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Star Trek and Star Wars, a comparison

Thursday, June 18, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I watched Star Trek last week and gaping plot holes aside, a few similarities to Star Wars (the originals) jumped out at me. I think it’s quite amusing that Abrams chose to follow the somewhat stereotypical format, but the movie is entertaining, so we’ll leave it at that.

Common points:

  • A young blond boy drives really, really fast.
  • The main bad guy suffers the loss of his young, pregnant wife and subsequently goes off into the rails of crazy.
  • Some old wise dude blames himself for all the death and destruction that happens.
  • A Very Important Planet is Destroyed.
  • The hero does not get the girl, his second-in-command/best friend (sorta) does.
  • The hero also did not know his father, and goes on to follow his footsteps.
  • There is a wrinkly green alien who looks like a reincarnated tennis ball.
  • The really weird uniforms/costumes. (Though Zoe Saldana rocks those boots.)

And just for fun:

  • How many times does Kirk get choked by angry people intent on ending him? Also, he spends most of the action scenes dangling off some sort of cliff/sheer edge.
  • You will never be able to convince me that Iowa has a giant chasm running through the middle of the state. (Trust me, I’ve lived there. It’s all plains and cornfields.)
  • You will also never be able to convince me that Kirk managed to climb up an icy cliff without his gloves on. (Or for that matter, his coat.) I don’t care if he had acclimatization training in the Antarctic, that’s just not possible without frostbite.
  • By normal Hollywood standards, the hero would be dating the girl, super good at kicking ass, struggling to accept himself and thus Kirk is actually not the hero. Spock is.
  • Eomer is McCoy. I will never get past that. (McCoy: Space is death and disease wrapped in darkness and silence. Kirk: Hate to break it to ya, but Starfleet operates in space.)
  • Uhura is good at what she does, has Spock completely whipped and isn’t defined by her relationships with the men around her. Plus, WOC. *fist pump*

Okay, done now.

How did you like the movie?

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  1. Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Yay you’re back! Waiiit, are you back? You’re back right? lol

    I haven’t watched the movie, waiting for the DVD to come out. But everyone I know liked it, so we’ll see.

  2. Zeeshi
    Monday, June 22, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    Not a fan of eithr Star Trek nor Star Wars. Was dragged watching the movie, and ended up liking it! Hehe.. I also like Sulu among all the characters

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