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Prince of Tennis Live Action: Episode 4

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Having realized that, hey, they use Chinese names, I thought it would be a better idea to start using them too.

So just for your reference:

Coach Tian — Ryuzaki
Long Zheng Nan — Nanjiroh, Ryoma’s papa
Long Ma — Ryoma
Guo Guang — Tezuka
Zhou Zhu — Fuji
Hai Tang — Kaidoh
Zhen Zhi — Inui
Ju Wan — Eiji
Da Shi — Oishi
He Chun Long — Taka
Zhou Yu — Yuuta
Tao Cheng Wu — Momo
Xiao Ying — Sakuno
Xiao Peng — Tomoka
Xiao Bo — Street Court dude
Seigaku — Qing Xue
Hyoutei — Bing Di

Episode 4: In Which Heavy Objects of an Angsty Nature Fall

Loltastically, Long Ma’s papa surprises his son with his stealth. Long Ma’s annoyed that his father is reading over his shoulder, and glares his father out of his room. He wants to read on tennisy things in sekrit!

The next day, Hai Tang prepares about 3 hours in advance for his match, which, apparently isn’t that surprising, given that he works three times as hard as everyone else. Long Ma arrives to the match late, due to traffic (insert snort).

Oh god, so macho.

The match starts off pretty tensely, what with both of them using their special shots. Long Ma with his super fast serve, Hai Tang with his Snake Shot. The match continues pretty evenly, with both of them pretty much wearing themselves out. Long Ma is planning to win by wearing Hai Tang down using knee-bending shots, though everyone pretty much thinks that Hai Tang has the advantage stamina-wise.

Unfortunately, this proves false, as Long Ma steps up the speed at the same time Hai Tang gets tired. Guo Guang and Zhen Zhi are called out of their little tete-a-tete in the locker room by a panicky Ju Wan, who declares that Hai Tang is on the verge of losing. This is kind of bad for Zhen Zhi on two levels, as first, he’d depended on Hai Tang reducing Long Ma’s self-confidence, and also that his data predicted Hai Tang would win by a narrow margin.

Pretty much everyone watching is surprised at the freshman’s skill – except for the obligatory Xiao Ying moment of confidence, that is. And then she is promptly proven correct when Long Ma uses Hai Tang’s own signature move against him. Oooh. Then, right after winning the match, Long Ma looks at Zhen Zhi (who is with the other Qing Xue regulars) and declares that he’s next.

Game, set, match.

Mushroom head tries to tell Long Ma not to be so antagonistic and arrogant, but this very good piece of advice falls on deaf ears.

Zhen Zhi plays with data, as we all know, but I really didn’t expect him to reach matrix levels of proficiency. Oh well. He’s predicting all of Long Ma’s moves, and well, he’s the 3rd singles player after Guo Guang and Zhou Zhu. It’d be odd if he started off losing with Long Ma. Others comment that essentially Long Ma is playing with himself, because he needs to anticipate his own weaknesses.

Ahh, Zhen Zhi. He analyses Long Ma’s moves, to the other guy’s annoyance, and provokes him into playing unpredictably. Oops.

Long Ma’s newly learnt split step comes into play, which has the advantage of handing the playing rhythm right into his realm of control. (Yay for tennis expository hats in the audience.) Even with his opponent calling out where he’s hitting, Zhen Zhi still can’t catch up.

Guo Guang and everyone else in the audience look thoughtful.

To finish the match, Long Ma brings out his other specialty shot, the twist serve. He rejects Zhen Zhi’s after-match handshake, and goes off.

The team is very glum in the locker rooms. I think this is mainly because Zhou Zhu is projecting his dejection, but dude. Guo Guang tries to help, but is lamenting the loss of the comfy 8 people team they were last year. He blames Long Ma. (I would blame … no one? Possibly the over-sensitive brother, but it’s understandable, though not commendable.) He goes on to talk about team unity and wanting his brother back.

To be honest, Long Ma’s pretty hurt and annoyed at being used as the eel, and doesn’t want to play for the team anymore. The coach’s kind of at a loss for words. At home, she faces a rather unhappy Xiao Ying, who is told that the team gives and takes from each other. It may not be apparent right away, but Long Ma will realize what the others are doing for him. (Uh, sorta.)

Basically, she wants the competition return to its original healthy state, not this rancorous mess it’s turned into.

With only one spot remaining open on the regulars, both Hai Tang and Zhen Zhi are feeling the pressure. Schoolwork suffers (but this drama operates under the ‘schoolwork-what-schoolwork’ principle, so the consequences won’t be too dire).

Guo Guang is concerned for Zhen Zhi, and not Hai Tang, because the latter is the type to perform much better under pressure. Well, he’s about to get more, in the form of Long Ma and his newly-found groupies. Yikes. Sometimes Mushroom Hair Kachiro’s enthusiasm can be overdone.

And, as always, Xiao Peng has massive foot-in-mouth disease.

Hai Tang’s bad temper goes from bad to worse during the day, and um. He takes everything as laughing at his skill. Boys.

End episode


– So much pairing hints it’s crazy (I will never recognize TezuFuji as more than a very close platonic bond – just as I would never think about Harry/Ron – is nothing sacred?). Where is my Tezuka-Ryoma bondinggggggggg?!?!?!

– This is already diverging from the original anime and manga, so I won’t say much, but Ryoma’s a lot less likable and the team is slightly more united. I love how much closer the team is, because they’re almost all living in each other’s hair (except for Ryoma, who really takes this outsider thing seriously). Zhou Zhu is so pretty! *_*


  1. moonytravels
    Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    TezuRyo is soo non-existant in this, which is a shame since is looove this Tez. He actually acts his age!! Still stoic, but at least knows how to worry/smile/EMOTE!/dork out when appropriate.
    Har Har pairings. InuTez shippers rejoice.

    I’m developing a slight fancy for some one sided Ryo-Xiao Bo, because OMG HOW CUTE IS HE?
    The world needs more cute mute tennis court managers.

    We see schoolwork later under the pretense of OMG-ENGRISH-HMWK-DO-NOT-WANT! which then becomes plot device. XD It’s quite hilarious

  2. sevenses
    Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    I get this huge Tez-Inui-Kaidoh-Fuji vibe (meaning, mix and match). So far no sign of Oishi or Taka, but there is definite one-sided MomoRyo and potential for RyoKai too.

    Doesn’t Teh Ebil Mizuki-sama make an appearance soon?

    XIAO BO IS SO ADORKABLE. He was a torch-bearer too, for the Paralympics this summer. (*squishes*)

    LOL, Engrish-hmwk-do-not-want. I can see that!! Tez and Inui doing their assgs merrily while Kaidoh and Eiji bum around, and then finally copy off Momo, who got it from Ryoma. 😀

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