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Boys Before Flowers E15 Video Preview

Saturday, February 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Can’t embed, so here’s the link instead. It’s 8 minutes long.


– So basically Yijung talks Gaeul into getting Jandi to go to Junpyo’s birthday party.
– Jaekyung’s first impression of Junpyo really, really sucks. But she fights back, lol.
– Jihoo and Junpyo have a heart-to-heart. No beatdowns are administered.
– Jihoo also passes Jandi’s gift/card on to Junpyo, who is touched by her very kind words. (Something about not spending his birthday alone, methinks.)
– Aaand because there wasn’t enough masochism in the last few episodes, Jandi helps Jaekyung shop for her date-with-Junpyo outfit. Jaekyung also wants Jandi for her relationship consultant because Jandi seems to know Junpyo really well. *facepalm* (At least Gaeul looks disapproving.)

OMG WHUT DID THEY DO TO JIHOO’S HAIR?! I think I liked it better long.

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