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Prince of Tennis Live Action, episode 2

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That was a weird cutoff. Apparently the DVD cuts are quite different from what aired, and thus we have all this confusion as to where proper episodes are supposed to finish. Anyway.

Episode 2

Ryoma starts off with a twist serve, but he can tell Momo’s injured. The other replies that it’s perfectly fine, and tells him to keep going. Ryoma smirks and anticipates winning.

Meanwhile, Nanjiroh is trying to flirt with Ryuzaki, with tea, of all things. Then he gets down to business, talking about his precious son. Ryuzaki is a little unsure as to what he really means by sending a fourth-time champion son to be a member of Seigaku’s team, not that she doesn’t welcome that, she adds, but it’s a little odd. Nanjiroh replies that Ryoma is born to be a tennis player, but being in singles and winning all the time has made him into an isolated person who doesn’t care about anything than tennis (not in so many words, but we get the point). Ryuzaki jokes that she is still the coach and will not let her team become Ryoma’s personal training ground, but promises to keep an eye out on him.

What a father.

Anyway, Ryoma and Momo are both sweating into their shirts (for some odd reason I keep typing Mom instead of Momo… ^^;;) and Ryoma moves to finish the match when poor Momo’s foot acts up. Well. He knew it was injured, brash fool. At this wonderful moment, the rest of the team comes back from the friendly match, and there’s another standoff between Ryoma’s wonderful attitude and Kaidoh’s hotheadedness over the new team members picking up spare tennis balls. Oi.

Tezuka can tell right away that Ryoma is going to be one of his discipline problems, but he only asserts that everyone who was a newbie on the team has had to pick up balls. Of course, Ryoma counters that it wasn’t like this in the States, which gets Kaidoh mad… good thing Ryoma left, or they really would start fighting.

Ryoma escapes to some random corridor, and being new and tennis-obsessed, gets a bit lost. He peeks into an empty room and looks at the regulars picking balls up from the outside courts. Possibly still feeling jet-lagged, he lies down on a bench and puts his head on his racket bag. Of course, coincidence being what it is, this is Sakuno’s work room. Ryoma startles her, but she manages to talk to him properly at last. But, being a socially inadequate fool, he walks off when she starts talking about tennis. Oh Sakuno. Trust you to pick the one subject he gets pissed off at.

At night, he is off practicing his serves alone when someone comes to pick up his balls for him. Ryoma’s so not used to little kindnesses like this, and shows his loneliness (or avid eagerness for an opponent) by inviting the other guy to play with him. The tennis park manager dude only smiles at him and goes on clearing the courts. Mistaking this to mean that he doesn’t know how to play, Ryoma offers to teach him. Aww.

Then Momo interrupts Ryoma’s moment of shock (You can play really well!) to explain that he’s the manager of this little street court and has been osmosis-ing tennis skills off the side. Ryoma’s face is interestingly blank as Momo tells him that the manager is actually one of the more well-known street tennis champs.

Ryoma, ever the rebellious teen, actually starts whining about having to pick up tennis balls and why is everyone trying to control me, bla bla bla, whine whine.

Momo’s like, dude, you’re embarrassing me, I’m going to have to give you a talk. So he takes Ryoma to (horror of horrors!) McDonald’s and tries to instill a sense of compromise (humility being out the question here) in the very very haughty four-time champ. I think Momo senses that the battle is futile, and goes home for the night.

The next day at practice, Eiji wonders if Ryoma will show up, but Tezuka just tells everyone to mind their own games (and businesses). Kaidoh’s still pissed off at the arrogant young man, and he shows it. Then Momo (who just loves annoying Kaidoh) comes in arm in arm with a reluctant Ryoma. Hee.

Wow. The atmosphere is so tense. Everyone sort of just glares. (Kaidoh does more than glare, but he’s grumpy like that.)

Even Katchiro/Katsuo/ can’t talk Ryoma down of his figurative throne. Dude. Major attitudinal crisis, coming right up. Side order of angry boys jumping around will be ready shortly.

On the actual practice courts, Kaidoh starts a confrontation by demanding that they both pick up the balls and clear the courts. It actually works, but only because Tezuka exerts his calming influence and sets down the law.

Lol, Ryoma has to be special even when picking balls up. He uses his skillz to hit the balls in the little cart. Like, all 20 of them.

Total utter silence on the court, and then Kaidoh upends the cart because that wasn’t the ‘correct’ way of picking up balls. (I’d say his method is faster and has the added advantage of cool points, but that’s just me.) Then he goes a bit overboard at Ryoma’s refusal for the second time. Tezuka looks like he’s in the seventh hell of constipation as he tells Kaidoh to pick up the balls instead.

Ryoma leaves, attitude flaring, and hits a tennis ball into the nearby school building, accompanied by the sound of breaking glass. Sakuno walks along the corridor to show her friend her drawing, but opens the door to find broken paint easels and a ruined drawing. Guess who’s the culprit?

Anyway, Ryoma goes to complain to coach Ryuzaki, the basis of his argument being, “I’m too good at tennis to be picking up balls!” She tells him that this is more character training than actually learning the essential life skill of ball-picking, and adds that his name has been added to the ranking matches. However, he has to get everyone on the team to agree.

Miraculously, being told that he can actually play tennis this year mellows the guy out and he goes to practice the next day. On the way there, he hears Tomoka’s indignant declaration of surprise at Sakuno’s lack of protest regarding her destroyed drawing – he stands there for a long time.

In the night, the dorm room is once again subjected to 7 bishies stuffed in one room (I don’t know how they do it). The ranking matches bring up the shadow of Fuji’s conflict with his younger brother Yuuta. In passing, Fuji-actor has beautiful puppy eyes, Oishi is apparently the musically talented one, and Eiji has ugly hair.

When Inui mentions that there’s a possibilty (really more of a certainty) that Ryoma will be in the matches, Kaidoh springs up – light sleeper much? – and protests. Tezuka goes to see the coach the next morning, and is concerned about her breaking the rules by allowing a first year in the ranking matches. But she brings up a proverb to illustrate that Ryoma may be the catalyst that spurs the team into better performance.

Fuji and Yuuta are on the same block of competitors again. Alas for their brotherly love, it cannot withstand the forces of tennis. Ryoma just silently picks up tennis balls while Kaidoh jeers. Oi. Yuuta eyes Ryoma in a not-entirely-friendly way. Then he throws a tantrum (because he’s used to being the baby of the team, I guess) and kicks Ryoma’s balls away – the entire team watches, but he doesn’t do anything.

Sakuno gets ready to start her drawing for the third time and finds Ryoma repairing her easel. He tells her obliquely that he was responsible for the broken window and her ruined drawing… which she’s apparently fine with. Stick it to him, Sakuno! Show us you have a spine!

(You know, the broken window looks more like it got cut with a glass cutter.)

Tezuka has to deal with a screaming Yuuta and Kaidoh (I never screamed at my kaichou like that, but okay) and tells them to shove it, in more polite and literary terms. Poor coach Ryuzaki faces Nanjiroh’s absolute exasperation – he didn’t want his son to be treated specially at all. Ryoma gets the wind up and stomps off in a huff of dignity.

The next morning, Tomoka runs in the boys’ changing rooms and tries to interview everyone, with mixed results.

End episode.


– Kaidoh walked in holding onto Inui’s arm; Fuji brought Tezuka tea. Hello shippers, welcome to Seigaku.

– Oh Ryoma. According to Neechan, this show is about 6 episodes of Ryoma going “I’m better than everyone”, 4 episodes of him trying to fit in, 4 episodes of omg Tezuka can play, 5 episodes of angst, and 3 of wanting to beat Hyoutei. Good to know.


  1. Neechan
    Friday, August 22, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Did i predict all that? XD OMG. I stopped at 4 and has honesty not seen any real progress on Ryoma’s part.
    If i’m not mistaken the previews, Ryoma also throws a fit of F*CK TENNIS I QUIT!
    Much lolz. and soo soo much Inukai. XD

    *big hugs* How was frosh?

  2. leavenrime
    Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Just thought I’d let you know I really enjoy your recaps (and little asides), and lol Ryoma’s always seemed a bit snarky to me, even if he is a tennis prodigy (although Fuji-senpai and Tezuka-senpai seem more like the tennis prodigies to me!!)

    P.S. Ah yes, and I super loved your recants of HGD (sry, I know it’s the wrong thread, but still!) and look forward to reading more of your episode guides!!

  3. leavenrime
    Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 11:18 am

    P.P.S. Just wondered as well if anyone knows where I may be able to find this Chinese version of the live action drama of PoT online to stream? Can’t seem to find it on crunchyroll, youku or veoh, which are my usual haunts…

  4. rene
    Friday, September 5, 2008 at 2:39 am

    go to 6.cn

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