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Legend Episode 22, recap

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I know I said this was a backburner project, but since Gourmet didn’t air an odd episode this week, I thought I’d do something for my readers – am being sucked into the vortex that is university soon, alas.

Man oh man… not looking forward to getting my heart torn out by the next few episodes. Darn it, I want my happy ending. (Sorry, flyingcrispi, someone spoiled me.)

Episode 22

So Kiha tears Sujini’s hand to pieces while she’s in heavy labour. (Generally the women curse the men who got them pregnant in the first place, but not much chance of that happening since they’re psychically linked and stuff.)

Back at the king’s camp, Damduk is going through erratic heartbeats and general bad health in sync with Kiha. Poor man. That’s what you get for staying up all night, all the time!

Ho Gae’s camp is going through an internal war of sorts, and Damduk decides to leave before more men are killed. He’s kind of slowed by all that vertigo, though.

Sujini helps the village woman care for Kiha, who’s going in and out of consciousness. Mr. Creepy Forehead reminds Sa Ryang of his unpleasant task, eurgh.

Ho Gae is desperate enough to start killing his own soldiers. He and his generals kill a path out of their men.

Kiha makes it through, due to her baby’s miraculous ability to navigate the birth channel on his own. Sujini holds the baby and realizes who the father is (I think she thinks it’s Ho Gae) – needless to say, she’s not in the best of moods when Sa Ryang comes in. He really does care very deeply for Kiha.

When Sujini is about to leave, he tells her the truth, about everything – their sisterhood, the baby’s parentage. He begs her to take the baby boy and leave, so that the Hwachun won’t kill him and take his heart. Aww, Sa Ryang is so sincere here. Give him a puppy and a hug!

I’m not sure Sujini believes that Kiha is her older sister, but flashes of childhood memories do come back, and I guess she’s okay with saving the baby.

Poor Kiha wakes up from a nightmare of her baby being held over the cliff. (See? More proof that this reincarnation is messed up and Seoh/Kajin’s souls mixed in transit.) She runs outside, still with the strength to fight because her baby is gone. Sa Ryang takes a few steps forward when he sees her staggering around in pain, but he can’t blurt out the truth in front creepy forehead dude.

We’re shown the peasant family around a baby’s corpse, and we know that her child is still alive. Kiha doesn’t.

Alas for Kiha, who is enraged at Creepy Forehead’s words that Sa Ryang took her baby’s heart out, and moves to stab him. Sa Ryang gets tugged forward as a shield and is killed instead. (DAMMIT NO WTF WRITERS I HATE YOU.)

Creepy forehead dude retreats to the Hwachun headquarters at Abullansa.

Kiha goes into this paroxysm of rage, and Sa Ryang tells her to live but is unable to tell her that her child is alive. Creepy forehead dude steals the symbols and clues in immediately, because they don’t light up in the presence of the holy blood.

One of Ho Gae’s generals remain, with a sparse number of men, to surrender to Damduk. Ho Gae himself is gone, with about 20 of the Iron Horse regiment.

Cheoro shows up at Ho Gae’s camp, with news that he saw the Iron Horse people riding off with pursuers. He sends the general to distract and block the Khitan tribes so that they don’t butcher Ho Gae. He goes off with Cheoro.

Ho Gae rides into an abandoned town, and his senses prove right when he and his men are ambushed by the Khitan. Lots of the Iron Horse regiment die. Also, Ho Gae might be off his nut. Just saying.

Oooh. He’s surrounded by lots of random people led by the Kidohari chief. Thankfully Damduk arrives before the seven men Ho Gae has left actually have to fight against the amassed Khitan.

The Kidohari dude has gotten tired of seeing Damduk’s face around and figures that life will be easier without both the king and his rogue commander. Ho Gae and Damduk have a really long stare-off while people are rushing at them. Righto.

Damduk can fly! And it’s amazing how Ho Gae’s shiny silver armour never gets stained by all that blood.

Okay, more battling.

And battling.

And fighting.

And… guess what? Killing and fighting.

The Iron Horse regiment chief gets a sword in the gut, but goes on fighting. Huh.

The aftermath is really not pretty. Damduk angsts about the people he killed, while Ho Gae is just angry. Oh god, they start fighting. More flying and clashing of blades.

(Cheoro is so pretty.)

Ho Gae loses, whether because he’s physically exhausted, morally lacking, or just not as pretty as Yonsama, I don’t know. Damduk has Ho Gae at his swordpoint, but doesn’t kill him. Ho Gae is only exiled. Incidentally, he only has two men left.

Angry, Ho Gae gets up and throws his sword at Damduk’s retreating back. Jumuchi pushes Damduk aside and gets the sword instead. Cheoro jumps up in rage but is repulse by a beam of light. It’s the White Tiger symbol. OMG JUMUCHI DON’T DIE.

Ho Gae drops it on the ground. Some rather spectacular CGI follow.

Sujini rides hell for leather away. Just… away.

The Iron Horse regiment chief, Juk Hwan, finally recognizes Damduk as the rightful king and kneels to him. He asks Damduk to take his head and give it to the Khitan so they will not pursue Ho Gae – how loyal is that? My heart, it breaks.

Jumuchi has three very anxious people waiting at his bedside. However, all he demands is food. Ba Son looks at the symbol with reverence, but Jumuchi isn’t really that interested at all.

Cheoro can’t lie. He tells Damduk the truth of her whereabouts and wellbeing, which makes the king sad, but he can’t do anything. Neither of them can – Sujini is a stubborn girl.

A very stunned Kiha prepares for Sa Ryang’s funeral. She also knows where Ho Gae is, and will go to him after the funeral.

Which is why Ho Gae wakes up to see Kiha making medicine for him. She’s … bitter. Very much so, and thus a bit nihilistic in her worldview at the moment. She’s going to make sure that the Heaven that has ruined their lives will stop interfering in people’s lives. Kiha wants people to assume their own free will, even if they make the world unlivable as a result.

Damduk takes the scenic route home, showing off his large army to a number of neighbouring countries to dissuade them from attacking.

He really misses Lord Yon. LOL. CHEORO, YOU’RE SO CUTE.

When Damduk’s sad, Cheoro gives him a bottle of wine, arm at right angles to his body, and looks at him with puppy eyes while Damduk drinks it. I would be so amused, but ahem. Bad things afoot.

Kiha formally assumes her place as the priestess of Hwachun, with Ho Gae at her side. Abullansa looks exactly like their place in Gooknae… but anyway, Creepy forehead dude has also decided to improve his face with Celtic knot tattoos, but no go. Still ugly as all hells.

It’s too bad that he keeps seeing Kiha as Kajin, and forgets the Seoh part. Creepy Hwachun dude (now sporting a Sonix the Hedgehog haircut, complete with red ends) tells her that her child is alive and they do some weird telepathic thing to remember Sujini’s role.

Kiha is told that the only way her son will live is if he gets Damduk’s heart (um, I so hope she is past trusting him, yo) and all the land in the world. Aha. Not a small ambition at all. Ha.

The kingdom settles down for a while, but then border stuff heats up again – he gets an anonymous report from the Guh Mool, and the words are so close to Sujini’s that he knows she’s the one writing it.


– Kiha is really good at destroying everything around her. It’s not usually her fault, but bad things happen to her all the time.

– I guess the next episode consists of Damduk frustratedly chasing tail.


  1. moo shu
    Friday, August 22, 2008 at 4:17 am

    Could you please try to finish the last 3 chapter? Much appreciate if you could do that.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. flyingcrispi
    Friday, August 22, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    I felt really sad for Kiha when he died because he was like the only person she could really rely on… And I don’t remember in which epi but there’s a new Hwacheon dude who takes on Saryang’s job, and it’s like the sadest thing ever when she calls him “Saryang” by mistake.

    “how loyal is that? My heart, it breaks.”
    First the nobles who kill themselves because of the shame of conspirating with Hwacheon, then Lord Yon… They all have a *very* strong sense of honor. I wouldn’t kill myself for conspirating against my president, I’d just change countries. But suicides are more dramatic.

    “but Jumuchi isn’t really that interested at all”
    Maybe the sight of Dalbi makes him forget everything. (Holy Jama Lama, did you know? The actor for Jumuchi and the actress for Dalbi are getting married [TOGETHER] this fall!!!!!!!!!!)

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