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13 Reasons why I don’t like Twilight

Thursday, November 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Wow. WordPress does not want me to write about Twilight. I had this post all written out and then it just got lost. Grr.

In sum, since the Canadian release date of Twilight is coming up (November 21st, I believe), quite a lot of attention is being paid to the series, and some friends are bewildered about my lack of willingness to go see the movie. Now, most of my nearests and dearests have already remarked my tendency to go off on a flouncy tantrum whenver people mention Twilight, SMeyer, or Bella + Edward = tu wuv. (And less flatteringly, sometimes I foam at the mouth and have to be restrained with a gag.)

Quite frankly, I refuse to enrich a franchise that is based on such total utter dross. There, I’ve said it. I think the Twilight books are trash, and I have many, many issues with them, even without mentioning the laughable writing quality. (Ranting and meta-analysis essays ahead, feel free to skip, flames will be used to warm me through the coming winter.)

All of the issues would seriously not matter if there wasn’t such a large following of young, impressionable young women reading and taking these books to be their ‘bible’ on dating and love and life. The contingent of housewives who, for one reason or another, worship the ground Edward walks on, well… that’s their problem.

(I would like to raise a few points with the publisher for printing shit, but then goodness knows that they care about profit, not quality.)

Now you’re saying, what do you actually not like about the books (aside from the obvious lack of brain and editing), Sevenses?

1) Define yourself by your boyfriend, Bella, there’s a good way to be a self-actualized woman. “Not a wolf girl” and “I was his” gets tossed around a lot. She also has no personality outside of ‘Edward doesn’t like me, Edward does like me, why does Edward like me, Edward, Edward, Edward.’ Do I need to tell you why this is wrong, or can I just assume all of you know and we can move on to more outrage?

2) Meeting obsessed – most emphatically not meeting cute. HE WATCHES HER SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG. Guys, do I need to go on? He follows her around, in her house, when she’s cooking, when she’s out for a night with the girls and when she’s sleeping, apparently unaware that there’s freaking stalker right there IN HER ROOM, omg, whut. On the other hand, all she does is think about him and moon and not pay any attention to people around her and omg Edward loves her thus Bella’s life is complete! He talks down to her, like she is a child that constantly needs things explained to her. This is the love of the ages? This is what we’re supposed to aspire to for a perfect marriage?
Let us keep in mind that when they met, Bella was only attracted to the surface hotness of Sir Edward Cullen, Esq. And in return, he was fascinated with how much he didn’t know about her thoughts. And then, two weeks later, they both decide rather like Romeo and Juliet that they’re oh so much in love and need the other like oxygen (err, only metaphorically in Ed’s case). What. The. Hell.
(And, by the way, Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have lasted.)

3) The only womb is apparently one that reproduces – a viewpoint espoused by Esme, Rosalie, Bella and now Leah … that’s practically a roll call of the female characters. At no point does she present a woman who is self-actualized and happy without feeling the need for a ‘babby‘. Breaking Dawn is all about the baby, and while I think mother love is one of the most powerful forces in the world, if your entire life just revolved around your child… there’s a problem (both for you and the child, actually, and please someone stop me from segueing into child development RIGHT NOW). If you mention Alice, well… the girl’s clairvoyant and pretty much doesn’t think, ever. She just acts on her visions. (Also, if you know your Freud, she’s pretty much in the latent state of things.)

4) When Sparkles breaks up with you, the best, most rational path of action is to go around trying to kill yourself. Seriously. There were four months of catatonia (which thankfully spared us from Bella’s meeblings for a few chapters) and then she decides to take up both cliff-diving and motorcycle-riding to maximize the probability of death. Now, I know she’s not good with math, but hey, why not go with an activity that actually has an 100% chance of killing you? Oh yeah, then we wouldn’t have such cracktastic sequels. All snark aside, though, this is most definitely NOT acceptable behaviour in anyone.

5) Born to be a vampire – just, what? Because humans are obviously not meant to be humans, and live normal lives and die. No, they get to be ever-lasting ice marble vampires (if they are lucky – if not, then they’re just chow). Bella calls her mother her best friend, but we are always seeing/reading her disparaging both Renee and Charlie, as if they’re somehow less intelligent by virtue of Not Being Bella. And you know what? After she becomes vamped, she doesn’t see Renee, ever again. In fact, Bella’s relationship with other humans is so tenuous that after her marriage, pretty much all the humans from before disappeared. (And this girl lived 16 years in Phoenix and didn’t make one best friend? Wow, call me cynical, but someone’s a bit sociopathic.) Conclusion? Bella doesn’t need humans, she’s fine with her superpowered vampirism.

6) Bella wants to have sex with Edward but Edward wants to get married to Bella first but Bella doesn’t want to get married super early but Edward won’t have sex with her without being married and Bella is perfectly okay with dying and spending the rest of her life as a vamp but somehow it is not okay to get married at the tender age of 18. That section of the series was such a cause for headdesking, you have no idea.

7) Marrying at 19, having a kid, pretty much being happy and sexing away forever. No education, no traveling the world, no broadening of your goddamn horizons nor (more seriously in my mind) the desire to. They keep mentioning college but she never goes and I bet you she won’t either, not when she has eternity to somehow gaze with awe upon the perfection that is her vamp family. Someone hand me something to gnaw on now, please.

8 ) Furriners, dey is baaaaaad. Yes, thank you, WASP unconscious. [First of all, as an East Asian, I just have to say here, what happened to 1/6 of the world’s population? Somehow they are just not represented?] Second, her non-white characters are severely limited. There’s the Brazilian cleaning lady who is in that classic hispanic stereotype of America – domestic service. Carmen tends to spout random Spanish at random times but has no function otherwise. The Amazon vamps are … warrior-esque, buff, and pretty much bristling with exotic I’m-so-not-American-nor-even-possibly-civilized airs. The Egyptian ones, oh dear. The Italian vamps are Machiavellian, the Romanian ones sinister and decrepit, the English one craven. (And who was it that held out during all the bombing for three years at war with the Nazis? Who was the one that refused to fight until their own harbour got bombed and subsequently took all the credit for being noble? Thank you.)

9) Mary Sues are bad enough within fanfiction, I do not want to see them in print too. Bella can do everything better than you, even while tripping over the air! Bella attracts the hot, mysterious guy! Strike that, Bella has hordes of willing boy victims following her around! But she is not beautiful, no! Bella is a super vampire with super control! BELLA SMASHES THE PREVIOUSLY UNDEFEATED VOLTURI! (Need I go on? Because the list is quite extensive and my fingers are getting tired.)

10) It’s so horrible to be old(er). Okay, this rubbed me in all the wrong ways when I was reading (skimming would be a better word) through the later books, when it’s all, whine I wanna marry Edward whine but he won’t let me whine and now I’m getting old whine. (First of all, SHUT UP.) Seriously, what is wrong with actually seeing the world a bit? She’s not going to be wrinkled and old and stuff if she takes a few years off to see her options instead of immediate vamping. She’ll be more mature, have seen more of the world. But Bella doesn’t want that, no, she wants to settle down immediately. I have to say, if you’re afraid your potential husband will no longer love you after a few years and when you are not so attractive (relatively speaking), you have to look at the strength of the relationship and wonder a little. Living with him for all eternity may not turn out to be such a hot idea.

11) General attractiveness issues. I mean, all the vamps are super attractive, except for the evil ones (James is nondescript and the Volturi are shale-like, old and generally creeeeeeeeepy). Also, point 10 already goes into this, but Bella’s a very superficial girl sometimes. (Okay, all the time.) She cares so much about her outer appearance that she totally wants to be frozen now so she won’t get older (and it is inferred, uglier). Um, yeah.

12) Imprinting. IMPRINTING. Because when a guy stays around you all your life and loves you? You don’t get to refuse him. Yeah. (Both Claire and Nessie are infants when this imprinting thing happens. Other people, like Emily, just deal, I suppose.) No free will whatsoever.

13) Wish fulfillment. I’m okay with wish fulfillment in general (where would we be without Harry Potter?), but I do think this is taking it too far. What does it say about the fanatics that even with all the above indices, they still picture Edward as the ideal and Bella as themselves?

Also, I see the sentiment “At least it’s got the tweens reading!” a lot – I would seriously let my hypothetical child read this only over my dead body. The messages it sends are frankly alarming. Do Not Want.

Hey, you don’t have to agree with me, am just letting you know why I may run around with the Hammer of Feminism and Logic if you comment with how you love Twilight.


P.S. 1697 words! Obviously I need to stop being enraged by Twilight, it is starting to be a drain on my time. 😀

  1. Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    You forgot to mention how we as readers TOTALLY, I mean COMPLETELY enjoy it when every other line regurgitates (with stomach acid) how gorgeous, dazzling, and yummy, Edward is — even though he has huge purple bags under his eyes. (Ok, ok, he’s your Greek God. I get it, SMeyer. Now, would you PLEASE shut up?)

    Funny how just yesterday my roommate was arguing with me, rather, trying to convince me that Edward’s stalkerish act is not creepy, but romantic.

  2. sevenses
    Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    See, I didn’t want to go into the writing quality, because it’s quite understandable that writers would have disparate levels of skill, and quite frankly, this was something her editor should have frackin picked up, so… here is someone who did do that.

    But yes, my sparkling, marble, ice-cold, dazzling, scintillating, incandescent, honey-lilac and sun scented, pale, amber-eyed, strong, glorious, passionate/depressed/exasperated/ecstatic/angry/withdrawn, princely Adonis God Edward.

  3. Dahee Fanel
    Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 9:16 pm


    (I was actually planning on making a blog post with pretty much the exact same points, but this is so much better. :D)

    I read the first two books back before the books became super-popular, and because some of my online friends basically forced it down my throat. I read the first one, was disgusted, and said so. I was told I would like the second one (“You haven’t given it a good enough chance!”), so I tried it, just to appease them. I STILL HATED IT.

    The feminist in me screams and howls every time these books are mentioned. I read a newspaper article written by some lady who argued that these books are wholesome and family-friendly and GOOD for your preteen daughter because, uh, they don’t have sex scenes. WHAT? The very thought that girls will be growing up with the values espoused in Twilight makes me want to hide in a cave for the rest of my life. IT’S NOT OKAY. Why can’t people see that? WHY?

    Uh, in short: I totally agree. 😀

  4. Friday, November 14, 2008 at 6:25 am

    Hahaha…well. I see that I’ve probably done myself a favor by not reading the books yet; instead, I’ve sifted through (and highly enjoyed) several parodies and rants and appalled comments that anti-Twilight people have produced. I think I’ve probably gained more from those than from anything the books could give me, no? I’m thinking that, should I ever feel inclined to actually read the book, I will be fully prepared for an onslaught of mind-numbing foolishness–it will solely be for the purpose of amusement.

    However, I must note that while SMeyer is being criticized heavily for her ineptness at writing substantial (as in meaningful) literature, she did manage to do a great job on her “adult” novel, The Host. My friend lent it to me (she, too, thinks Edward is disgustingly overrated), and I admit that I actually really enjoyed it. Where Twilight may be saccharine, the Host is savory. Yes, savory. It really is a good read, and that I do recommend.

  5. Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 12:33 am

    To be honest, I’m the most feminist person I have ever met, but I have to admit I loved reading Twilight…call it my secret indulgence or guilty pleasure. I agree with all your points above and you’re completely right. I’m terrified what pre-teen girls are taking away from this book. As a feminist, I eat my chocolate (aka Twilight) to indulge my sweet tooth, but then return to reality. At the end of the day, I am able see all the flaws, inequalities, double standards and patriarchal crap that goes on behind the scenes in Twilight. However, I’m sure there are many girls who have no idea they are being brainwashed to become male-dependent baby-makers, which is definitely a problem.

    Then again, we could say that the reason I like Twilight is because I haven’t quite overcome all the lies that society has brainwashed me with. There is nothing that says women should be dependent on men– it’s simple a societal expectation that has been instilled in every one of us. All this stuff about men protecting women, women being docile and weaker, women “belonging” to men, etc is perpetuated by our culture, movies, media, etc.

    Bottom line is, Twilight is a fantasy. As long as we educate our girls to be strong, independent women who speak up for themselves and their beliefs, I’m okay with indulging in Twilight.

    You gotta admit though… a guy that says no to sex is one in a million.

  6. Laura
    Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 12:38 am

    I imagine it would be a waste of space to point out the glaring mistakes in your post, so I’ll refrain. I’m not trying to bash you in any way, I think you make reasonable points, but I think you underestimate our gender. I personally loved twilight, but you see, there’s a reason all of this is called “fiction”. Most women with more than 5 brain cells can understand the fantasy and fiction that Twilight really is, so I think you’re being a bit rash by assuming novels such as this one are going to make women become mindless toys for men. Reading is an escape from reality. Everybody knows once you close the book, Edward or Romeo is not going to appear on white horse to defend your honour and marry you. And if you don’t know that, well then congratulations, you’re still 5 years old. But I mean, honestly, you’re not giving women many props. Which is sad. Doubly so because you’ve shown you can’t read a fictional novel and enjoy it for what it is. You’ve got to find hidden meaning. Like there’s some hidden agenda and these teenage novels are out to make women be mentally challenged five year olds. That’s sad and bitter.

  7. sevenses
    Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 9:33 am

    @ Laura: Yes. I am underestimating all those thousands of girls screaming their heads off for Edward Cullen. I am underestimating the mothers and librarians who recommend the series because there is no ‘promiscuity’ in them. I am underestimating the fans who scratched their necks bloody for Robert Pattinson and that seven year-old who asked him to bite her. I am underestimating all the women I’ve heard calling Twilight the best book ever (with Austen, Bronte and Shakespeare included in consideration). I am of course, also underestimating the sheer force of delusion.

    Like it or not, a piece of writing is always going to have subliminal messages, and whether you notice or not, it’s there. (And by the way, some great pieces of literature exist for the sake of their hidden meanings.) I just don’t happen to like the ones in Twilight.

  8. Anna
    Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I read the first book at the extreme begging of my friends,
    and found that, upon finishing it, I wanted to take up their shoulders and shake them.


    Thus, they have alienated me.
    They threaten to gush in front of me, and I must beg them not to.
    Knowing I’m not the only ‘hater’ is very, very comforting.


  9. Yep
    Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    It’s FICTION!!! Get over it!

  10. Miki
    Monday, December 1, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    I agree with you completely. However, I agree with the counter-arguments too.

    I personally can not for the life of me stomach it nor will let I let my children read it. Over my dead body. But… if they will not let this book go, and I discussed with them beforehand that this is just fiction, pure escapist, that if they had any issues with the way the characters were acting (assuming I raised my child to notice these issues), please come and talk to me. Censorship in my opinion is as bad as believing in all this anti-feminist crap.

    And by the way, Edward and Bella are nothing more than cardboard. Despite all these and Edwards’ beauty and vampirism and such, I could never make out either Bella nor Edwards’ personality. And of course, with other problems already mentioned. It seems that authors think currently that if one takes a girl and gives her some quirks (clumsiness, *apparent* insecurity, fluctuating boldness and shyness without any thought to her overall personality) that makes her develop one.

    As you can clearly see, I am a Twilight “hater” too. And proud to be. But I don’t condemn those who read it. I do condemn those that take it seriously, becoming “boy-worshippers”. That’s a big problem. And I dislike moms and librarians, like you said, saying it’s appropriate without seeing its underlying issues. Realizing its unrealism isn’t basically all I ask.

    And for those that call it fiction, I also call it pleasure reading. And if I personally take no pleasure in seeing such ideas and, frankly, bad characters, bad pacing, bad plot, bad writing, than I have a right to do so. It being fiction doesn’t stop it from being a bad book, does it now.

  11. gizelle
    Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 11:32 am

    I was reading all your rambling about Twilight (Grinning so wide all the while – that my cheeks start to hurt). I couldn’t put it in better writing!

    I started to read Twilight because of my fascination with vampirism (eternal life vs. taking others life), but even when the first book doesnt impressed me (already hate Bella then, undecided on the Edward character) and the second book put me to sleep; still i dogged on – because i’m the type of person who cant rest easy without knowing the ending of a story.

    I get it with my niece obsession with everything about Edward and Pattison, she’s still young- she’ll grow out of it soon, but when I heard a couple of my age-friends are also as obsessed, it boggles my mind. I tried to communicate what I don’t like about the series but maybe I am not good at expressing my opinion, that’s why they look at me as if I’m talking a different language.

    Now, I’ll just forward them this site, maybe then they might be able to analyze the book more indepth not just gushing over ‘true-love’, ‘i’ll do anything for love, even abandon my family romanticism’ blah blah blah…

    Kam sa ham nida Sevenses!

    • Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 7:06 am

      ive been reading fiction books like every week or two for a long time and so far i like twilight the most. Im pretty sure reading a fiction book isnt going to make you boy-crazy or whatever… you HATERS dont even make any sense and bella and edward do have personalities you HATERS just need to wake the hell up see… OMG…its so sad that you Haters lack a sense of passion and desire for love and romance…and all the shame are on you… this is from the heart of an angel

  12. Sophie
    Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Lots of you are very wrong! need i remind you this is fiction.
    Bella talks about Edward allot because he is one of the main characters in the story HE MAKES TWILIGHT TWILIGHT! There is nothing wrong with a FICTIONAL protective boyfriend following his girlfriend around it is hardly considered stalking, i do admit that in real life that would be very wrong also impossible but still wrong. Edward DOES NOT talk down to her like a child he is just very protective of her. Yes her life is complete with Edward because she has never felt like this before she has never risked her life to be with some boy a boy, EDWARD! THE PERFECT WAY FOR A MARRIAGE THING IS STUPID! IT IS FICTIONAL IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO TEACH ANYONE ANYTHING! Alice does not act on her visions she uses them to help her yes but she certainly does not act on her visions! you are just so caught up in hating it that you don’t understand it’s appeal. IT IS A FICTIONAL STORY.

    • Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 7:09 am

      :Sophie: “you are just so caught up in hating it that you don’t understand it’s appeal.” I truely agree

  13. Jess
    Monday, February 9, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    @ Yep: what is up with all of these Twi-tards screaming “IT. IS. FICTION. GET. OVER. IT!”? That just shows their immaturity and lack of critique etiquette. Everytime someone comes up with good reasons on why they don’t like the book, I see plenty of the Twi-tards scream that phrase. It must be their mantra or something. Same thing with “WELL IF U DONT LIKE IT, THEN Y DONT U WRITE UR OWN BOOK!? HUH!?”

    @ Sophie: Twilight is fiction, yes, but it is a terrible piece of fiction. All the wish fulfillment, self-insert, Mary Sue/Gary Stu clichés that this book holds are magnified x 100,000,000,000,000.

    and Bella = SMeyer. The way that SMeyer described her in an interview I read a while ago….all the features that Bella has are suscipiously similar to SMeyer. need I say, author self-insertion? plus she got the inspiration of Edward in a dream.

  14. Sophie
    Monday, February 23, 2009 at 3:30 am


    • Tab
      Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 1:34 pm

      Are u afraid that she might be right? You seem to be so mad with all your caps. You’re likely the one that idolizes the Edward character and let your dreams ruin your relationship based on what your guy should look like or act like. Shame on you Sophie!

      • Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 7:26 am

        WHAT…Tab every girl always wants a good looking guy in the first place as well as a passionate and romantic one… edward just mostly sets an example of what we want in a relationship… i think you guys should idolize this made up person and so that you could be as passionate and romantic to us women because these day its very rare to find a guy like that… so the shame is especially on you guys… and for the girls who dont like twilight your just out of place… this is from the heart of an angel

  15. chiefraz
    Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    I just spent 8.00 bucks of my birthday money on this book. And the more I’m reading I am just amazed this bit of tripe became a best seller. ‘Gone with the Wind’ it ain’t and never will be. Scarlet had back bone and guts, Bella has neither. At best, ‘Twilight” is the fodder of 14 year angst maids and at worst…well, now I know who ‘Rose Petel’* is.

    *Rose Petel, one of the most laughable yoai fan fic writers who ever picked at a key board.

  16. Frances Newbery
    Monday, March 30, 2009 at 9:41 am

    It jumps through all the hoops of appealing to a teenage, female audience and reading it I felt almost exploited.
    It seems that the fact that it is patently badly written doesn’t matter to about 90% of young girls, as long as it has hot boys, romance and a girl they can aspire to (although it beats me why…)
    I’m so glad to have found this, it backs up all my reasons and I feel that the world is (almost) sane again!

  17. lexi
    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    yes i am a twilight lover but im not like all of the other girls crazed over it but you have to think about how it affects people many people have boring and not exciting lives and when you open a book and actually understand the meaning of the book you start to get hooked and it is totally impossible to stop until every last page is read because most people want to have her life becuase it seems so real but not. i love twilight because i dont get any action of any sorts and being able to read somthing where a normal new girl at a school that is not that appealing can get an extreamly hot guy that he is hot interested in anyone but you makes you kind of hopful.i know i would love it if a guy that was unbelievably hot came up to me and talked to me with his unknown secret makes you wonder why, why pick me mhen there are thousands of other pretty girl in school and others that are more friendly and unclumsey.it makes you fell special the kind of feeling you wont get from self love but stronger a love that makes you feel wanted. a kind of love that will last forever.

  18. yo
    Monday, April 27, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    all of you guys are totally wrong. FIRST of all twilight is an incredible book. second, why you ask Edward is so protective of her, well he doesnt want to bite her and expose to everyone that there are vampires. u have to remember he is scared if she will bleed and cant control himself…….twilight is amazing next time actually pay attention and remeber this book is fiction aka not real!!!!!!

    • Poison
      Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 5:23 pm

      Umm, no. They are not wrong, for this is an opinion. Its a matter of what we like, and neither party is incorrect.

      Secondly, you aren’t helping the image of Twilight lovers. They wonder why we laugh at them while the type with either all caps or no caps. If you wish to put a point across, it helps to show intelligence.

      Thirdly, it doesn’t matter what the cause is, it is wrong to enter someone’s house at night and stare at them. It also falls under the categories “creepy” and “illegal.”

      Fourth, yes, Twilight is fiction. We realize that. That does not effect that it puts across the message that having a stalker is “romantic”. Now, think about this logically; You go to a new school. You see a man across the room. Sure, he’s nice looking. Would it not still scare you if you woke up at 1:00 am to see him sitting on a chair in your room? Would you not call the cops? Please don’t say “It’s different”, for, no, it is not different. These are parallel situations, from the point of view of the female.

  19. SOPHIE
    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 8:44 am

    FINALLY someone understands i mean what kind of books do you people read?? must be crap whatever it is!!

    • Poison
      Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 5:26 pm

      If someone disagrees with you, it does not automatically make what they enjoy “crap.” The kind of books that I read are Warriors, Harry Potter, and many other series. I enjoy these books. You may not, but that doesn’t mean they are “crap”, it simply means I have a different opinion. These books are also accepted worldwide. The fact that I don’t like Twilight doesn’t make things I like suck. What about someone in the world likes Harry Potter and Twilight? Does it still suck because I like it? Or is that “different?” No. It isn’t. Opinions vary.

      Get over it.

      • Amber
        Monday, March 26, 2012 at 1:30 pm

        Yay for Harry Potter!

  20. stee
    Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 10:23 am

    &yo and SOPHIE:
    lol.! oh, what has the world become.

  21. Person
    Monday, May 11, 2009 at 7:31 am

    You know, from my reading experience, I’ve found that any great book worth reading has a SANE message of some sort, not insignificance, obsessive love, anything anyone has mentioned.
    Some girls in my class act like ten year olds giggling over Zac Efron, even though they’re 16!
    They all have pictures of Robert Pattinson covering their textbooks, and their phone memory is practically filled with pictures from the blasted movie!
    It really is sickening sometimes.
    One girl in my Science class started screaming because one of her twilighting friends showed her a picture of Pattinson, she was nuts!
    I agree, the world is a trend-following paddock full of clone-like sheep.

  22. Mimi
    Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    People it’s just a book… your taking it at face value… even though I just proved a LOT of these reasons wronge but it’s just my oppinions (also my friend) BUT PEOPLE IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL. If you don’t like don’t read… that simple…

  23. Sophie (NOT the same one)
    Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    I completely agree with all the anti-twilighters out there, the books are not well written and the characters have a 2D personality at best. That being said, i have all 4 books and have read and re-read them, there is an addicting quality about them, not to mention Jacob is serious yum (and has the closest thing to a personality SMeyer has managed to create).

    When i fist read them i completely fell in love, now, at 19 and reading them again, i am only reading them for the familiarity. I do NOT enjoy them as much as i used to, and can now clearly see the issues that the books have (and am rather horrified at myself for adoring them so much in the first place). To those people who say “what else do you guys read?? must be crap” have you never heard of JK Rowling? Terry Pratchett? Diana Wynne Jones? Jane Austen? The list goes on but it is rather extensive.

    I found a quote that i feel is rather pertinent: “JK Rowling proved young adult novels could be more than 600 pages, SMeyer proved some shouldn’t be.” And it’s true, her books are an awful lot of filler, and few GOOD authors provide character descriptions so blatant as the “He looked like this with this colour eyes and this colour hair and this type of smile etc. etc.” type so prevalent in the twilight novels.

    I would love to rant on but, you know, tired fingers and a lovely novel to read (Wicked, by Gregory Maguire… now THAT is a good book) so as a final message… if you like twilight, go ahead, just don’t let them rule your life and DON’T spend your life searching for your Edward Cullen, it’s a sad waste of an existence, and try to branch out your reading into more worthwhile books, they are an awful lot out there… and if you need vampires, try The Interview With A Vampire or one of its ilk.

    Sophie xxxx

    • Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 7:37 am

      I like the interview with a vampire

  24. Heather
    Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Whew…It feels good to know that I’m one of the VERY few that did not enjoy this series.

  25. rebeka
    Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    oh, i haaate twilight.
    it’s boring and typical and it doesn’t tell me anything new.. why do people read it? “1-2 real good reasons why i LIKE twilight” sadly such an article doesnt exist..

  26. That Dude
    Monday, September 7, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    So fantasy stories have to be realistic now? I’m no Twilight fanatic, but that blog was pretty much completely irrelevant. First of all you have to remember that these characters are fictional, not real people, and they don’t have to act and think the way you do, or the way the general public does. Secondly, many of the points you made were completely presumptions and didn’t actually apply.

    I was wary when I started reading the first book as most of my friends hated it with a passion, and I’ll admit it’s not my favorite story of all time, but it really wasn’t bad. The problem seems to be that it’s popular, and all popular things garner ‘haters’. Stephenie Meyer clearly did something right judging by the popularity of her books, and if you think otherwise than quite frankly, you’re wrong.

    A few rules of thumb:

    1: If you’re like most people, you most likely decided that you weren’t going to like the story before you started reading it. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    2: If you start reading it and honestly don’t like it, you can stop reading it and NOT pollute the internet with tales of your hate that would most likely offend the author if she were to read it. If you must make your opinion known, you can do so in a respectful way.


    • Poison
      Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 5:34 pm

      I personally believe that the reason “…popular things garner haters…” is because, people who love things get on our nerves. Eventually, we just want to let the world know are view too, as “TWILIGHTTWILIGHTTWILIGHT” just becomes nerve-grinding after a while. I’ll admit, everything has haters; Sometimes you disagree; But personally, as long as they state what they wish, other than going “ITSUXITSUXITSUX”, they deserve to be respected. They don’t mind countering the crowd, as long as people know, and as long as they do it respectfully; So, in essence, I agree with you.

  27. Becky
    Friday, September 11, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    Okay, I know it’s been a while since this has been posted, but I just had to thank you for posting this. I grew up in love with books, but now I can barely stand it because of books like this. I grew so worried that I was the only person who absolutely HATED these books for almost all of the reasons you stated above. I’ve actually not met a single person who is not in love with Twilight. How on earth can books like these become so popular, so huge? I pretty much stay away from chain bookstores these days because I cannot stand all the B.S. that gets published.

    (Also, has anyone here read Marked by P.C. Cast? I was left physically ill and reeling from shock after a friend made me read it- how did it not only get published, but spawn a series?? Ugh.)

  28. Lee
    Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 3:35 am

    You know I never thought of Bella as a Mary Sue before but I totally see it. How come I never ever noticed this before? I just really don’t like these books any more and everything you wrote are all the reasons why. I still like her other book Host though and

    I think it gives a much better message than; being old is bad, you need a guy to be worth anything, life is not worth living if you don’t have a guy, education is for poor loveless people and being a parent is all there it to life. I disagree with all of that I am perfectly fine being on my own, educated and growing older.

  29. Alex Wilde
    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    I used to like the twilight series, found bits of it a little weird granted, didn’t like the way she had written it, and yes, did feel stomach churning at some points. It wasn’t until i re read them, that i noticed something. A) if i crept into a girl’s room and watched them i would get arrested, B) It made me feel very pessimistic about growing older and dying (eventually, and to be quite honest gladly) and finally C) The way in which their relationship works is HIGHLY destructive and extremely sexist… I am a 19 year old guy and i know that is sexist to have the woman portrayed as that frail up until she devotes her life to Edward. not to mention the martyr complex that guy has either! jeez lighten up! your immortal and will look hot forever, get over yourself!

    I like the mythical side, i like all characters apart from Bella to be brutally honest. Why? because she moans and whines and bitches on and on throughout all of the books and becomes so irritating i actually wanted the Volturi to massacre them!

    Imprinting was said not to be pedophilia but it quite clearly is! anyone heard of grooming? Being able to portray yourself as the only viable option for a child to eventually end up in a relationship with is just sickening.

    And finally the worst book ending ever… Everything works out for the best and they live happily ever after for ever and ever and ever and etc…
    Would like to know how they die please? would like to have closure? no?
    well at least give it a proper story book ending and tell me how the corrupt government is effectively either reconstructed into a more fair and legal democracy or a shift in power allows for one of the heads of state to take over to enforce a dictatorship that although is less fair is much more in keeping with Dracula’s Legacy.

    OHH! i know! why don’t Edward and Bella become king and queen of the vampires?! any takers? no… dang, there goes my squillion dollar book deal

  30. Alex Wilde
    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    that seemed like a bit of a rant, for that i am sorry.
    I see inconsistency’s in books and it winds me up.
    As for “that dude” entry
    i like the books taking them at face value as fantasy novels, i LOVE them.
    What i do not like is when an author tells our generation this is meant to be a normal teen reaction to themes such as growing older and romance. There are some themes in here that if analyzed can be misinterpreted badly, if that is what i have done.
    And for all those fan boys and girls, i am one too! just dont think this crap is real in any sense of the word! just because its set on this planet doesn’t mean you are incomplete without your “edward” or “bella”
    I believe in true love, just true love that isn’t fanatical or abusive.
    And that ending will always wind me up, sorry Stephanie Meyer if you ever come across this, but seriously, what happened to everyone? (Aro, Marcus, Caius? even Renee for heaven’s sake!)

  31. Inxs?
    Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Finally! Agh, I was getting sick of being the only one who doesn’t like Twilight in my school!
    Did you know that in an interview, Smeyer revealed she had grown up Mormon, and had written the books “specifically to spread her proper values”. What drivel!
    Bella is a MarySue, Edward is a MarySteve… but I kind of like Carlisle. Only because he reminds me of a certain manga character… 😛
    I still reside in the Harry Potter fandom. 🙂

  32. guiltyreader
    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    I’ve just recently started reading the Twilight series (recommended by a friend, of course) and am enjoying all the blogs by like minded thinkers who see these books for what they are. That said, I’m onto the 3rd book and am enjoying it – so ashamed!

    I totally agree with all the criticisms and worry about the people who get a warped sense of what healthy relationships involve, and end up 30+ years old and extrememly lonely because they’re still waiting for their Edwards to come save them. I won’t stop my daughter from reading it but we will certainly have a conversation about it.

    I compare the reading experience of Twilight to reading Michael Crichton: some interesting, and even compelling ideas, but horribly written. Twilight, however, is so full of holes that I think my brain has learned to automatically fill them in with my own fantasy that I end up thinking it’s actually a good book (LOL)!!

    I read the Dune and Gormenghast trilogies when I was 17. Those books shook my world. I would have considered Twilight an absolute insult back then, but today I can sit back and enjoy it with a different frame of mind. Guilty pleasure, definitely.

  33. S.T
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    OMG, THANK YOU!! All my friends told me that it was “absolutely insane” to think that this Edward is somewhat creepy. My friends made me watch the movie and read the book, but no matter how you turn it, that Edward guy just isn’t healthy. So thank you a million times for defining that watching someone while they sleep is weird. Just to add one more thing: to compare someone to a drug disturbs me. Since he’s a vampire and he’s comparing you to some drug, shouldn’t you feel the urge to scream at the top of your lungs?

  34. Mimi (a new one)
    Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    Let me start with this, I read Twilight right before of its instant success hit where I live. Also an opinion cannot by definition be wrong OR right. An opinion stated as fact is not accurate, it is an opinion. I read Twilight and all the following books for it, and I think that, and this just my OPINION people, that Bella should get a life. I think that she is utterly dependent on this guy, who I believe frankly for all he says does NOT feel as strongly as she does for him. When he leaves her, the only two choices left to her are either killing yourself, I mean this sarcasticly, or getting over him. But no, she cooses this strange third road that means she will do extremly stupid things that have a good but not sure-fire chance of killing you but not straight out doing it. Stephanie Meyers has a scewed perseption of age. Edward is seventeen because his physivcal being won’t detierate. Edward in actuality, or well not actuality since this is fiction, is 130 like it or not. He talks down to Bella because to him she IS a child. AND I think he is also a creepy stalker and so over protective it is pycotic. Also Bella’s personality is very conflictive, she is shy and selfless but at the same time acts whiny and brazenly bold and brave and selfish.
    This was a rant

  35. Maddie
    Monday, March 22, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    I,personally, loved the Twilight Saga. But NOT for the reason that most people think. If you didn’t like the books, GREAT FOR YOU! I also don’t think that you should “skim” a series (which you were able to get a LOT of info from just “skimming”-whatever) and start bashing it because you don’t like it! It is very rude to the people who like it, for whatever reason, and it also can make you look like a child because it shows how immature people can be. So, again, if you didn’t like the series, CONGRATS! Would you like a medal? I don’t think so.

    When I first read the series I loved it, because I loved fantasy books and vampires (Anne Rice is a must-read I mean Lestat=♥) so I thought ‘cool’. I enjoyed the concept of the book (although i do think that Bella should either die or get a life) and even though I read it before the hype and was only 11 I found it an easy read. But I am able to understand the difference between reality and a BOOK (which has caused this whole “debate”) and take offence to the people who assume that all Twilight fans are the same. I mean c’mon even I think it’s weird that a boyfriend stays and watches you sleep PRE relationship is just plain WEIRD (even during a relationship it’s still creepy)!

    Also, I don’t know if this ever occured to anyone but Twilight isn’t the only thing that these fans will read. Yeah, I’ve read the books a couple of times for fun, because they are away to escape reality for a bit, like books should. That doesn’t mean that my whole literary world revolves around Twilight but, hey, to each their own, right? You can trash the books all you want, but there are a lot of people who bash these books and have never even READ THEM! Reading an online summary does not count, ok? So basically, you have a whole bunch of people just shooting their mouths off to look cool and to say “OOooh look at me, I’m being ‘different’ ’cause I don’t like Twilight!!” It doesn’t make you cool, it just means that you are just trying to follow the croud.

    To the people who HAVE read the books (or “skimmed” them-whatever) and didn’t like them, that’s perfectly fine and I see where you are coming from but that doesn’t mean that you should knock down the books while others “love” them. For you saying seven-year old and all that, THEY ARE SEVEN! They will belive anything and FOLLOW anything because they are so young and might possibly be following an older sibling because that is just what they do and, yes, sometimes they go overboard, I’m not saying what they did is acceptable! But still, you need to see it through someone else’s eyes.

    Another thing, this isn’t a rant just to let you know. I’m just trying to defend the fans of the series who are not completely “pshyco” and just like the books. It isn’t fair to assume or judge a group when you do not know the whole situation that is going on than just your view of things. So get real and if you don’t like it, stop worrying about it!! This whole rivalry is on BOOKS!!!!!!! They are just words on paper and the movie is just people pretending to be people they aren’t and that are just fictionous (sorry if it’s misspelled-that too!) characters in a BOOK!

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it and ONE more thing (sorry!) The people calling the books “crap” and “worst books EVER” are just as bad as the people calling them “the best books ever written”, just as annoying however you look at it. Twilight isn’t the absolute best book ever written in the history of the world and these fans will one day come to realize this, but, hey, it’s just books and people will read them best book or not and if you don’t like Twilight, just do your own thing and read something else!

    Alrighty, I’m done!

    • geekandproud
      Monday, January 2, 2012 at 1:25 pm

      interesting… 🙂
      firstly that did kinda make me feel guilty cos i dislike twilight although i didnt get through the first book…or the first movie
      i agree that people in my position should not obsessively hate or rant about it
      which i dont 🙂
      its just from what ive heard
      1) it has a drippy heroine
      i cant take drippy heroines
      2) it has a rubbish ending (depending on your opinion, but i consider the easy get-out clause of girl becomes vampire in order to spend eternity with creepy boyfriend to be fairly rubbish)
      i cant take rubbish endings
      so when my friends spend eternity with creepy book talking about nothing else…annoying right?
      but bottom line, i think you may sort of have the wrong end of the stick…
      twihaters rant because they enjoy it
      and twihards react because they usually enjoy it too! 🙂

  36. Maddie
    Monday, March 22, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    I hope that didn’t sound to rant-ish and if it did, sorry but that’s just how I think it is!

  37. Neechan
    Monday, March 22, 2010 at 9:25 pm


    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT by *Annime1231 on deviantART

    bella likes twilight by ~makani on deviantART

    Sorry for destroying your layout ;_;

  38. Caroline
    Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    THANK YOU!!! I always thought I was mad because I didn’t like Twilight unlike everyother girl around me (actually, I read the first book and was unable to end it… ’cause I LOL-ed all the time, Bella’s POV just… KILLED me) XD

    Since I also enjoy fanfiction, I was able to recognize almost immediately Bella’s Mary-Sue likeness. Edward may be interesting to read, if only the author would give him some personality (I mean: OK, he’s hot… and?). Plus the entire “my only reason to live is my boyfriend” sickened me (apart from the “imprinting”-on-a-baby-thing)

    Can I repost this on my Facebook? (clearly stating that it’s YOURS). I only hoped I don’t get flamed all over.

    Many thanks. Greetings from Perú.

  39. Kukai
    Friday, June 25, 2010 at 5:26 am

    Thanks. Twilight make me sick.

  40. kapila
    Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 3:17 am

    i think the worst part of this horrible novel is bella swan.. omg what a nonsense.
    Edward loves beela but bella is just desparate to be with edward just lust and nothing more.. the most important criteria for a gorl to fall head over heels is his looks..cause without good looks love can’t exit isn’t it?? i would just say puppylove at its highest…SICK mam SICK
    i get the point that edward is good looking but why keep describing his beauty every 10 pages. that was really irritating…
    for the first 3 books all bella wanted was edward and was sad that she had nothing to give him back… but once she get pregnant all she wants is the baby..
    edward lives every moment of mhis forever life making sure that he never hurts bella and there is bella not getting the monstor out and killing edward every sec..
    and is is ready to die.. what does the girl actually want?? edward or the baby or just cause trouble and there she is hurting jacob….puppylove with vamp and flirting with boys younger than her what next.. what a sick main character and the worst part no fights with the horrible voltutri’s who are not good royalty.. great…i see no great importance with the votutri.. twlight series-“what a waste of paper and print and readers time and money..”

  41. Carolina
    Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 10:57 am

    PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL “13 REASONS…” ON FILE OR IS RE-POSTED AGAIN. (If you do, please pass it) It was just SO good. T_T Damn it! Where did the “Freedom of Speech” Go? Mmm… wrong, WordPress, WRONG. Anyway, thanks for not letting us down. And I mean US, those who realize that Twilight had a good basis at first (althought incredibly clichè) BUT it’s terribly developed. Yep, I’ve said it. Mmm… wonder how that would have looked it if had been written by someone who can actually write GOOD things (like, Rowling? or even Tolkien?).
    Greetings from Perú!!!

  42. Icognitus
    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Wow, LMAO.
    Really hilarious.
    I agree with you and Beyond!

  43. VoidHeart
    Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    What garbage, this not why poeple don’t like Twilight. I think this is just YOUR reason of not liking Twilight, which is a stupid reason. You reviews is poor AT BEST. This article like done by a 5 year old who don’t know how to watch and understand movie.

    I stop reading about at the no. 2) meeting obsesses, maybe the things you write after that are true, but I have no mood reading it anymore after crapy reason to not like Twilight. This was a waste of time.

    • Kaz
      Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 7:22 pm

      So then what, in your opinion, isn’t a stupid reason for disliking Twilight?

    • Amber
      Monday, March 26, 2012 at 1:48 pm

      The post is titled “13 Reasons why I don’t like Twilight”, not “The only 13 reasons why anyone who hates Twilight hates it” :/

  44. Samantha
    Monday, February 28, 2011 at 12:27 am

    I love this… and I have a anti-twilight group set up on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php?wizard=1#!/group.php?gid=222916219645 )… I was wondering if i could borrow (I’d give you credit, I promise…) part or all of this…?

  45. TwilightFan123@aol.com
    Monday, March 7, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Twilight is the BEST book i have ever read..

  46. Sunday, November 6, 2011 at 7:28 am

    ok dont make any fun of me im a guy i think its a good read frist romance that got me hooked in the frist chapter but sence i cant read well any way i desade not to speend 5 years reading the serres and watch the movies much better prsonaly i like it its a difrent take on the vampire and warewolf and im a big fan of both and this is my favrit vamp warewolf story t has action sapsnce and romance and guys dont like to amit it but 75% of guy like romance but are to worried abot being picked on to amit it over all i give this report a 0 out of 10 and the movies and 11 out of 10 if your a guy dont read the book watch the movies you will get your action and great story telling most guy wont even pick this up my sister forsed me and know what im glade she did gona have to give her a gold star

  47. cupcakeofdeath
    Monday, January 2, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    thank you first sane person i have met!!i mean, your sentiments about romeo and juliet. maybe thats not fair, my sister also agrees with me, but she is by no means sane. romeo and juliet see each other across the ballroom, and straight away, theyre in love!!! conclusion:their great “romance” was COMPLETELY based on appearances. they die for each other after knowing each other for two days, give or take. therefore, they are overdramatic, horny, hormonal teenagers, not the great lovers they are famed to be.

    twilight is unicorn poo.

  48. Amber
    Monday, March 26, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    First, I want to apologize to anyone who likes Twilight, but all the evidence does seem to point to the feeling that Meyer basically copied out a passage from her diary about her fairy tale dream and wrote the Saga from that dream. Believe me, I know the difference between a well thought out story with well developed characters (Harry Potter and the Inheritance Cycle are great examples), and a story that comes from a fantasy about one’s expectationa in a man. I don’t mean to discredit Meyer entirely; I am sure that she has written other decent books, and I admire her for making Edward to want to wait to have sex. But I also think that she does cross some lines (ie having Ed watch Bella sleep at night, or having Bella so obsessed about Ed).

    To those who say that this is a good romance story, I strongly (but politely) disagree. I just don’t see how this can be when Bella is so consumed with Edward that she would so readily join the realm of the undead and leave her parents for good. Her life pre-Edward couldn’t really have stunk that bad. Besides, Edward is so much older than she, and if that doesn’t sound peadophile-ish, I’m not sure what will. Finally, I agree with that point in this post that having Jacob imprint on Nessie is just a really bad idea. That poor kid! I mean, she doesn’t have any choice? Sheesh! Also, that sounds very peadophile-ish too, no matter how rapid Nessie grows and how intelligent she is. For those familiar with The Inheritance Cycle, that would be like Eragon, Roran, or Murtagh marrying Elva. Just weird.

    Plus, I myself am not really for the idea of vampires and blood sucking and stuff. That’s just creepy and gross.

    Now, I really don’t mean any harm by this post. I know that we’re all entitled to our own opinions. I respect that. I hope that you will all do in kind, and if you reply to me, please don’t rant and rave.

    Thank you.

  49. Mal
    Friday, November 16, 2012 at 8:35 am

    I actively avoided the books and didn’t see any of the movies when I was in highschool. A few years later, my sister had the books, so I picked them up. Just, no. The writing style was bad and through the whole thing (yes I made it through 2 books) I was going, “Okay Bella, you’re just infatuated with Edward. If you ask me, Jacob really loves you and you should be with him instead.” We all know how that turned out. My shining glimmer of hope in New Moon came to a screeching halt at the depressive monologues and suicide attempts. Dude, get over it. I’ve been dumped before and didn’t fall all over myself and I knew the guy longer than you knew Edward. Ps, I actually did love him.. There is nothing loving about their relationship. He’s possessive, rude, demanding and abusive. Oh yea, and he sparkles. SMeyer gets my vote for thesaurus use on the word beautiful or sparkly. We get it, he looks like a freak. Bella’s low self-esteem really bugs me. That is not a good relationship starter. And no, attempts whatsoever to make friends. As soon as she sees Mr. Cullen, she is captivated by him. She can’t just be like “Oh he’s cute, I wonder if we’ll ever talk? Hmm, probably not. Oh well.” No…she has to be obsessed enough for 4 books and 5 movies. I have to say that I like the wolves better. No sparkle, no bloodsucking, and no shirts (kidding). But seriously, Jacob actually enjoyed doing activities with Bella-instead of just giving her a creepy staredown. And she would actually get to spend time with her family, if that happened. By the way, the vamps always complained about the wolves smell..”You smell” Dude, you’re supposed to be immortally cool and you can’t come up with a better insult than that?
    The only two vamp characters I could really buy into were Carlisle and Alice. Esme seemed nice, but wasn’t nearly as developed because this was the Edward/Bella story and apparently parents or adoptive parents don’t matter much. But I do like those two characters-Carlisle for his strong desire to help people and gentle nature. Alice, because she’s bubbly and fun and quirky. And I think the actors reflected that in the movie. All this being said, I wouldn’t touch the books with a 39 1/2 foot poll, but if there’s nothing to watch or if I just want to feel really good about myself and watch another person strong, I will put in the movies, on occassion–purely for entertainment purposes.

  50. Rodolfo
    Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 4:22 am

    You’re looking at most things from the wrong point of view. While I will give that most of the story is about a infatuated teenage girl, there are many other simple things behind that story.
    On one side you’re right, the movies did a horrible job depicting the books, I would say the closest to the books is the first movie. The last one is just messed up. But we are talking about the books, not about how they tried to turn them into movies.
    For instance many people use the “vampire myth” argument, saying things like “a vampire without fangs what a disgrace!” or “a werewolf without a full moon, preposterous!”. People who say this things have no idea what they are talking about cus if they dis they would know that most of what they call “vampire myth” is Hollywood created, so it was all made up 80 years ago including the humanoid werewolf, I’ll get to that. Even saying Dracula himself obeys this so called “myth” is an error since well, Dracula is another book.
    Now, the real vampires, the real vampire folklore people feared once centuries ago is closer to the twilight books than say, True Blood, which I like by the way. In real folklore it was never said that vampires bursted into flames under the sunlight, it was just said that for some unknown reason vampires would only be seen at night. The bursting into flames thing was just Hollywood’s way of not having to deal with dead bodies laying everyday. It’s a way of self disposal.
    To further reinforce this point there’s actually well recorded vampire stories in eastern Europe that talk about vampires walking in plain daylight, and this wasn’t unusual. The same happens with the fangs, it was never said vampires had fangs persay, it was only said that their teeth looked bigger and more threatening possibly due to the corpse’s loss of fluid and the latter shrinking of the skin. So fangs were not a must in more actual vampire tales, but even if they were, in Meyer’s “Midnight Sun” (never published), Edward clearly states that when he smiled to a lady in his school to try to get to change one of his classes he “couldn’t show too many teeth cus that might frighten her”, so se can assume their teeth are not entirely normal. They just sucked at taking care of that in the movies. Anyway.
    So going back to the sunlight weakness, assuming Meyer based her vampires on actual folklore what a better way to excuse their absence during the day than making them look strange under the sunlight ? They don’t “sparkle” like Christmas lights, their skin has a strange sparkly, silvery look when looked at under direct sunlight. They just sucked at showing this in the movies.
    So another thing Meyer tried to portray in his books was how simple misunderstanding could be turned into myths when carried out for years… “sparkling and shining under the sunlight” – “burning under the sunlight” … Anyone? Do you really think she made them sparkle just to make them gay? There’s a implicit statement about people misinterpreting the sparkles for flames. Same with their eyes, have you ever heard about “yellow eyed demons”, or “black eyes demon” ? We see them everyday in shows like supernatural. Again, in the books there’s an implicit hint at people seeing this eyes and then mythicizing them into the many “legends” we hear about today. She didn’t just give them yellow eyes to make them look gay… So what I’m trying to say with this is that Meyer took a very scientific approach in her books, unlike many other vampire books that try to explain everything with magic. In fact, in one of the books it is stated by Carlisle, the older vampire that acts as the father, that both vampires and werewolves had more chromosomes than humans, stating that out of curiosity he ran tests on both his tissues and fluids and jacob’s blood. This might not be conclusive but it’s certainly better that “magic did it”. So I think this is a great aspect about these books that no one ever stops and thinks about.
    There are other facts such as the werewolves. Going back to the folklore thing, that humanoid werewolf you see in the movies barely exists in actual folklore, it was made up by Hollywood. So that argument about “the wolfs not following the myth” is actually wrong. In actual folklore the so said werewolves were actually shapeshifters that happened to turn into wolves. In most recorded stories they did not turn into humanoid wolves, they turned I to actual four legged wolves… This is all later proved when in the forth book Edward tells the volturi “These are not children of the moon (meaning the classical humanoid werewolves), these merely shapeshifters that happen to turn Ito wolves. Another product of nature like us, they just don’t know and call themselves werewolves.” So Meyer didn’t just make her werewolves four legged wolves to f*ck with us, it was just a part of a more complex plan that in fact sticks to the real folklore. The same happens with the “imprinting” part, if you knew a thing or two you would k ow real wolves have only one mate/partner through their lives… So in a way they “imprint”. Imprinting wasn’t meant to make the Native kids look like pedos, it was Meyer’s implicit hint that those so called “werewolves” were as close to the natural world as every other living thing is, that supposedly supernatural monsters followed a lot of the natural laws too so maybe they’re not so strange after all, and that perhaps they’re not just a product of “magic”. Another hidden approach to this idea she made was the fact that they imprinted on the best genetical match hence the increased size and strength of the wolves with each generation. Anyone ? Come on, we have heard about this many times, about how “subconsciously” we analyze every person as a potential mate, their looks, their smell… Pheromones, anyone? But no, the wolves are just pedos…
    Another scientific approach, the wolves run in packs and have an alpha leader. But people never realize this when judging the books..
    Then comes the romantic part which is the part most people find cheesy. The books are written from Bella’s point of you, and yes she’s infatuated, of course they’re gonna be cheesy. When we are inlove we get cheesy, and dumb and stupid, and the book does a good job depicting that. What do you expect? I have watched my girlfriend sleep too and because I’m a stalker but I think she looks beautiful and adorable and because I love waking up next to her and seeing her face when she says hi to me and hugs me in the morning. She does it, love is cheesy. And you will make fun of inlove people until you’re in their shoes, it’s cool, it’s the natural course of things. Plus, considering the fact that Meyer’s vampires don’t sleep, it doesn’t seem so weird after to spend that time by her.
    There are other things people usually don’t see about this book. Like the self control they portrait… In the Twilight universe blood isn’t just food, it’s a like a drug. Often described as their own heroin but a thousand times worse. And yet they manage to abstain from feeding from humans. In their own words “when they taste blood a frenzy starts”. This like trying to stop an orgasm half way through… No but in all seriousness, most of us have a hard time staying away from facebook long enough to finish work and many people die and kill for one line of heroin. So for them, according to the author, its a hundred times worse. But people never see that… Carlisle, the oldest of them all was on his own when he was turned against his will. He tried to kill himself before killing humans, he tried everything until he gained enough self control to be around humans without killing them. That’s honorable. But people don’t see that. And with Edward it’s even worse, in the books it’s often said that Bella’s blood is particularly appealing to him, so if regular blood was already difficult to stay away from imagine her blood, that’s something to think about. The books talk about self control and doing the right thing from cover to end.
    Then there’s the fact that people only see them pretty guys but tend to forget that within that universe they are people that has lived for hundreds of years, all that wisdom is often seen through the books… Unfortunately in the movies you only see pretty faces. And yes in the books they are often described as beautiful, but geez the girl is madly inlove, what do you expect? My girlfriend is no model and yet find beauty in her everyday. Love is cheesy, deal with it. And yet people don’t realize how much of a good job Meyer did at portraying an infatuated teenage girl. And you’re right, Bella is lame… But focus on the other stories that are told throughout the books. Stories of centuries and centuries of life for each one of the characters, Bella might be a teenager full of hormones… But the rest of them aren’t. Remember that, they are older than your great grandfather, so if our grandfathers lived a lot, imagine what these “sparkly vampires” have lived, there’s much more to the story than cheesy phrases and sparkles. Also, the reason why they are “beautiful” is because as described by them many times, they are predators that need to attract their pray… So their looks, their scent, everything lures the pray. It’s nothing but a decoy, another tactic of nature just like some plants emit scents that attract flies. Unlike what you described above, not only the good ones were good looking, the bad ones were too. Victoria was described as beautiful, James as “average” but only because he frightened her from the beginning. Even some of the volturi were described as looking surprisingly attractive. But of course, in the movies the only attractive ones are the stars just so people can subconsciously bond with them. So I agree with you, they didn’t do a good job in the movies, each one got worse.
    Other thing you talked about, their codependency. You were right, but that’s crazy love. It wasnt a result of a bad writer, it was the desire most inlove people hold put into words, the desire to have someone love you desperately. That’s why it’s a book, if it happened in real life putting in a book wouldn’t be attractive would it? Geez, people jump from bridges everyday because their significant other left them or died. It’s how people react, in their worse and more vicious state, that’s why the books are appealing to people, because it describes those crazy senseless feelings many people feel when they are inlove. Love makes you stupid, actual fact… So what did you expect the author to be like? Totally logic and rational…? And by the way, Bella wasn’t catatonic for 4 months, she was depressed. Have you talked to depressed person? It’s a lot like those four months. Have you heard of people being depressed after a divorce? I mean people go to therapy for this kind of crap, it takes them years to move on, so it doesn’t sound to crazy if you think about. The reason why it sounds to erratic when you read it in the book is because you supposedly are “in her head”, it’s supposed to sound erratic, it’s her talking. Have you heard about people keeping old lovers’ letters for years and reading them over snd over again? Or people keep a lover’s shirt just to smell it or sleep with it ? This kind of stuff happens in real life… So the reason why she because an adrenaline junky is because she was so damaged by the break up that she started hearing his voice everytime she was in danger. When Edward left he made sure to take everything with him, every picture, every present… She had no physical evidence that he ever existed and that’s what he intended. So since she had nothing bu that voice in her head she did everything she could to keep. In fact in the book she acknowledges she’s losing her mind, she just can’t help it and goes on with it.
    Another part of series you talked about was the pregnancy, and like I did before I will resort to actual folklore to describe this. Like I said before, Meyer had a very scientific approach when writing her books, so that hybrid baby in the last movie wasn’t just pure BS. There’s something called Dhampir, which is a hybrid between a human and a vampire. In much of the old folklore there are thousands of tales about vampires having sex/raping human beings in their sleep and in many cases impregnating them. This vampires were called succubus and incubus, yes like the band, they were the female and the male respectively. From this sexual encounters, when an incubus had sex with a human she could end up pregnant with a baby that was half vampire half human and had many abilities such as going out on the sunlight, enhanced human strength, and among others the ability to tell when a vampire was around (meaning that even in folklore the undead hid among the living). So long story short, Bella giving birth to a hybrid baby isn’t just BS, it’s part of the broad folklore that has been been record through the years when people actually believed vampires were real, Meyer just took inspiration from it. In fact there’s countless stories in many eastern Europe towns about dead husbands coming from the dead and trying to have sex with their frightened wives, actual tales that have survived til today and are part of the town’s touristic appeal. Not just Hollywood made up stuff. Oh and by the way, the pregnancy was a mistake another shot at real life… And just in case you didn’t know it, women were made to have children so… It’s normal for them to have a natural desire to have a child. So a 90 year old woman who stayed always young but never had a chance to have a baby and is deeply hurt by that doesn’t sound that crazy. Geez I’m a man and I’m already planning on reading Dr. Seuss books to my kids. I think it’s nothing but normal for most people to want a child, which is why the book talk a about, to relate it to real life. Just because you have no heart doesn’t mean you have to censure it 😉
    Another thing I missed, Meyer describes her vampires as basically corpses. Just like folkloric vampires “looked” like. Pallor Mortis (pale skin), rigor mortis(hard rock like skin), Loss of body heat (ice cold skin), blood deposits (purple circles under the eyes), Those are the first stages of death, just like the folkloric vampires (except for the rotting in some tales lol), which is why many times in the book Bella said that when they stopped breathing they looked just like a corpse.
    So I think I’ve covered everything. Long story short, the books are cheesy, yes… That’s how an infatuated teenage girl is, cheesy. Yet, there are many other great aspects of the books that should be taken into consideration before judging cus otherwise you’re jus stupid for missing it. About the “real vampires” argument, there’s no such thing as real vampires and if there were, the folkloric ones would be closer to it, the rest is just authors and Hollywood making up stuff, cus after are all that’s why it’s called fiction. Yes, Dracula was great, and in fact the author took many things from the folkloric vampires before writing the book, but for the most part what people call a “real vampire” is actually made up by Hollywood as literary resources, so just because you refuse to deal with that doesn’t mean the vampires from the twilight universe are stupid, they’re just different and in fact pretty historically accurate. The twilight movies just failed to show all this, it’s sad, but oh well movies are never as good as the books. So yeah, I think I covered it all, sorry if I missed anything, and sorry about the mistakes I’m typing from my phone. Yep, that’s how much I enjoyed the books lol

  51. Amirah Redd
    Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Well for me I loved twilight and on the other hand I just think the walking dead is lame because one if you you believe zombies are real there no way because I believe they are not real and if I had to choose to be a zombie or vampire I’ll choose vampire because zampires are way cooler than Zombies and vampire life time is way longer than zombies lifetime.

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