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Death Note vids

Thursday, April 10, 2008 7 comments


(Thanks to iurgnotmis for putting me on the trail~)

Cartoons of Death Note characters

1. Braindead – Deathnote, the alternate intro… lols aplenty.

2. I don’t like your girlfriend – Misa, Raito, and mysterious Avril Lavigne wannabe.

3. L gets an idea – L, Ryuk, Raito, masses of panicking people.

4. Death Note the show – ahah. Go fanservice, and snark. All major characters make an appearance.

5. Overdose – L is uh… high?

6. Always Second – musings on Mello and Near.

7. Financially Unwell – The ending is ROFL.

8. Raito’s presentation – The name says it all.

9. Matsuda’s rant – very well thought-out presentation in cartoon form!

10. Valentine’s Day – Matt and Mello talking about The Other Vday.

There’s more, they’re all awesome. Go and check out takeforever at youtube. Enjoy!



Prince of Tennis, the End

Friday, March 7, 2008 6 comments

That was an odd experience, following it through. I am glad that Konomi has ended it, I am sure the poor man has had many sleepless nights and torments over the series. And I did love it in the beginning. I dropped off towards Nationals, because, hello, obvious signs of insanity + ghost writing.

Nonetheless – it is one heck of a sports epic.

Things to be “Wha-?” about:

  • Ryoma being all powerful. We get that, we truly do. But some of the stuff is going above and beyond … well, you know. “Child of God” “The Emperor” etc – these epithets save Konomi from having to develop his characters, which makes the Inner Critic weep.
  • Why make Rikkai evil? Again? I thought the outcome of the Kansai regionals was supposed to make them find a happier road. Of course, I blame all this on Yukimura taking meds. AAAAALLLLLLLL IN THE MEDS, PPL.
  • That last shot of Inui made him look like an Egyptian mummy come back from 398238642387489 BC to stalk Tezuka.
  • Golden Pair not winning once, despite… the Golden Pair ness!
  • WHY DOES RYOMA GO BACK? This ruins so many fics. Also, I thought he found fulfillment in Japan? Not going back would be a recognition of his lessons learned. But noooooooooo, our snarkboy has to go and find other f***wits to challenge. Rock on, moronic self-insert.

Regardless, I love the series, I love its teams, though Kite should run Konomi around the yard until he promises never to have another flashing scene every again.

Good luck in your next venture, Konomi-san.


P.S. I left out some points, because my brain is like Seigaku after Inui juice right now.

P.P.S. Anyone know why I cannot access WordPress from the home com? I need to upload my 19 and 20 recaps, dammit!