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Beethoven Virus rambling

Monday, November 10, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, it’s come to that, really. (Spoilers until 15, you stand warned.)

Kang Mae makes a break with both Ru Mi and Gun Woo*, and goes back to his old asshat ways.

Which just annoys me, because we all know it isn’t going to happen, what with him being so heavily influenced anyway, this trying to cut away from these two will probably poison his music in a different way. And the title of this drama is, after all, Beethoven Virus. The virus is that same passion or love for music that drove Beethoven to continue on with his composition even after losing his hearing – and it manifests in different ways in the three main characters, but the fact remains that they’re tied together by that love for music. So, you know, the drama-rama is not all that necessary. There are subtler ways of conveying Kang’s inner conflict – and yes, I am a sucker for subtlety. However, I suppose I should have expected this, since BV has shown a propensity for the exaggerated since day one.

Right now, by rejecting Ru Mi and Gun Woo, and taking the easy way out, Kang isn’t being true to his music, and I hope the next few episodes show that. It’ll be different from the mellowing out that he was experiencing before – perhaps an over-strident tone à la ‘the lady doth protest too much’? (Also, his donning the same clothes as he did on arrival speaks to me a sort of self-reassurance gesture, and not an actual sign he’s gone back to his ground state.)

As for the relationship – well, he’s still wearing the ring, from his last, failed relationship when Beethoven was still a puppy. Which he needs to get over, perhaps with the help of the Hammer of Plot. Seriously, there is not a lot to say about Kangmi, because I think they’ll get back together, or at least, if it doesn’t work out, have a better end than the half-assed, “I’m too scared to commit.”

*My own pet theory about his stepping away from Gun Woo is that he’s actually, in the misguided way he’s prone to, trying to protect Gun Woo from his own contamination. Remember when he was having a conversation with That Genius Classmate Conductor Dude, and Kang told him to take Gun Woo under his wing because he’s afraid Junior will turn out just like him? *nods*

And… um, that’s about it for today.


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