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Legend Episode 9, recap

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Episode 9

As Lord Yon and creepy Hwacheon dude hash out the almost-completion of their dastardly plan, Yon questions Hwacheon’s motives for helping. Neither trusts the other, but a plan is a plan, and everything seems to be working.

The fighters allied to the rebellion scale the palace walls and kill off the remnants of the palace guard that remain there to protect the king. Gakudan flees with the king to the royal catacombs.

Mostly everyone who defends the king is dead already.

Kiha is under heavy guard, but she manifests her phoenix powers and goes to the king. Entering the palace, she sees the devastation and rushes to the king, protecting him from the Hwacheon. Sa Ryang comes up but does not dare attack.

Gak Dan locks the king and Kiha in the catacombs. Kiha reiterates her pledge to protect him and escort him to safety. The king doesn’t want this. He also doesn’t approve his own fleeing of the danger.

The king takes the sword of Jumong and kills himself. Kiha’s cries for help bring Gak Dan, who sees the tableau in front of her and assumes that Kiha did it.

The king tells Gak Dan to take the sword to Damduk, that to avenge his death he must become the Joo Shin king. After his words, Gak Dan automatically assumes that Kiha is responsible. Kiha is really good at fighting, though, and manages to avoid Gak Dan.

However, as Kiha decides to allow herself to be killed, the Hwacheon chief comes and pins Gak Dan to the wall with the sword of Jumong. He praises her work, and leaves Gak Dan to die on the wall. (Speaking of whom, the actress for Gak Dan is really pretty.)

Sujini comes to the palace after everyone’s left, and finds all the death and carnage. She meets the four remaining guards left – Sujini seems to know everyone in the place. Her master commands her to stay as the Guh Mool cannot interfere in politics, but she tells him to keep out of the way, effectively renouncing her link with the Guh Mool. Against his instincts, Hyungo goes with Sujini to protect her.

At Dae Ja castle, Damduk and the Julno princes meet with resistance and mockery (Yon’s lackey having got there before they did and poisoning the ear of the local governor against them). Behind them, Hwacheon troops, led by Ho Gae, aim arrows and the such at Damduk and his companions.

Ho Gae remarks that it would be better to have a king be intelligent than brave.

After seeing his companions under fire, Damduk decides to present himself as a target. He gets shot in the chest (ouch – I guess people survive after that…) Ho Gae is still harbouring tons of resentment for his mother’s death, and the two agree to duke it out – not that it’s a fair contest or anything, Ho Gae armed and on horseback to boot.

Lol, Damduk beats Ho Gae, even injured as he is. At stalemate, Gak Dan and Sujini arrive in a wagon.

Gak Dan gives Damduk the sword of Jumong, and tells him his father’s parting words – basically: Become king, avenge me.

Damduk can’t believe Kiha would kill his father, but Gak Dan dies before he can ask any more questions. Even Ho Gae’s shocked at this. Then his soldiers loose a barrage of arrows. (And unlike in Iljimae, people are actually hit by them. The poor Julno boys. TT)

Sujini’s first instinct? She leaps onto Damduk and shields him. As the soldiers approach to kill Damduk (and prise him from the five person pile that has come into being), the turtle snake’s symbol activates, creating a shiny shield and a time stop.

Hyungo greets Damduk as the Joo Shin king. (I’d say it was a little late, but alas, directors, you bait us cruelly.) We have a moment of ethereal silence and blinding ripples of white light. (In passing, BYJ’s nose is super straight.)

In the morning, General Go arrives at Dae Ja castle, passing Ho Gae and his men (not recognizing them because of handy neckerchiefs). They find the bodies of the guards and the Julno boys laid out in a neat row, with an inscription in ancient Korean saying, “These loyal men died in service to the Jooshin king.”

The governor that turned them down has hysterics, and Yon’s lackey experience severe doubt and fear. The general is just pensive.

Damduk, however, is long gone.

Yon shows just the teeniest bit of regret for his dead brother-in-law. (Well, the king was probably a nice person when you didn’t want to kill his son. [insert eyeroll])

Ba Son and Jumuchi find Dalbi passed out on the ground, in front of her forge. The rough and ready Ba Son has no idea on how to handle Dalbi’s grief.

The other side receives the news of what happened to Damduk with varying reactions. Sa Ryang gives the inscription to creepy Hwacheon chief, while Lord Yon orders his subordinate to shut up. He also tells him to kill everyone who saw the bright light at Dae Ja castle.

They are both trying to deal with the possibility of having miscalculated.

As the news of the king’s death is spread through the land, malicious rumours about Damduk spring up.

The person in question is on the way to Guh Mool village. There, he is greeted with much happiness and honour. He just laughs, a little bitterly. (Which sort of startles everyone, but it’s not like he hasn’t gone through any hardship or anything.)


– Poor Kiha. Fate tries really hard to kill her relationship with Damduk. It probably succeeds. I don’t really want to know, because from the looks of the preview, it’s pretty much an angstfest coming up for the next 12937642739 episodes.

– Awwwwww. Sujini likes Damduk already.


  1. Anonymous
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    You skipped episode 8 or something. I can’t see the recap. Can you do it??

  2. Anonymous
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    Oops sorry. Legend Episode 8’s recap wasn’t in the Legend section. But I found it. I think your recaps are really funny.

  3. sevenses
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Sorry! I forgot to add categories to that one. Problem fixed! That’s what happens when you’re in a hurry 😦


  4. boram choi
    Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    “And unlike in Iljimae, people are actually hit by them. The poor Julno boys. TT”

    Lol, yeah i’ve always thought about that, shouldn’t at least one or two people get hit? they don’t have to die or anything, but its weird having so many arrows flying but no one being shot.

    And i agree, the actress of gak son is pretty

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