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Gourmet Episode 15, recap

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Have been busy for the past few days, scrubbing SMeyer’s recent works out of the slightly battered temple that is my brain. School stuff is heating up now too.

Anyhoo, on for the recap. I’m seriously looking forward to what they’re going to do with the rest of the series.

Episode 15

So they recognize Sung Chan in time, but after Jin Soo deals him a particularly punishing whack on the side of the head. Now they have matching blemishes!

Back in Seoul, Jin Soo’s friend reports to Director Han about the rumour that the current owners of Un Ahm Jung are not in fact the royal chef’s descendants. Furthermore, she’s actually gone and confirmed it to be true. The two reporters squeal together. (And conveniently removes Jin Soo’s participation in revealing a secret that Sung Chan will see as a betrayal.)

Joo Hee and Bong Joo are sampling really good, expensive wines, in celebration of Bong Joo’s promotion and to search for wines to accompany their dishes. He brings up his meeting with American winemakers (in America!) next month, to prove how much their wines suit Korean food – so as to extend the franchise, and he’s making it dependent on wine, apparently. Joo Hee looks uncomfortable, whether at this or at her recent lack of appetite, I’m not sure. Bong Joo looks puzzled, and I’m not sure they’re trying to say Joo Hee is pregnant in a really roundabout way, or I’ve just been reading too much SMeyer and assume any sort of food-related malaise is pregnancy related.

Poor Sung Chan and Jin Soo, looking after the Parkinson granny, have their hands full. She runs around stealing veggies all day (and hitting people as she sees fit) and then comes home to order the two to help her cook. They’re making all sorts of kimchi, it seems, with lettuce and with cucumber (here the granny is surprised that Sung Chan’s are nicer than hers, lol). Anyway, she sings and generally entertains the two with her stories.

The kimchi look magical and cute.

Joo Hee goes to visit Sung Chan but sees that his house has been demolished. Poor girl tortures herself over not treating Sung Chan nicely enough.

Bong Joo, in the meanwhile, is busy preparing a romantic, rose-filled dinner for two. I’m kind of creeped out that her father would give him the passcode to her apartment, but okay, whatever, the intention is (probably) honourable. He makes her favourite cocktail, the Cosmo, and then serves her favourite green papa salad… wow, such a devoted and food-savvy boyfriend. She’s lucky. Stalked, but lucky.

You know, if she marries him and he keeps feeding her like this, she might actually get fat. Just saying. 😀 Not that she’d mind, I don’t think.

Bong Joo brings out more delicacies, like tri-coloured pigeon rolls, pasta, and truffle omelettes. And, to top it all off, chocolate souffle cake for dessert. Yum. Okay, now I’m hungry. Joo Hee is a little astounded that he went to such lengths to cook her gourmet style food, but she’s enjoying every moment of it. (Yes, pamper the girl and then attempt to sleep with her.)

Oh. Yup. As Joo Hee takes over dishwashing for him, he tells her that to him, she’s more important than Un Ahm Jung. The fact that he went out of his way to make her an entire spread after a small comment on having no appetite does show his great dedication to her, but he’s trying to satisfy her with material goods and food, and not really trying to understand, for example, what made her not want to eat.

Anyway, he proposes again, and leans in to kiss her. She’s obviously conflicted, but accepts his rather passionate embrace. Fade out.

The other couple is enjoying late night tea, and stargazing. Sung Chan’s childlike wonder at the stars is so cute. Jin Soo brings up the matter of the competition (which I still think Sung Chan lost on purpose) and is frustrated at Bong Joo’s smugness. Sung Chan wanted his brother to admit his faults, but he admits the loss gracefully. He fully concedes that his brother is more fit to be the successor, and adds that he is looking for his own path. Aww.

Jin Soo tells him, rather bad-tempered, that he’d better not search for too long.

As Sung Chan gets ready to sleep (in the outdoors?! Is he resigning himself to be food for the mosquitos?!), Jin Soo realizes that she left her camera in the tea fields. She finds it nestled under a bush, but decides that she’s going to play hide-and-go-seek, unannounced. Poor Sung Chan runs around looking for her.

Director Han, he of the sneaky movements, finds a USB drive labeled Un Ahm Jung in Jin Soo’s drawer and opens it, looking for her file on Un Ahm Jung’s secrets. Yo, wtf. Also, the office uses Windows XP. (Vista sucks!) He opens the files, and voila! There is much journalistic treasure within. (Bad news for Bong Joo and co.)

Jin Soo gives herself away by looking for Sung Chan, and gets a tongue-lashing for bad jokes. Sung Chan was obviously worried. Aww. She tries to make it up to him by selca-ing themselves in the dark. (Ouch, those blind spots of the afterflash.)

The next morning, the granny gets up super early to pick tea leaves and make her special tea kimchi. Reporter girl, Jin Soo, has lots of fun tailing the teamaker people, but receives a call from Sung Chan in the middle of her interview and leaves right away. She rushes back, but Sung Chan hasn’t left yet.

He would leave too, but his truck keys have gone missing. Madam Jo thinks it’s funny that a pretty girl is preventing Sung Chan from leaving, but he’s angry, and doesn’t believe her repeated vows of innocence. Lol. They argue their way up the hill to where his truck is parked, and both are scared by the granny sitting quietly in the passenger side, wearing a pretty hanbok.

She asks him to take her someplace before he leaves, and Jin Soo grins in triumph as she gives him the wayward key.

The three of them make their way down to the wharf, where the granny stares sadly at her daughter-in-law. She mutters, “I told you to live happily away from here, but is this how you’re living?” Her daughter-in-law is cutting fish… and the granny walks away slowly. In the truck, on the way home, Sung Chan flashes back to his conversation with the woman, who denies any relation with the old woman and adds that she doesn’t want to be chased away a second time.

In the truck, the old woman asks him to take out the kimchi when they’re ready, giving him the right fermentation time of each. She’s afraid that she’ll forget, due to her disease. She talks about her deceased son, named Yong (!), who liked her kimchi that way.

The granny dies, one morning, staring at the photo of her family. The grieving villagers feel touched and sad at the same time when they receive her gifts of kimchi. She was thoughtful enough to make what each person liked the best. The daughter-in-law comes, feeling super bad that she didn’t know her mother was chasing her away because she didn’t want her to waste her life with an old woman…

And the tea kimchi was made especially for her. Jin Soo provides her with a much-needed handkerchief.

The next morning, the daughter-in-law scatters her ashes on top of one of the many mountains that dominate the area. Sung Chan and Jin Soo attend as well.

Sung Chan: In cooking, as long as it tastes good, everything else is secondary. To cook it and enjoy the process, that is the also important. Did you see how happy granny was when she was making the kimchi? Her wishes of sharing the good taste, I’d forgotten that.

Jin Soo: What do you mean?

Sung Chan: During the competition, all I wanted to do was to beat him. I wanted to be able to look down on him. Living in this world, winning is important, but I forgot the most important thing. My desire became greed… and thus…

Jin Soo: Granny left you a very important gift.

What a contrast to the frenzy of Seoul, as the magazine publishes … something. Bong Joo receives a furious call from Director Jang, he of the hanging jowls and abundant funding. Of course the new GM has no clue what’s in the air, but he’s told to take a look at Point magazine. Uh-oh.

Joo Hee bounds in, radiant, and hands him the day’s news packages. Bong Joo rips open the one containing Point and reads the article, barely restraining his fury. Then he sees the name on the bottom of the magazine, denoting the author: Kim Jin Soo. (Blame the boss, really.)

I’m surprised Jin Soo didn’t drop straight into the stream with all the ill-wishing that’s probably being sent her way. She’s sieving for river snails and silver fish with Sung Chan, and they’re having lots of fun. Lol. She’s waiting for a phone call to tell her to go back, but her phone’s on the beach. Then we are treated to a modified beach scene (obligatory in all romance kdramas) as Sung Chan falls in the river and starts a water fight with Jin Soo.

It’s not going to last long, though, what with the press siege at Un Ahm Jung and furious people everywhere. Joo Hee’s dad believe this was Sung Chan’s revenge attempt, while chef Oh and Joo Hee don’t.

Jin Soo and Sung Chan are changing into dry clothes after that river mess, and Sung Chan jokingly peeks at her. Several times. Wow. Then he jokes around about liking her and stuff. More wow. (But I’m pretty sure she was wearing pants+underwear the whole time.)

Bong Joo is seeking some alone time in a very well-appointed lake/bridge place within Un Ahm Jung. He is hurt and betrayed. Not sure what he’ll do.

End episode.


– Another sign of proof that Gourmet is related to Iljimae? The mention of Yong.

– Also, major crap going up ahead. Your turn, irugnotmis.


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