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Spring 2010, Trailers!

Friday, March 12, 2010 1 comment


Hong Lou Meng/Dream of Red Mansions

– Okay, I don’t actually care for this version because the 1989 one was like, the end-all be-all of Hong Lou Meng adaptations, but after the clusterfuck of the selection process and the general pretty, I’m curious to see where this goes.

Summer’s Desire

(My god, the trailer comes in 2 parts!)

– As for as I can tell from dramawiki, it’s about 2 people in love with a manipulative second male lead trying to separate them. (He had money, it helped.) Honestly, if it wasn’t Huang Xiaoming and Barbie Xu, I wouldn’t even look, but… the opportunity of a TWdrama, with an actress who’s not, you know, the type to fake idiocy.


(This thing is just so gorgeous.)

– Han Hyo-joo! Bae Soo-bin! Ji Jin-hee! Pretty historical clothing and intrigue (though at 50 episodes it’s a bit heavy)! Bae Soo-bin doesn’t get the girl, again!

Personal Taste

– Ahh, what would a girl be without her fake-gay roommate? (Apparently missing all those rainbow-sparkly moments.)

Cinderella’s Sister

– The summary’s somewhat sketch on details, but it’s Moon Geun-young being sexy and angsty. I’m really not going to pass that one up.

Oh! My Lady!

– Romantic hijinks between a male star and his housekeeper! With added age difference! I mean, I’m not expecting any Oscar-level acting, but it sounds fun.

Already Airing:

Down With Love

– He’s a snotty lawyer who has no time for anything, she’s that hard-working girl who carries fridges on her back to earn money. This is a drama just waiting to happen. (Having actually watched all 26 leaked episodes, I can honestly say that this is a joy to watch.)


The Trailer for Every Oscar Winning Movie Ever

Sunday, March 7, 2010 1 comment

This seems appropriate, right before the Oscars. 😀



Merlin Season 2 Official Trailer

Monday, September 7, 2009 5 comments

It looks quite epic – not all of it is about the first episode. By all accounts this new season is quite good – the premier for episode 1 was this Friday, and it’s somewhat certain that Merlin will begin airing on BBC1 on the 19th of September.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

It’s been confirmed that:

Merlin Season 2 Promotional Photos

Saturday, August 22, 2009 21 comments

Oh look, Sevenses posted! (It’s been a busy/weird summer. Hope y’all didn’t miss me too much.)

ETA: GUISE I TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION: Merlin Season 2 airs on September 19th for those of you watching BBC, so get ready!

Excited isn’t really the word for it, I think. Gwen looks gorgeous in her upgraded wardrobe and Morgana is definitely going slowly evil. Merlin is still an adorkable dweeb (with his apparently indestructible backpack) and Arthur has gained some woobie gravitas. 😀

Apparently Uther is to ‘fall in love’ with somebody this season. Let’s hope it’s not Morgana.

Other pics under the cut, no spoilers

Boys Before Flowers E17 and E18 Previews

Saturday, February 28, 2009 4 comments

Links to the 8min previews for episode 17 and episode 18. A note of caution: quality is pretty bad.

General points of interest:

Episode 17
– Junpyo and Jaekyung go on a date. And consequentially half of Seoul gets destroyed.
– Jihoo and Jandi have a Meaningful Conversation by the riverside. (Another classic kdrama staple.)
– Yijung has a fight with his father; Gaeul meets Cha Eunjae. Bla bla, much angst is had by all, except for the dad, because he… is too busy making out with his students. Yes.
– Entire lolcats can be made using Junpyo’s expression when he sees that Jaekyung has shown up for breakfast at his house.
– Jaekyung shows off the engagement rings to Jandi. The bling, it blinds. (I actually think it would be cute if the two got together, but eh, not the way the manga rolls.)
– Yijung has an older brother! And he looks good! But this is just an opportunity for more pained looks from cute boys, because we all know that the middle of the drama is for being unhappy.

Episdoe 18
– Jihoo drags an exhausted Jandi away from one of her 29771863409402383821 jobs.
– Jaekyung stuffs her face in an eating binge brought on by (what else) depression. She’s discovered that Jandi is Junpyo’s true wuv. (But she’s still going to fight for herself.) Poor baby.
– True to form, Jandi falls asleep on Jihoo while he’s strumming away at the Guitar of Plot Contrivance, and he leaves her to sleep. (On a completely superficial note, I want his jacket.)
– Aaaaand Jaekyung’s eating binge continues – having demolished all the ice cream in her house, apparently she brings on the big guns at the hot springs resort with the rest of the gang. Never let it be said that kdrama heroines cannot hold their food.
– Breakfast with Jihoo, Jaekyung and Jandi. La, c’est awkward. The spectre of Junpyo and Jandi’s relationship hangs about as the gay purple elephant in the room while Jaekyung prattles cheerfully on about the upcoming engagement stuff. Jandi hones her own look of gentle constipation (you’re supposed to look like you have inner turmoil and heartache, not unhappy intestinal tracts). Jihoo, with his Super Empathy Powers, can tell something’s wrong with Jaekyung.
– It looks like Jandi’s parents have decided to move away to pay off the debt – so now she’s left alone in the city with her little brother.
– Gaeul has a chat with Eunjae, and discovers The Awful Troof: Yijung was in love with Eunjae! Eunjae was in love with Yijung! Things got screwed up! And now Eunjae is marrying the wrong brother. [Insert sadface]
– Gaeul is a brave little toaster though, because she goes off right away to confront Yijung about it.

Phew! I confess, I want to see more of the Evil Mother.

Boys Before Flowers E17 Preview

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 12 comments

Text preview of 17:

Since JK Group and Shinhwa have been in more talks as business partners, Junpyo and Jaekyung go on their first official date. To Junpyo’s chagrin, she insists on going to places that are special to him and Jandi. (The writers must be happy, scoring so many angst points for Junpyo.)

Jaekyung can tell that Junpyo’s heart isn’t in the date, so she demands a ‘lover’s kiss’. (Give her points for trying?) Jandi and Jihoo happen to be nearby and witness the entire scene. (Sometimes I tire of drama coincidences – you’d think Seoul would be big enough for four people to run around in without meeting all the time.)

Yijung, on the other hand, has a huge fight with his father about his frequent philandering, and thinks back to his own first love. Gaeul is liking Yijung a lot better after recent adventures, and decides to take pottery lessons. Her teacher just happens to be Yijung’s first love, the beautiful and gentle Cha Eunchae. (I think that’s what the name is. I could be totally wrong.)

Source: Baidu

Note: Given what happened with this week’s previews, please do take this info with a grain of salt. The scenes all happened but were mixed in order. (Minus Junhee’s confrontation with her mom, which never appeared at all.)

Boys Before Flowers E15 Video Preview

Saturday, February 21, 2009 1 comment

Can’t embed, so here’s the link instead. It’s 8 minutes long.


– So basically Yijung talks Gaeul into getting Jandi to go to Junpyo’s birthday party.
– Jaekyung’s first impression of Junpyo really, really sucks. But she fights back, lol.
– Jihoo and Junpyo have a heart-to-heart. No beatdowns are administered.
– Jihoo also passes Jandi’s gift/card on to Junpyo, who is touched by her very kind words. (Something about not spending his birthday alone, methinks.)
– Aaand because there wasn’t enough masochism in the last few episodes, Jandi helps Jaekyung shop for her date-with-Junpyo outfit. Jaekyung also wants Jandi for her relationship consultant because Jandi seems to know Junpyo really well. *facepalm* (At least Gaeul looks disapproving.)

OMG WHUT DID THEY DO TO JIHOO’S HAIR?! I think I liked it better long.