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Legend of Condor Heroes 08, episodes 17 and 18

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Episode 17

Ouyang Ke keeps wearing Yang Kang down about coming back into the loving arms of daddy #2. When the softer persuasion of power does nothing, he reminds Yang Kang that Mu Nianci is still in detainment. Yang Kang is stronger than in the previous version, and leaves unswayed.

His plan is to storm the jail and rescue Mu Nianci. It works, in a fashion… but he knocks down the front door guards only to have more guards led by Jin prince the third come upon him. Of course, Wanyan Honglie comes and plays the rescuer. After the three ride off, Ouyang Ke comes and blocks the prince and his troops from going after anyone.

Then Wanyan Honglie gets all repentant in front of Yang Tiexin and Bao Xiruo’s grave (all part of the plan, dudes) and asks Yang Kang to kill him. Coming off the heat of the moment, after he’s helped him, and to ignoring 18 years where they lived happily ever after is kind of hard… so he makes his way slowly to the man who killed his parents. (It occurs to me that Ouyang Ke must have Yang Kang very well figured out, because Wanyan Honglie is taking a rather large risk.)

Yang Kang takes the Iljimae road and lets him go. Mu Nianci’s not happy.

Back in the woods, Qigong, Huang Rong and Guo Jing are trying to figure out a way to counter Ouyang Feng’s poisonous creatures. They come up with a needle spray technique.

Then Hua Zheng sends another letter to Guo Jing, repeating her plea to have him see her brothers in the central plains and then come back to her and get married. Huang Rong is frustrated and jealous. Guo Jing doesn’t know whether to tell the truth, and accidentally delivers the letter with the truth in it.

That night in the market, Huang Rong runs around looking at pretty stuff, and he feels bad. Of course, she’s loads smarter than he is, and knows that he has something on her mind. He runs off to get alcohol, to basically get his courage up, and the stubborn little thing drinks half of it too.

Oof. It’s confession night. They both confess that they like each other (what a surprise, hoi). Huang Rong reveals that she left her home after her father scolded her, and hates him for not coming after her. She was surprised that he treated her so kindly and helped her even when she was a dirty smelly beggar. (This part’s a bit mushy.) She really wants to take him to see Peach Blossom Island, and take him to his dad (after he’s been made a student of Qigong, so her dad won’t kill him) and then they’ll live happily ever after.

(Us: Uh. What?)

Unfortunately, Huang Rong has already asked someone who understood Mongolian and gotten Hua Zheng’s letter translated. Ouch. So she knows that he’s engaged to Hua Zheng… he explains the circumstances to her but it makes no difference.

He feels super bad for not telling her earlier, but she feels she’s better off not knowing.

The two see fireworks, and Huang Rong has a return of her usual buoyant spirits.  She is determined to enjoy the months they have left, and hope that things change in those months.

When everyone’s in bed, the girl sneaks in to see Guo Jing. The guy sleeps like a log. She overhears him sleeptalking, apologizing to Hua Zheng for not being with her, because he likes Huang Rong. Then the girl starts crying. (I object to being toyed with in this way. Waaaaahhh Kleenex moment.) She is resigned to stay by his side for as long as possible, and falls asleep next to his bed.

Guo Jing wakes up and carries her back to her bed. (I lol at Qigong’s expression – he’s awake through all this.) He ends up falling asleep next to her bed.

We cut to a shot of Hua Zheng sitting on a rock, bored and anticipating Guo Jing. She’s ecstatic to get a letter, but oh… it tells her he likes someone else. She runs to Guo Jing’s mother, who still supports Hua Zheng, and writes a letter scolding him.

However, the Khan’s command for military mustering comes at an opportune moment, and Hua Zheng sneaks out in one of the caravans.

Yang Kang and Mu Nianci set up shop again, but a jealous group of performers report them to the local authorities, and they use their authority to pick on the two, which has the effect of aggravating Yang Kang’s already smarting feeling of powerlessness.

He takes out the Jin command plate carved out of jade, shocking both the soldiers and Mu Nianci.

Episode 18

The soldiers obey Yang Kang, giving him a long-awaited power-rush. That night, Mu Nianci reveals her unhappiness at his actions in the day, they have a fight about upholding morals. Nianci is for upholding the ideals, whereas he is more into the practical side of things.

He goes out to settle his temper with a bit of quality time practicing martial arts. He flashes back to his own father and makes a decision. He tells Mu Nianci that he’ll return the command plate. (He seems to have trouble giving it back.)

Of course, when Yang Kang is there, he overhears the entire plot (get Yang Kang back, get his heart, and then hurt him to avenge for 18 years of sorrow) and realizes that Wanyan Honglie will try to get at them no matter what, and even if he keeps refusing, the prince will only try to kill them.

At home, Mu Nianci can’t sleep and spends the night waiting for him to come back. Little does she know that Yang Kang is sitting near his parents’ grave, trying to figure out what to do. He makes an interesting compromise – in order to regain control of his life, he’s going to return to Wanyan Honglie willingly and kill him. (That just sounds like an excuse for more money and power. Honestly, he could have killed him alone like last time.)

He goes back to the sleeping Nianci, and says goodbye to her sleeping figure. (Aww. Poor baby.)

When she wakes up, she sees a letter from Yang Kang, telling her not to question him and to trust his promise that he’ll come back in three years to marry her.

Huang Rong is still shopping for food, and trying hard to not repeat dishes… she meets Nianci in the streets, obviously distressed.

Meanwhile, Qigong is trying to make a good fighter out of Guo Jing. He feels that his work is done and leaves. (Shame, they could have really used his help in the next few episodes.)

Lol, Guo Jing walks in all nonchalant with news that Qigong’s left, leaving Huang Rong to panic and run out after him. She taunts him but he’s really leaving this time. She returns in a huge temper fit.

Wow. Her snit sends Guo Jing packing. He runs around the entire day looking for Qigong. Huang Rong sits at home all panicky because he isn’t back – but she’s the one who told him not to come back if he couldn’t find Qigong.

Mu Nianci also comes to help look and they find him asleep under a tree. Huang Rong steps on his hand to wake him up.

He’s so earnest and stupid that it makes Huang Rong nonplussed.

When Mu Nianci tells Huang Rong everything that’s happened, she understands right away that it’s Wanyan Honglie behind the plot.

Speak of the devil! The princeling is worrying and sleepless over Yang Kang (who he still cares about), who totally hates his guts now but is going to pretend that he cares. Huh.

Yang Kang makes an impressive entrance, dragging a giant rock behind him as penance. The prince’s first instinct is to rush up and hug him (and really, this might have won Yang Kang over) but he listens to Ouyang Ke and turns his back on Yang Kang.

Wanyan Honglie beats back 18 years of fatherly concern and ‘savours’ the moment (yo, someone’s a little too transparent in his distress there). Downpour on Yang Kang, weather reflecting his inner destitution, no doubt.

At last the prince can stand it no longer and runs out in the middle of all this rain – in time for Yang Kang to gasp out a ‘father’ and faint. Wanyan Honglie calls out for help and gets him proper treatment.

While Yang Kang is knocked out, the two discuss the proper way of acting toward Yang Kang.

Then an underling comes with news that the Mongolian Khan has sent forth emissaries for the Jin kingdom. Ouyang Ke adds that this is a great opportunity for him to retake authority in the royal family and he goes off.

Huh. Yang Kang’s been awake all along.

End episode.


– 17 sees Yang Kang’s iron facade finally crack as he gives in to the temptations of power and authority. Nianci is also starting to lose faith in Yang Kang, which is kind of bad. The different foreshadowings of tragedy are starting to show up.

– Ouyang Ke is so totally jealous that Wanyan Honglie loves Yang Kang so much, even when he’s trying to hate him at the same time. Ouyang Ke’s insistence on Wanyan Honglie’s restraint is probably from trying to prevent the king from caring too much for Yang Kang and being displaced. (OH I C WHUT U DID THAR.)

– Dude, Guo Jing has yet to change for the more attractive haircut. Hu Ge’s sharp features are still very attractive, and Yang Kang’s eyes are good at glittering.


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