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Prince of Tennis Live Action, Episode 3

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It’s been a long time, folks. Gomen, gomen, was not really in the mood until now.

Episode 3: In Which Fuji Angsts and Ryuzaki Spits Out Her Tea

Momo and Kaidoh get into another off-the-sides match. Inui and the rest of the team watch on the sides, commenting that with the arrival of Ryoma, the team has felt the pressure of the ranking matches. Tezuka comes in at an intense point in the match to stop them and to award the rest of the team with laps. Disciplinarian and moasochist? Maybe.

The next day, Momo meets Ryoma in the locker rooms and tells him to do well, and Ryoma shows his arrogance once more by muttering that he had wanted to be in the same group as Tezuka and Fuji (otherwise known as the ‘Death Block’ for obvious reasons). When he finds his rackets stolen by jealous teammates, he goes into snark-competitive mode. And skips practice. (Genius, dude.)

When Ryoma skips practice, he goes to Sakuno’s art room. (And they say romance is dead.) He compares his skill and confidence to her assurance in drawing, yada yada yada, he is sure of winning, what else is new?

Momo stalks finds Ryoma at the street courts after school and offers him a spare racket – as Ryoma’s own can only be bought in the US. Ryoma’s an isolationist ass, though, and doesn’t take to Momo’s positive outlook on the team. He’s sure that everyone doesn’t welcome him and is only here for the tennis. (Has he tried to make them want to?) Momo points out, and rightly so, that this isn’t the way to play tennis. (Well, maybe it is, but that’s not the overarching point of the series, is it?)

Happily, Ryoma thaws enough to take Momo’s racket. (The older guy just shakes his head at Ryoma’s astute but pessimist outlook.)

Aww. Everyone gets ready for the ranking matches in their own special ways. (Cue randomly cheesy music.) Also, Tezuka has elbow troubles, in a rather obvious foreshadowing sequence.

The day of the matches comes, amidst many cheers and one small Sakuno-Ryoma bonding moment. Unsurprisingly, Ryoma is soooooooooo much better than the first opponent that he just slices through him, without even having to warm up. (Incapacitated by the first serve, how glorious.) Poor Inui laments that he wasn’t able to collect any data at all.

He makes short work of the other people in his block too. (By other people, I mean the non-regulars.) Sakuno chooses the passive, girly option and watches from her art room, strategically placed to have an excellent view of the tennis courts.

Ryoma = still that arrogant ass.

On the other side of the ranking matches, Fuji’s little bro, Yuuta, is cracking under all sorts of pressure. He’s losing to Momo, but the thing that rankles is his brother’s obviously superior skill. Brotherly angst ensues. (Well, on Fuji’s side of things – I’m sure Yuuta is just angry – also, he has problems keeping himself grounded.) Yuuta actually tells Fuji to go away, which breaks his older brother’s heart.

Tezuka, who’s reffing, can tell things are going downhill, but he can’t really stop it, now, can he?

And you know what? Yuuta does play a lot better without Fuji there. (Big bro is still watching, just from somewhere lonely and hidden.) It’s not enough to beat Momo, which is kind of too bad, because it’s only because they’re so late in the game.

Hmm. Yuuta hits an out, but Tezuka calls it an in – and all the regulars agree to give Yuuta this last chance, because he’s really a little brother to the team – and they’d much prefer him to Ryoma, I bet. However, Yuuta is tired to getting second chances and being compared to his brother – he totally misbehaves on the court, which is seriously more embarrassing than losing to Momo.

Well, someone’s been at the Self Pity Ice Cream of Doom.

Yuuta storms out of the court.

The rest of the team seems to make a pretty rapid recovery back into casual camaraderie in the dorms. Hoisting a camera, Tomoka keeps forgetting she’s a girl and invades that dorms in favour of dishy scoops, except I think she’s lucky the boys don’t bodily hurl her out. After she’s rapidly chased out, Eiji grumbles that Tezuka’s fangirls are getting worse and worse. Lol.

A lot is made of Kaidoh’s Snake Shots, which is one of the flashier moves the members of the team possess. Anyhoo, the boy taunts Ryoma with Ryuzaki’s eel analogy, which is completely lost upon Ryoma (because, hello, naturalized ABC). This show is made of unintentional lol.

It takes Sakuno’s oblivious self to tell Ryoma that he’s being used as a catalyst (fishermen used to put a kind of predator fish in with the sardines to keep them alive for longer periods of time – Ryoma is that fish). Just then, Kaidoh makes his entrance, loud and very obviously disparaging of Ryoma. The team doesn’t do anything to deny that they’ve been bandying the fish analogy about, though some do look a bit sheepish.

In anger, Ryoma goes off to look for Atobe, the best tennis player at Hyoutei, to prove that he’s not easily dismissed. Interestingly, Tezuka doesn’t stop him.

Take a moment to behold the splendour that is Hyoutei. Done? Moving on.

Ryoma and Kachiro are given a less than warm reception, and Ryoma is reduced to stubbornly waiting outside the school. (Well, you asked for it, bud.) Kachiro manages to talk some sense into Ryoma, who’s a little (just a bit) blinded by pride.

Call me delusional, but I think Ryuzaki and Nanjiroh have something going on. She’s over at his house, once again commiserating over the rash and arrogant behaviour of one Ryoma Echizen. The father, from experience, tells her to take Ryoma as he is, flaws and all, and knock the flaws out of him. For her part, Ryuzaki regrets using the fish analogy, as it seems to have completely mis-conveyed her purpose in including Ryoma. The two part ways amiably, with the prospect of many more tea meets in the future.

That night, after Ryoma’s returned home, he looks up snake shots (aka curved shots) on the internet. (Has no one told this boy wikipedia is unreliable?)

End episode.


– By the way, in case you’re expecting it – these boys don’t go to school, and probably don’t have significant parental figures either. It’s just tennis, tennis, tennis. Also, reality need not apply.

– I really love the slice of life stuff they have on this show – it builds the character of each person. I mean, Kaidoh with stinky feet? Kaidoh trying to win weiqi with his stinky feet distracting Tezuka? LOVE. Also, Kaidoh’s BED HAIR. OMG. SOOOOOO CUTE.

– Bleh. Do not want to use brain.


  1. Neechan
    Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    Sometimes i wanna slap Kaidoh round the head for being such a loudmouth when he should be shutting up. but mostly i just love him and wanna cuddle him *-*

    I still wanna slap Ryoma tho D8
    Sakuno has managed to escape my murderous urges. For now.

  2. sevenses
    Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    See, that sort of thing shows their age. They should really switch the ages between live action and anime. Anime version (cept for the chibi episodes of cracky doom) tended to veer waaay off to the WE-R-SRS side.

    I suppose it’s natural that real humans portraying them gets the humanity out (but the movie kinda sucked on that, actually) yet I lurrrve all the bloopers and random moments.

    Sakuno is… bland? One does need to counterbalance the urge to murder Tomoka, since Horio is gone. (D: HORIO!)

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