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Legend of Condor Heroes 2008, episodes 23 and 24

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So for those of you who found my episode 1-12 really confusing, irugnotmis is doing a more comprehensive recap. Hopefully one of us can explain what’s going on. šŸ˜€

Episode 23

Huang Rong and Guo Jing go in to make the kill, but Wanyan Honglie is riding away with Wanyan Kang. They are stopped at the door by Ouyang Ke, who woke up at the noises they were making, and wasn’t there when Wanyan Kang came.

Ouyang Ke knows now that the prince is making a getaway, so he stays to combat Guo Jing. Huang Rong stands on the side, gritting her teeth.

In the woods, Wanyan Honglie shows that he doesn’t altogether trust Wanyan Kang just yet – which must rankle, as the other has basically thrown away everything to join the prince’s side. He does the same ‘kill me if you can’ stunt and Wanyan Honglie listens to him for the moment. Unfortunately, Mu Nianci is watching in the woods.

They make a pit stop as Wanyan Honglie refuses to go further, and a messenger from the place they were staying at brings the news that Guo Jing and Huang Rong had snuck in and killed the guard impersonated as the prince. Wanyan Honglie is now convinced of Kang’s loyalty.

Ouyang Ke is winning the fight against both Guo Jing and Huang Rong when he is knocked back by a gnawed chicken bone (leg, I think). Lol. It landed straight in his mouth.

Both Guo Jing and Huang Rong realize that their beloved Qigong is with them. Huang Rong manages to poke Qigong into accepting Guo Jing (right under Ouyang Ke’s eyes, lol) as a student. With just half a minute’s worth of pointers, Guo Jing manages to surpass Ouyang Ke. Guess the remaining three Dragon Subduing Palms are that important, then.

So he fails to take down the ‘two assassins’, and Wanyan Honglie dismisses him, handing all his previous tasks to Kang. Ouyang Ke leaves angrily, and promises to bring his uncle into the business. (Which, if you ask me, is just asking for trouble. The guy plots as he breathes.)

The Jin prince leaves with his troops for Jiaxin, where he plans to get at the Wumu Yishu (military book extraordinaire). Mu Nianci confronts him about his deception, which he tries to deny, but then she shuts him up by breaking up with him (not officially, but enough to make him feel bad). It’s too bad she likes him too much, because he’s so bad for her.

It’s a morning for confrontations, as Guo Jing and Huang Rong barge in on Kang, who pretends to be sleeping, so as not to bring his own role into suspicion. Huang Rong rolls her eyes and they both know they won’t trust the other.

Huang Rong cooks a supreme feast for Qigong (and treats his followers to dinner too), and requests that he take another student – her. He disagrees, but she totally tricks him again. Guo Jing walks up and asks Qigong to take Yang Kang as a student, and he recognizes Qigong for the beggar he almost kicked away the other day.

Qigong calls Yang Kang outside and tells him to go away, and never bother him again. Guo Jing chases after the departing Yang Kang, and is very kind to him, but he’s adamant about parting ways.

When he goes back to eat with Huang Rong, he’s a bit silent, and then drinks himself into a stupor.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Ke gallops back home (and manages to stay clean in his white shirt). Oh yuck. Ouyang Feng lives in a pit of snakes and other poisonous stuff. Yuck. Ouyang Ke meets his mother, a divinely beautiful woman who looks younger than he is. They’re not close, as he resents her for not telling him the truth all these years.

Family history ftw – Ouyang Ke is actually the son of his uncle – who doesn’t recognize him and is only bent on getting to the top of that people pile called the wuxia world. She practiced the secret arts to get his attention but ended up destroying her face (hey, but now she can beat any ordinary person flat for calling her ugly) and he noticed her, but only because he wanted to know how to get to a certain level so fast.

Then she seduced him, blah, had Ouyang Ke, blah blah.

Ouyang Ke is shocked. He’s hedonistic, but not that hedonistic. He wants to confront his uncle, but his mother warns him that his uncle is not the type to show any emotion for him, even if he is the illegitimate son.

Episode 24

Ouyang Feng … likes to practice martial arts half naked so we can admire his rippling muscles? Also, his practice pit is disgustingly full of snakes, centipedes, spiders and … other stuff. His stance is very The Hulk-y, especially when he uses his chi to bulk up his chest. Plus, he doesn’t care about his servants and routinely uses them in experiments.

Also, super large snake motif staff is probably compensating for something. Yay for him having live poisonous snakes in the staff.

All in all, not the healthiest environment for raising balanced children.

Ouyang Ke proposes to marry Huang Rong as a ploy to get the Jiuying Zhenjing his uncle wants so much.

Mu Nianci is still in love, and decides to wait for him at their old cabin. He still cares about her, I think. He’s hard to read now, if only because he keeps switching back and forth.

Aww. Guo Jing and Huang Rong have couple moments together. They decide to go to Peach Blossom Island together, on a huge boat that seems to be traveling entirely too fast, even for CGI.

Huang Rong tells him to wait at the doorstep for her, first because her father will need smoothing over and second because it’s super easy to get lost on Peach Blossom Island. It’s so cute to see the otherwise unbending Huang Yaoshi indulge his daughter’s every whim. She’s so spoiled~

Wow. Ariel Lin is good at this acting cutesy thing. (Also, her mother’s body is in eerily good condition for someone who’s been dead for more than 10 years.)

Huang Rong tries to talk Guo Jing up to her dad. It doesn’t work. Guo Jing waits on the shore and then decides to venture in. Poor guy must be starving. Oh goodness. Huang Yaoshi blocks him using magical Peach trees – then tries to drives him crazy with his flute. (Dude, music drives people crazy, but that was because most started the instrument.)

Guo Jing hears some old guy suffering (and goes to help him, and rather succeeds too). This pisses Huang Yaoshi off. Huang Rong comes, food basket in hand, also annoyed that he didn’t stay in place – but it was really because he heard someone play flute and thought it was Huang Rong. Apparently the fact that he is still alive is shocking, because Huang Yaoshi’s music has the power of killing people. Go inner chi.

Huang Rong remarks that she doesn’t know who the old man is, but she got yelled at by her father because she was trying to be friendly to him. So now the audience knows that Guo Jing is in trouble, because if Huang Yaoshi can yell at his oh-so-beloved daughter for even thinking to talk to him, someone’s in a lot of trouble for actually helping him out.

The guy is named Zhou Botong, the younger brother of Wang Chongyang, who’s been locked on the Island for 15 years. Zhou Botong is a mischievous old fellow, very informal, and he befriends Guo Jing automatically. They revisit the history of the Jiuying Zhenjing – which has two books – the first which contains a full summary of all the martial arts of the ‘non-official’ sects, the second which has a master volume of the most powerful set of inner chi.

Naturally tons of people wanted to have it and become powerful, and the five most powerful battled it out for the book.

Wang Chongyang, the head of the Daoist sect, won the battle, but didn’t want to practice them – he wants them to keep people from fighting for the books. (I would have burnt them, but he didn’t want to destroy the life work of someone else.) When he died, Ouyang Feng came here to rob the two books from his casket. The seven disciples tries to fight him off, with Zhou Botong to guard the body.

Unfortunately Ouyang Feng makes it past the students, and engages Zhou Botong.

End episode.


– Finally getting to the fun part of it. Yay.

– Yang Kang is either super evil or innocent, but he is one hell of an actor. Huang Rong, thankfully, doesn’t buy it.

– By the way, in the books, Ouyang Feng cared a lot about his illegitimate son, and he was the one to initiate … things … with his sister-in-law. Ouyang Ke didn’t know until (spoiler) lands him alone with Guo Jing and Huang Rong. And there was definitely no mother in the book – she was dead.


  1. Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    yay! you’re back! lol

  2. HYS
    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    End Episode? What a?

    No more?

  3. sevenses
    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Lol. End episode is just that, the end of the this installment. The series continues on to 50, but so far a plethora of things have prevented me from finishing this series.

    Fear not, an update will come soon!

  4. destini
    Monday, May 4, 2009 at 8:18 am

    pllleassseeee update!!! desperado here. šŸ˜€

  5. gaby
    Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 12:44 am

    Whoa. What a Herculean task you are carrying – recapping the LOCH 2008. Thumbs up!

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