Dong-yi Episode 1, recap

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Dong-yi: Episode 1

Yeah, I’m crazy. (50 episodes! My soul quivers.) But I’m going to make this clear up front: Dong-yi looks interesting now, and so I’m recapping it, in part because fangirling for Bae Soo-bin has caught me by surprise and in part because I love how epic this drama promises to be. I will not, however, guarantee regular as clockwork updates (real life, alas, intrudes) nor will I guarantee to be faster than the fansubbers.

Obviously if it becomes a pile of steaming crap in the middle or Han Hyo-joo loses her acting chops I will stop, because one torturous go-round on the ‘Force Self To Recap Machine’ was quite enough, thank you. (Or, god forbid, it turns into Yi San, the drama of 77 episode fame.)

In all honestly, I love the entire freaking cast; that does not happen very often. In addition, I have faith in the writer and director, so we shall see.

Without further ado!

Dong-yi, Episode 1:


Dong-yi Character Stats

Monday, March 29, 2010 53 comments

Translations are not 100% accurate, but they should have the general gist of things. Character sheets are at the bottom.

General Stats

(Choi) Dong-yi
– Portrayed by Han Hyo-joo, younger self portrayed by Kim Yoo-jung
– Age in drama: 11-49
– Born 1670
– Outgoing, intelligent, compassionate, good at math
– Her father and brother were framed and killed when she was young
– Had to keep hiding from Inspector Seo for same reason
– With the help of gisaeng Seol-hee (who was in love with her brother), took shelter at one of Pyongyang’s gisaeng houses and learned the arts
– Selected for service in the palace due to her natural intellect and generous nature
– At the same time Cha Chun-soo, her brother’s good friend, did his utmost best to keep her safe
– Eventually attracted the attention of King Sukjong and became Choi Sook-bin
– Was object of jealousy for Jang Hee-bin, but a great favourite with the queen

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Shafted, shafted, shafted: A Story of Female Second Leads

Thursday, March 25, 2010 8 comments


This is Janine Zhang, who plays Lan Xiying in Black & White (she’s basically an expert on everything having to do with the law, medicine, and a damned good sharpshooter into the bargain). I would love to be her, but yeah. I’m not that awesome.

A long time ago Thundie wrote an article-essay on the treatment of male secondary leads in kdrama, and I felt inspired enough that I promised myself that I would write up a similar one about the female ones.

This is just something I’ve noticed, but the amount of hate towards female characters almost always beats the hate for male ones. And while on one hand it’s seriously not cool, on the other hand I think the tired old tropes women keep being thrust into have something to do with it.

Without further ado:

LADIES! Be more awesome!

Sticky Post!

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A few housekeeping items of note:

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– And last, please keep things civil in the comments. I’ve seen enough of trolls to know I don’t want them here.

That said, please do enjoy the site! 😀

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An Introduction to Chuno, My Style

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 13 comments

Dear Thundie! You asked why I wanted to watch Chuno, right? I finally sat down and marathoned the rest of my eps yesterday, and I have to say, it surpasses expectations. (On the downside, am all caught up now, so… [insert nail biting].)

So I thought it would be your average boring melodrama of one girl with like, the 5 other attractive men in the cast, but no! It actually has plot, plot not driven by Lee Da-hae’s snow-white skin. Not that nakedness on this show is gratuitous or anything, it’s just that in the first 6 episodes, all that manflesh and heaving bosoms is spoiling me a little.

Grumbling about distracting nekkidness aside, the pacing, the cinematography, the music are all perfect. The acting leaves me a little cold at times, but that’s just because the set-up is begging for narm. (That link goes to tvtropes. This is a warning for you to inform your friends and family in case you never make it out of that site.)

Picture feudal Korea at the beginning of the Qing dynasty, plots are afoot, slavery abounds, and people insult each other with words like ‘contumelious’ and ‘slattern’. (I recognized X’s translating style about halfway through episode 1. A difficult job well done. :D)

This is DAE-GIL. He is responsible for about 60% of the chest-baring in this show.

No, seriously, it’s like eyecandy festival or something…

Rage Blackouts and Roman Polanski

Sunday, March 21, 2010 2 comments

I’ve been experiencing rage blackouts every time I’ve seen the Roman Polanski debate (why is this even a goddamn debate??) online, from the time he was arrested up to the outpouring of celebrity support until a few days ago when they announced that he might get off on the possibility of judicial misconduct.

People, this is a man, who, more than 30 years ago, used his position as a famous director to drug and force a 13 year old girl into having penetrative sex with him.



That means rape. What’s more, he admitted it at the trial. And yet some really famous Hollywood names have stood by him, as if to say that rape isn’t an issue because he also happens to have made Chinatown and a couple of other great movies.

Look, I’m not invalidating his achievements. But he committed a CRIME and was sentenced for it. His way of facing justice was to run away for more than 30 years, enjoying luxury and fame, and basically having all the amenities of upper class life at his fingertips. He had a wife and children, and possibly the only indignity he ever suffered was not being able to pick up his Oscars in person.

I’m sorry, what part of that was actually any sort of punishment for being a rapist?

If he’d already served his sentence and people were going after him in some witchhunt, I would understand everyone speaking up for him. BUT HE RAN AWAY.

And now they want him to face up to what he’s done, and like a coward, he’s staying at his chalet, waiting for a team of lawyers to rip into a woman who is so traumatized by the experience and the media’s derision that she’d much rather just forget everything and move on.

Yeah, good luck with that, Roman Polanski. You have money and fame on your side, but I hope you burn in hell.

I’ve maintained radio silence on the subject here because every time I try to write I end up with a bunch of capslock keymashing, not exactly conducive to uh, discourse. But really, I couldn’t stay silent anymore.

(And don’t get me started on Terry Richardson.)


Korea’s Little Sister’s Got It … In Spades

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Moon Geun-young’s always been interesting to watch and follow, simply because she’s a great actress. However, since she’s in her twenties, it’s not really appropriate to call her ‘Korea’s Little Sister’ anymore, though her image certainly continues to be cutesy and pure.

… but! I am glad to say that she rocks the mature sexy look as well. *is immediately shot*

Judge for yourselves:


Tousle-haired, smoky-eyed, full-lipped devastation.



‘Ah, I do love winter. And possibly unicorns.’

All the photos come from recently released promos of Cinderella’s Sister…