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Dong-yi Picspam, because everyone needs a 50 ep sageuk

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THIS IS HOW PRODUCTION VALUES SHOULD BE. (Well, this and Chuno, not that I’m saying you have to run around with dramatic expressions all the time. But some resolution would be nice.)

This is Dong-yi.

She works as a palace water maid (yes, the Korean palaces were so well-staffed they had people only for carrying water).

Before that she was an ordinary girl whose father left the local police force because he wasn’t of ‘yang-ban’/noble status – very bright, but considered to be lower birth. She inherits his smarts, but is universally treated as inferior due to both gender and birth.

But never fear! Our plucky heroine overcomes all odds to … I don’t know, appeal to the king’s pedophilic (or at least severe-age-discrepancy-loving) urges and becomes a royal consort, whereupon she promptly fathers the future king.

So. Yeah. I am guessing, however, that you also want to see some picture of the men.

The king is not a one trick pony. He also looks good in blue.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, poor Bae Soo-bin, who plays a palace guard and older-brother figure to Dong-yi. (I think we’ll just have to accept that he never ends up with Han Hyo-joo in any of his drama productions and move on. *sob*)

That ends my message of joy for today.

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