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Thoughts on BBF Finale

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Written as watched. Spoilers, wouldn’t you know.

Episode 25, finale

– You can totally tell there’s about 7 layers of makeup on everyone just so their eyebags don’t show.
– Lol. Yumi’s bento fails at being cute. Nori bowtie hair indeed.
– I love how angry Jihoo is during the first half of the entire ep.
– Jandi, you eejit. What if he didn’t remember? Were you going to just let yourself drown??? (Outside of a hospital, CPR works only about 7% of the time.) I would run around breaking things at your stupidity, but this is Hanadan, so allowances must be made.

– My imagination is now plagued by AUs where Jandi dies, or they never got back together. Imagine the angst factor. It would be enough to power a third-world country.
– To Junpyo: CPR. You’re doing it wrong.
– Jandi, why are you cleaning out the clinic while wearing your school uniform? Oi.
– Also, has no one taught you not to get into cars without first finding out if the driver is a murderer? It’s a wonder you’re still alive. *sigh*
– Hey, just noticed that the Shinhwa tie is in fact the Gryffindor tie. Wonder what that says about the students. (Also, miss the Jin-Sun-Mi trio. TT)
– Why is it that people seem to think all the solutions are in the US? JUNPYO, HONEY, LOOK AT THE STATE OF THEIR ECONOMY. (Also, isn’t it funny that the gap is always a nice even amount of years? They seem to like 4 in this drama.)
– Chairwoman Kang is in the hospital? Dude, so the only person who hasn’t been hospitalized is Junhee. Nice, Gu family gods.
– Aww, the kids are all growed up!
– Wait, does that mean Papa Gu is under house arrest for the rest of his life? Cause I’m pretty sure the rest of the world still thinks he’s dead.
– Junhee: Still the prettiest.
– Aww. Grandpa’s gone. TT
– Lol. Jandi’s still always late. Also, what the heck is up with her extensions?
– I know it’s cute to have Jandi always mess up and go, ‘oops’, but seriously, as a doctor. It. Is. Baaaaaad. (At least they officially recognize that Jandi is stupid. On many levels.)
– Jeez, even the 5 year-olds are hitting on Jihoo.
– That hug looks really uncomfortable. Also, I want to be as tall as Lee Min Ho.
– Once again, Almost Paradise manages to ruin what’s supposed to be a cute romance scene.
– Kim Hyun Joong really, really looks like Bae Yong Joon.


(PSA: In real life, girls, choose Jihoo over Junpyo. He’s less likely to beat you or throw things at your head.)



P.S. A ménage à trois would end the angst of Jihoo very handily. Of course it would also up the rating of the show into unbroadcastable status, but you can’t please everyone.

P.P.S. Apparently a provincial channel in China is remaking Hanadan (the 4th version!!!) *keels over* *dies*

  1. Sue Noona
    Friday, April 3, 2009 at 3:52 am

    LOL and rolling on the flower.. oppps Floor i mean! That is really a good one!

  2. azzuri
    Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 11:11 am

    LOVED your thoughts on the final ep. LOL. Freaking hilarious.

    ‘Why is it that people seem to think all the solutions are in the US?”

    –> Reminds me of all those HK TVB series where the terminally ill patient is always sent to US for miracle cure. Hahaha!

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