Amazon Fail

Sunday, April 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

… or why someone over at has utterly lost their mind. (Or never had one to begin with, we are not sure.)

In short: has seen fit to remove books from its ranking system, including but not limited to books on LGBT sex, feminism and just sex in general. This means that when you hit enter on your keyboard, these books will not show up. Apparently E.M. Forster has been removed. (WHUT?)

Interestingly, ‘books’ like Playboy, heterosexual erotica/romance and some other graphical stuff that sound barely physically possible are still showing up in searches.

Call to boycott Amazon, because I don’t even have words for how ridiculously censorious this is. (Lady Chatterley’s Lover outlawed but not Mein Kampf?)

So anyway, the ladies over at Smartbitches have come up with a Google-bomb campaign: Amazon rank ftw, everyone! (The more people linking to this, the higher the likelihood that google searches will yield this result, thus exposing the rectal-haberdashery habits of

You can also see people reacting on Twitter with the tag ‘#amazonfail’.

That’s it for now, though I am totally expecting the internet go ‘splodey. Needless to say, I will be watching from orbit.

Sources: here, here and here.

(I really should look into getting an outrage tag.)

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