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Legend Episode 23, recap

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I’d hate to have something bad to happen next episode … something like, oh, everyone dying, maybe. Will be supremely pissed at the writers.

And a belated congratulations to Jumuchi and Dalbi, who are getting married, in real life, sometime this autumn. 😀

Episode 23

Damduk prepares to protect the prince of Later Yan, and also to track down Sujini (look at the grin on his face!!) He’s taking Cheoro, but not Jumuchi (at least, that is the plan, knowing Jumuchi, he won’t just sit in the castle). Aha, lol.

Jumuchi and Dalbi are still at the shy stage. My god, they’ve been there for 10 episodes. Dammit, Ba Son is better at this than he is.

OH LAWLS. Dalbi is the one to make the first move. Jumuchi is so happy he ends up falling on his butt and not caring. (Btw, it’s winter, or close, given the frost that Jumuchi slipped on.)

At least General Go knows that the king is being weird because he’s had a weird letter. Damduk leaves, with a tiny (as in four people) escort, if we include Jumuchi.

Damduk is greeted by Go Woon, who’s a lord in Later Yan and a confidante of the young prince. (He was adopted by the former king of Yan.) He’s worried about internal strife.

Sujini is the teacher at Go Woon’s household, teaching Korean and raising the baby. Wow. That is one quiet and obedient baby. She’s to take the children to the summer residence while the lord tries to steady the country.

The Hwachun ride around in the streets in their customary purple garb, which makes Sujini’s figurative hackles rise, and she goes to deliver a message. Meanwhile, Damduk and co. are greeted with disappointment by Go Woon, who expected more expansive help from the king of Goguryo.

Go Woon’s extraordinary knowledge of Damduk’s affairs (for someone not of the king’s household, that is) makes both Damduk and Cheoro perk up. They ask after the tutor Go Woon gets his info from, but she’s gone.

Sujini walks around, bow and arrows in hand, talking to the household guards, when she spots Damduk and co. walking around the courtyard.

It almost seems like the king of later Yan is setting up his sons against each other. The second son has Hwachun’s support, while the older is just… older?

Sujini continually peeks at Damduk from behind where she’s hiding. Both men (as in D and C) sense her presence.

The crown prince’s castle is under siege. Damduk breaks the siege at one of the doors. Four vs. about 20, and he totally wins. Go Woon is veddy, veddy astonished.

Hyungo prepares the people Go Woon hired for a part of their plot – they’re not too bright though.

I think the crown prince is already dead. Okay, he’s not. But he is older than Damduk, less ambitious and bitter. The move out quickly, but meet royal guards helping the crown prince.

Hyungo investigates the teacher, and realizes from the info that it’s probably Sujini. The next morning, she’s not there, reportedly visiting a relative. The fact that she has a child throw them off for a while, but as Damduk comes to see the wagon and Hyungo has to fake a fainting spell to stop him from seeing one of Sujini’s arrows lying in the wagon.

The scroll that Go Woon gives Damduk (from the hand of the queen, Damduk’s grandmother) is the last part of the scroll of the Heavenly Bow.

Cheoro steps out to the hallway to … something. Relive the feeling of Sujini being there?

Ever thoughtful, Cheoro brings Damduk some more alcohol. Sujini, who stopped here before leaving, smiles at the gesture – Cheoro guarding Damduk as the other swigs from the bottle. The king offers it to his guard, who coughs at the taste of the alcohol and hands it back to Damduk.

Both Sujini and Damduk reminisce about drinking.

Aww. But she leaves, in the end.

Using low-tech water and high-tech invisible ink/heat combinations, he reveals the text in the scroll, about the holy bow of holiness. It gives the rather shocking use of the Bow – that it can destroy the symbols as well as join them for power. However, if that happens, the king and the guardians will all die.

Randomly (or not so randomly, what with Hwachun being involved), Baekje is attacked. Jumuchi complains about having to wear armour, but is perfectly fine with it once he has Dalbi to help him with it. LOL. It’s like the entire camp is trying to get the two together.

Major lols at the dressing.

Wow. War for three years straight? (That makes it about 5 years that D and S have been apart.)

Okay, one year passed again. Oooh, another year. (7 now.)

Damduk wins most of the battles, but it’s a long war. Oh yuck, his beard is … yuck. It looks like charred rice crawled on his chin and died there.

Well, at least his men adore him.

Yay. Year six of the battling (8 years of separation), and the king of Baekje has come to admit defeat. (In shiny white, no less.) There is swearing of allegiance. Damduk asks Ashin to kill himself so that Damduk can take control of Baekje and save it from invading forces.

(This is rather uncharacteristic of Damduk, and he’s smiling, to top it all off, I don’t think Ashin will die.)

Huh. Stop being so theatrical, Damduk!

Poor Heuk Gae is about to have apoplexy.

Hmm. Damduk joins the crowd of People Who Hate Heaven’s Will. Yay for freethinking. Aha. He hates it mainly because it has cost him so much (including Sujini).

The power hungry at Abullansa are still searching for Sujini (as are the Gooknae crowd, but she’s good at hiding, that girl). Kiha appears to be genuinely worried.

Dalbi is expecting! Jumuchi is overjoyed, needless to say. However, they have an audience. Is it just me, or did Dalbi get shorter? She also seems to be more concerned for Damduk’s health than making out with Jumuchi.

Everyone’s more grizzled in the nine years they’ve been apart – and the Hwachun have assembled influence over the neighbouring countries, so that the attacks will split Damduk’s forces.

Ho Gae lies in wait.

Damduk gives the general 50000 people, not counting cavalry, to counter the attackers in Shilla. Damduk himself heads for later Yan.

Kiha and creepy forehead dude are ready to ambush Damduk and take control with the symbols they’ll steal from the Guh Mool.

Go Woon bumps into Sujini in an obscure inn. (Her makeup is waaaaay too thick. Her natural complexion is prettier.) He’s here to give a warning to Damduk – first about their new powerful general (Ho Gae), the influence of Hwachun, and their intention to trap Damduk at Abullansa.

He’s also able to give news of Sujini to Damduk, albeit inadvertently – and this time Damduk rides off right away for the village. Sujini’s run off again. Aha, that girl is really good. (Alas.)

Damduk rides off alone, following his instinct?

The twilight brings fuzzy vision when he sees Sujini repairing her wagon, with Ajik playing at the dock.

OMG THEY TOOK SO FREAKING LONG. But at least they meet, right? This isn’t Damduk falling off his horse and hallucinating, right??

They just stare at each other tearfully. Dude.

End episode.


– You know what? If Sujini and Damduk didn’t love each other so much, Cheoro and Sujini would have been perfect. Kiha can go and … snog Ho Gae. Yes. Because the man needs happiness in his life.

– OMG. If I squint enough I can totally see Cheoro and Damduk too. OH BRAIN, YOU PHAIL ME.


  1. Friday, August 22, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Jumuchi and Dalbi are getting married in real life?!!?!?!?!?!? 😀

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