes at all next week.

Not from personal experience, but I do know that any sort of nose injury is extremely painful, and I hope she gets better soon. (Not her luck this month – first that fall down the well and now this – but then Lee Jia also got sick filming those underwater sequences.)

D: And I was so looking forward overindulging – but on the other hand this means that I actually will be able to study (willpower << drama).

Thanks, universe.


Breaking News: Choi Jin Shil

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 1 comment

Umm. This was just posted at Dramabeans: actress Choi Jin Shil was found in her apartment, dead in an apparent suicide. Source link here.

I don’t know what to say. Besides the fact that so many beloved celebs seem to have died before their time this year, I was really surprised and saddened. By all accounts Choi was a strong woman who stood up to her abusive husband, got a divorce and added her two children (7 and 5 years old respectively) to her family register. It seems almost strange that a woman of such fortitude would succumb to suicide, though we should not and cannot judge her for something of which we will never know the full truth.

My heart goes out to her children, who are still so young, and recently gone through their parents’ divorce. I hope they remember the good times and understand the bad.

The world is less without her presence (and that of Lee Eon, and omg, still crying over that).

Hugs for all of ya,


ETA: Javabeans has posted an update over at her site.

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Sichuan Earthquake

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m sure you’ve all heard/read/seen the devastation caused by an earthquake in Sichuan. Current death toll counts in the tens of thousands, and will rise. The area, due to rubble, aftershocks and intense damage, is cut off from the bulk of aid that is available. Many places are only reached by helicopter.

Meanwhile, the bodies are piling up, food and water supplies are short, and people have no homes. It is summer, and the heat will make pestilence that much easier to spread. Added to the almost wholesale destruction of infrastructure in some areas, I’m sure you can imagine what kind of lives people are scratching out right now.

Iurgnotmis has set a page of links to various charities that are taking donations for the aid relief effort. Keep in mind that most organizations do take a percentage of fees for housekeeping and administration costs.

Thank you so much,


(It sickens me to say that some people have suggested this is karmic retribution which deserves another post entirely – will get back to you on that.)

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