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Legend Episode 21, recap

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Have been putting this off because I fear what is about to happen in the next four episodes. Brr.

Episode 21

For once, Lord Yon is actually helping Damduk’s people. He is beginning to accept that this king is the Joo Shin king – in a letter to Damduk, he freely admits that he will betray Damduk’s trust and take the three sacred symbols. He wants to level the playing field, so to speak, and let people choose the king they want. (It’s still going to be Damduk.)

Wow. Security is kind of lax.

Kiha takes the box of symbols from Lord Yon. At least the man has the courage to be ashamed of what he’s done. He drinks to his ancestors and the king. But the wine is poisoned, and he dies.

Sujini’s refusing to go to Damduk. Mr. Tall, handsome and silent just keeps following her. She tells him that she has something to do, and leaves. Cheoro is frustrated.

(I will admit that I have missed BYJ and LJA’s faces. Also Cheoro, but I don’t know his real name.)

Damduk’s people (aka Heuk Gae) are still unhappy that he plans to go meet the Khitan with only seven men. He’s amused. He tells Heuk Gae to prepare troops for movement, if the meeting should go awry. He takes a chronicler along with him.

Attila the Hun makes an appearance. (He looks really familiar. Hm.) The meeting starts off a bit tensely. It continues along tensely until Damduk brings up the issue of allying themselves. Then it breaks out into outright fighting.

Damduk remains calm, even when he has an entire troop of soldiers pointing arrows at him. His tongue of silver promises practical solutions to Khitan problems, and manages to make it sound desirable.

When Attila shows signs of reneging, Damduk gets at his sense of honour. The Khan will agree to support Damduk if he brings him Ho Gae’s head. Damduk is silent.

Above Ho Gae’s camp, the Guh Mool release little slips of paper using kites. It’s a message telling them where to be in four days to meet the king. Ho Gae is determined that his soldiers not be swayed, and the Iron Horse Chief pledges his everlasting support for Ho Gae.

Back at Damduk’s camp, Ba Son won’t stop working. She feels a combination of guilt for not telling him about the symbol, and also for not being as strong-willed as her brother. Damduk is very kind and tells her to get her rest.

From a question about shoes, Damduk discerns that Ho Gae’s army is in bad state. He tells his people to set off.

At Ho Gae’s camp, people attempting to desert are killed upon discovery, however, despite this, people are still trying to leave. Ho Gae’s infuriated, to say the least. Sujini (magically appears at the camp) and sees Ho Gae’s soldiers killing their own fellows. She takes people likely to survive and treats them. Cheoro watches and falls for her even more.

Ho Gae inflexibly punishes all deserters with death. (And I guess in all this chaos no one notices two extra people, one of whom is a girl and another of whom isn’t entirely Korean.

Four of the deserters actually make it to the safety of Damduk’s advance troops. The Khan’s brought about 2000 men, which is right up Damduk’s alley as far as plans go. (I KNOW WHO HE IS! He’s the annoying ambassador person from Iljimae. Lol.)

However, Damduk isn’t willing to kill Ho Gae – he tells the Khan that no one but the king has the authority to punish him. Later, he receives news from Gooknae that tells of Yon’s betrayal symbol-wise and of his subsequent suicide.

Damduk mourns for the lost chancellor.

He also anticipates Ho Gae’s moves and try to soften his blow. Now he’s hoping a rebellion will take Ho Gae’s 40,000-strong army off his hands.

Aww, Dalbi makes a fur coat thing for Jumuchi. Couple moment!! He hints that he has something to tell her if he comes back. LOL, YAYNESS.

Damduk starts off for a sekrit visit to Ho Gae.

Wow. At Ho Gae’s, Kiha (who must by now be heavily pregnant) delivers a letter from Lord Yon to Ho Gae. She tells him that she gave him the poison, I’m not sure what she’s trying to achieve here, and Ho Gae’s face goes all twitchy.

The Iron Horse Chief comes to tell him that their troops are committing mass desertion after the collapse of one of the gates, but Ho Gae is kind of beyond caring at this point.

Kiha shows him a box with two of the sacred symbols (so now Damduk only has Hyungo’s staff? Aww.), and then her own (obviously padded) pregnancy, asking him to be the father of her child. Hmph. Ho Gae’s not dumb, he knows that the kid is Damduk’s.

She tells him now that they need to go to other places than Goguryo for him to gather strength. He summons is soldiers for war, and to kill all the deserters – never mind that his men are on the edge of rebellion. He ends up having to imprison half his own generals.

Kiha would choose this moment to go into labour. [insert eyeroll]

Sujini is hard at work healing people. Cheoro (stalker extraordinaire) doesn’t emote, but does mention that Damduk seems to be calling for him. She’s concerned, but unwilling to go to him. She asks for a favour from him – to tell the king that he couldn’t find her after all. He’s shocked, because he thought she was the king’s girlfriend, but she flippantly answers that she will be in her next life if she’s good.

Aww. Sujini asks him to take care of Damduk, in all the ways she did.

(Dude, Cheoro has blue highlights! Cool!)

At night, Sujini sees Sa Ryang riding for shelter with a seriously ill Kiha. She’s got a gag ready, and goes into contractions (in the wrong position, too once she’s horizontal. Sa Ryang goes off to find a woman to help Kiha, and drags a new mother along. He notices a newborn boy in her husband’s arms. His gaze is seriously making me consider jumping into the screen and knocking the Hwacheon creep dead.

Kiha doesn’t know how lucky she is, to have a man who’s willing to carve out baby hearts to save her.

Sujini comes, at first intending to kill her, but gives in to the sight of her in pain. She sits down and holds onto Kiha’s hand instead.

On the way back from getting warm water, Sa Ryang is ambushed by three dudes in purple and creepy Hwacheon dude, who looks like he went overboard with the forehead implants there.

Damduk is also ill, probably a sympathetic reaction. We know the child is his, give it a rest.

End episode.


– So the question of Heaven vs. humanity’s free choice comes into play. Finally.

– Poor Sa Ryang. I think something bad is going to happen to him. Awww, cushy teddy bear killer person! Don’t go! (That sounds kind of weird…)

– Also, why couldn’t things be a bit happier? Just a bit? I’m seriously not asking for much.


  1. dragonqueen
    Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 5:53 am

    still proudly supporting Sujini/Cheoro…too bad her last words to him are tht she wishes to be with Damduk in her next life.

  2. flyingcrispi
    Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 7:18 am

    First of all, why are you speechless?

    Saryang! Don’t gooooooo!
    Erf, I miss Legend.

  3. sevenses
    Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Err. I wrote that when my first post over at dramabeans was posted…

    Sa Ryang takes getting used to (like Chisu’s caterpillar mustache) but when you do, there’s no parting with him.

    I miss logical happy endings. Just because audiences mass vomit at mushy endings doesn’t mean they should make us all vomit blood from trying to figure out what the ending means. Sheesh.

  4. moo shu
    Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Will you finish the wright up for the last few episode for this? Please do. I really enjoy reading it. I think you have good sense of humor at time.

    Keep it up!

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