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Legend of Condor Heroes, Episodes 21 and 22

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I am alive, yes, don’t worry. 😀 Precious little time to do anything, though.

Worked from 5 to 9 yesterday, and may never recover.

Episode 21

Just as they reach a truce, Guo Jing’s six teachers have to butt in and contest her. At this point, Guo Jing claims responsibility for Mei Chaofeng’s husband’s death, which means he gets the brunt of her anger. Huang Rong tries to stop them, but is less successful this time, and has to settle for hinting at Guo Jing to use the Dragon Subduing Palms.

(I’ve just realized that one part of their soundtrack sounds really like the Pirates of the Caribbean – which has been throwing me off every time I hear it because I get sidetracked to the dashing Jack Sparrow, and that is just not on for recapping something Chinese.)

Anyway, with the Dragon Subduing Palms, Guo Jing is holding his own with Mei Chaofeng. Thing is, she doesn’t stop when she should have, and injures him. She’s poisoned him, and his masters rush up to ‘avenge’ him. Huang Rong and master #2 team up to get the antidote from her, while the others distract her.

Yang Kang, interestingly, is defending his teacher and not his brother.

Along with the antidote, master #2 gets something that looks like a scroll. But they really could care less as Guo Jing is suffering from the poison, so they give him the antidote first.

Mei Chaofeng realizes the loss of the Jiuying Zhenjing and comes back to search. The owner of the mansion, Lu, promises help with searching for it, but adds that if she should find it, to return it to their master, Huang Yaoshi. (He’s still watching on the rooftop. Does no one look up?)

Yang Kang is just absorbing all of this. Hmm. He’s got his plotty face on. That’s bad. He uses various questions and stuff to try to probe just how strong Guo Jing is, then he tries to provoke Mei Chaofeng in a fight again, to see for himself. Poor honest Guo Jing believes that Yang Kang means him no harm and answers frankly that he only learnt 15 of the 18 Palms. *headdesk*

Then Yang Kang puts his foot in his mouth some more with assumptions that even an incomplete 15 sets can defeat the famed martial arts of Peach Blossom Island. Obviously Mr. Rooftop Lurker gets irked at that and attacks Yang Kang with a peach blossom (I think it is, bit hard to tell, with the fuzzy CGI). The guy is knocked on his butt.

Mr. Rooftop Lurker descends from the rooftop in a glory of flower petals and whirlwinds. He has a mask on, so Guo Jing basically shields his wayward ‘younger brother’ from someone of considerable strength and unknown name. Man, the lengths he goes to protect Yang Kang…

Huang Rong brings out her cute side and greets her father. Lu falls out of his wheelchair and Mei Chaofeng kneels. The way Huang Yaoshi smiles at her seems quite indicative of how much he cares about her.

He frowns at Guo Jing and brings his errant students in for a private audience. Huang Rong manages to smooth over any sort of bumps, yay for mediators, and Lu gets a new set of martial arts to practice, one that even his broken legs can handle. 😀 In fact, it’s so awesome, that he can probably walk without the aid of a cane in five years. Lu is overjoyed.

Mei Chaofeng knows that she did wrong and decides to commit suicide to repent. However, Huang Yaoshi doesn’t allow that, and instead sets her three tasks to work on – to recover the lost Jiuying Zhenjing, to kill anyone who’s read it, to find the other students that he exiled in anger after her actions, and to destroy all traces of martial arts that she didn’t learn under his tutelage. When she’s done all those tasks, in one year she will be allowed to see him.

Huang Rong knows that the last condition will require her to chop her hands off and is rather horrified.

Huang Yaoshi calls in Mei Chaofeng’s student, Yang Kang, and orders her to kill Yang Kang because he’s practiced the stuff in Jiuying Zhenjing. Mei Chaofeng is at first unwilling, but she agrees in the end and decides to go for a quick death for him. And he really probably would have died if Guo Jing hadn’t intervened.

Huang Rong catches her father smiling a bit, almost as if he’d planned this. Hmm. Anyway, she leads Guo Jing and Yang Kang to a boat and lets him get away, but not before grilling him about his intentions in angering Mei Chaofeng into using her deadliest moves against Guo Jing.

There is a confession of jealousy and apology, and Huang Rong would have asked for more, but Guo Jing sends him off.

Just in time, because Huang Yaoshi and Mei Chaofeng have caught up. Huang Yaoshi decides to kill Guo Jing himself, seeing as he is a student of Qigong, whom he esteems. Obviously Huang Rong and his masters move to defend him.

Lol, Huang Rong throws a fit and Huang Yaoshi decides to let Guo Jing attack him – which he then reflects back. Guo Jing, in the best traditions of those injured in martial arts epics, vomits blood. Huang Rong gets really distressed now and runs around stomping, and threatening to kill herself if he harms Guo Jing or his masters. (This endears her to his masters and annoys her dad muchly.)

Not done shouting, she actually jumps into the lake and disappears. Um. Here’s to hoping she has gills.

Guo Jing jumps into the lake too, to find Huang Rong, after promising to come back in a month’s time. They decide to part ways for a short while in a highly impossible underwater scene.

So, anyway, Guo Jing and his masters set off for some random little town where Guo Jing and Yang Kang are planning to meet and kill Wanyan Honglie. Thing is, his masters don’t want him to walk into certain death in a month’s time on Peach Blossom Island, but this guy is stubborn, and they aren’t able to deter him either.

All seven agree to go to death together. (Say what you will about their stubborn til one’s head breaks ways, but they do care about Guo Jing.)

As each teacher goes home to say their goodbyes, #4 stays behind (he’s always the astute one, I find), he warns Guo Jing to beware of Yang Kang. (Wise words, but they’ll go unheeded.)

Wow. Mu Nianci and Ouyang Ke make their way to the town where Yang Kang is bound. And meanwhile, Duan Tiande is sucking up to him like crazy, and because of this, chases away Mu Nianci and Ouyang Ke (who’s seriously nice to her… wtf?).

Gah. Ouyang Ke attempts to chat Mu Nianci up. Eurrrgh. *shudders* Now they’re talking about the definition of loving someone with all your heart. (ACK. RUNNING AWAY.) Yes, we get the point, you are an unloved puppy, now can we get past all this mushy talk?


Okay, good, he solves his problems traditionally, by drowning himself in what looks like two litres of rice vodka.

Episode 22

Remember Duan Tiande as the guy who followed Jin orders and killed Guo Xiaotian and kidnapped Guo Jing’s mother? But I guess he’s not as dumb as we hoped he would be, and he stumbles on the truth of Yang Kang’s origins through some guessing. I’m not sure he’s blackmailing the prince or just playing I-know-something-you-don’t-know, but the obsequiousness is getting on my nerves. He also mentions spies from Wanyan Honglie (does he mean Ouyang Ke/Mu Nianci?).

Well, Duan Tiande tries to convince Yang Kang that he should follow his ‘father’, for the riches and power he can gain, and also for a better life. He adds that anyone knows living as a prince is better than a peasant, even if it does mean denying your name. As Duan Tiande falls asleep from drinking too much (or whatever Yang Kang’s done to the vodka), Yang Kang stares off into the distance and looks not a little thunderous.

The next morning, he stays outside a little inn and looks around him nervously. Guo Jing bounds up to him, carefree as usual. Yang Kang surprises him (and me) with a tight hug, and asks his big bro to believe in him no matter what he does in the future. Guo Jing doesn’t have a treacherous bone in his body, and thus promises. Yang Kang then adds that he has a surprise waiting, and leads Guo Jing into the woods. (Reading too much into their hug here, but that surprise better not involve a sudden rewrite of the close, brotherly relationship they have.)

Anyway, the surprise is actually Duan Tiande tied to a tree. Guo Jing is all like, revenge! Yang Kang stiffens and seems to react to his derisive words about might being right and following whoever is good to you. At last his taunting (which is a dismayingly obvious attempt to show Yang Kang’s increasing uneasiness with his own position as a good guy) proves too much and Yang Kang kills him with Guo Jing’s dagger.

Revenge over, Guo Jing is still as innocent as the next Siberian lily.

Guo Jing brings up their next target, Wanyan Honglie, and suggests that Yang Kang stay with him. However, the younger guy’s inherent weakness seems to be showing, though he’s honest about it, at least, as he tells of his troubles to Guo Jing. (And really, he has had more hardships than Guo Jing – recently – in the younger years it was the opposite.)

Guo Jing promises to be there for Yang Kang.

Mu Nianci wakes up with Yang Kang’s name on her lips, though there’s no one in the room – and she slept sprawled across a table, ow. At least Ouyang Ke covered her in blankets. He left a letter to her saying that her kind words touched him, but cautions her not to speak so earnestly to every guy she meets, or they would all fall in love with her (nah, just the jaded ones like Ouyang Ke). He adds a word of caution that intelligent as he is, he cannot make out Yang Kang, and for Mu Nianci to take care before throwing her heart away on him. (Err, wise words, but too late.)

Guo Jing and Yang Kang get to a random inn, but to their surprise the owner knows them by name and has a spread already set out for them. Guo Jing is ready to eat, seeing that they’re all his favourite dishes, but Yang Kang suspects poison. Guo Jing surmises that it must have been Lu who did this, and starts eating. The conversation migrates to the subject of getting Hong Qigong to teach Yang Kang martial arts (again) and Guo Jing muses over the difficulties involved.

Yang Kang accepts this at face value but grumbles in his head over Guo Jing getting good treatment from everyone else. (Um, pot calling kettle black somewhat? Who was a prince for 18 frakken years and had a better teacher?)

In the market, Yang Kang develops a tail, which he then interrogates and kills (this guy has no problems killing people, it seems). From a letter the spy is carrying, Wanyan Honglie is revealed to really be spying on Yang Kang… and in the woods, the two boys practice their own stuff. They get into a little sparring, which Guo Jing wins, because he has the Dragon Palms, but he can’t, by virtue of his own promise to Qigong, pass the skills on to Yang Kang (and thank god for that).

Yang Kang walks away in a huff and drops the letter that says Wanyan Honglie will be here in 7 days. Guo Jing perks up at this opportunity for revenge. The other guy selfishly (and childishly) thinks that only people who are good to him are fit to be called ‘good brothers’.

Aww. When they get back to the inn, they’re served Guo Jing’s favourites again, and he’s so happy that Lu (ha!) is so considerate to him he doesn’t even notice Yang Kang’s considerable cooling down to him. Of course, the faster brain works out that it’s actually Huang Rong who’s doing all this so her precious Guo Jing will be happy, and tells Guo Jing so.

Huang Rong’s paid for their lodging too, but she prefers to stay outside, near a pond, to play pretend with puppets. She voices her worries with the puppets, only to have Guo Jing interrupt. They have a rather emotional reunion but then Huang Rong’s capricious temper shows up again. Alas for her, that Guo Jing has already learned how to handle her.

They walk hand in hand back to the inn to find Yang Kang still eating… and Huang Rong slyly insinuates that he won’t be leading the carefree life of a bachelor anymore and then drops an address in the conversation. He leaves.

Ha. Mu Nianci is wearing a groove into the floor of that pavilion waiting for Yang Kang. She greets him and decides to stay by his side, forever and ever. I love how everyone assumes he’s suffering at Wanyan Honglie’s side. So not.

Yang Kang wants to discourage her, whether afraid for her or really gone over to the dark side, I’m not sure, but he does make a case for the dangers of someone loyal to Song at the Jin prince’s court. (Particularly if you’re a pretty girl and don’t have the protection of being Jin royalty.) He tests her by telling her to pretend that she can only gain Wanyan Honglie’s confidence by stabbing him, and she can’t do it.

Nianci promises to try and change, in order to stay at his side, but Yang Kang doesn’t want her to change either. In the end she agrees to wait for him at Niu Jia village. She leaves for home. There’s a very nicely worded love letter waiting for her inside her shoe.

On the way there, she bumps into two beggars, who ask for some food and move on, mumbling about their leader named Hong. She follows them, curious, and sees him amassing his followers for a discussion on Wanyan Honglie’s imminent arrival. He remembers her large feet, and takes her aside.

Nianci requests to go with him and take the opportunity to avenge her foster father and mother, as well as help her Yang Kang. Qigong remarks that she and the smart aleck are the same, always running after their boyfriends and trying to help them, but he agrees to let her come.

As a matter of fact, Wanyan Honglie has already arrived. Yang Kang discovers this also, being quick to recognize trusted retainer’s faces. Huang Rong follows him, suspicious, while he listens in on Ouyang Ke’s caution to Wanyan Honglie. It appears that hanging out with Guo Jing and Huang Rong destroys Yang Kang’s Jin prince creds.

He stalks away, in a foul mood to have his plans ruined by Ouyang Ke, again, and encounters a group of beggars in the street. They recognize his rich attire (ha, who says beggars aren’t smart) and ask him for money. Yang Kang doesn’t give any and threatens violence when they stick around.

Hong Qigong comes out and speaks up for his followers, objecting to Yang Kang’s high-handed ways. Nianci runs out from behind and promises him that she’ll make Yang Kang apologize, but Qigong stops her and tells her that she’s acting infatuated, and that this will give her an opportunity to see him clearly for what he is. (Alas.)

Back in the inn, Huang Rong and Guo Jing both wait for him for dinner, and Huang Rong tests him by asking him a question to which she knows the answer but he doesn’t know she knows. He gets it wrong. Huang Rong’s suspicions are deepened.

At dinner, Yang Kang once again bothers Guo Jing about learning the Dragon Subduing Palms. (Argh. Wtf. If I hear those words out of his mouth one more time I’m going to throw my Olympic mascot plushies at Chisu.) Huang Rong manufactures a pretext to get angry at Guo Jing, then gets him alone so she can tell him about the extent of Yang Kang’s treachery.

Wow, speak of resourceful. She’s dosed the food in that room so Yang Kang will fall asleep as they go to kill Wanyan Honglie. Unfortunately, I think Yang Kang detected the taste of sleeping powder in the food and goes to see Wanyan Honglie to warn him of danger. Well, we’ve definitely switched camps now.


– Huang Yaoshi’s moves seems to be pretty solidly based on his garden. Seriously. The names are dainty and pretty and he regularly uses plants to attack people instead of metal. Talk of someone in touch with his inner Feng Shui.

– I think Ouyang Ke likes unavailable girls. First Huang Rong, who looks at him like something she scraped off her shoe, and then Mu Nianci, who’s deeply in love with an asshat. At least she’s nice to him…

– Yang Kang seems like a child who knows he will be doing wrong and is currently making sure people he cares about don’t get angry at him – I mean, how many requests for Guo Jing to believe him now? And keeping Nianci away? Hello, selfish evilness coming right up.

– Omg, they were right! This show does make you fall for Ouyang Ke and Guo Jing! (As opposed to no one from the 03 version.)


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