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Painter Episode 7 Preview 2

Saturday, October 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is what happens when you procrastinate: you find stuff on the nets about shows you’re watching.

Here’s the link, since wp is a douche and won’t let me embed: the preview is untranslated, but here’s the rough precis.

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler

Yoon Bok is thrown to the ground by Hong Do, Jeong Hyang begs the assembled men, saying that it’s the last time. Then she gets out her suicide knife.

Switch scenes to Yoon Bok pleading with his father to let him out of a locked storeroom. Err, evil merchant dude beds Jeong Hyang but does not get her kiss. He says something, and she cries with her eyes closed.

Switch scenes to unconscious Yoon Bok being laid down by Hong Do, who tries to undo his/her clothing to make it better, but she/he stops him. Then Hong Do becomes entranced by his student…

Then in daytime, unsure time, Hong Do is drinking/eating with that other girl, the younger sis of his fellow painter.

Really cannot wait for Wednesday.


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