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Fly, Daddy, Fly!

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I was craving me some Swe Dol, so I watched this movie, which has surprisingly young-looking Lee Jun Ki and an adorable Lee Moon Shik. I believe there is also a Japanese movie of the same name, and both are based on a manga… but anyway, this version stands out by virtue of Lee Jun Ki’s beautiful face.

Credit to soompi.

The Spirit of This Place – Core of Soul (Do tell me if this doesn’t work for you.)


LJK plays recalcitrant high schooler Seung Suk, while LMS plays your typical white-collar father. When his daughter is beaten up by a high school boxing champion, LMS’s character, Jang Ga Pil, feels his own powerlessness and disappoints his daughter and wife by his craven behaviour. Stung by his daughter’s rejection, Jang goes to knife the bastard who did it. He is stopped by Seung Suk and two friends, who honestly wish to help him.

Seung Suk tells him that there is one way of getting his revenge: facing the guy in a boxing challenge. But to do that, Jang has to get in shape. He puts himself under Seung Suk’s tutelage for the next month and half, which is the students’ winter break. Of course, none of this is easy, as the training is physically grueling, and the poor man staggers after trying to outrun his bus home. (Among other things, he is also made to do push-ups, sit-ups, running up and down various tall mountains, and being forced to do chin-ups while having his legs tied at a 90 degree angle to his torso.)

Jang also has to obey Seung Suk’s rules absolutely and not second-guess him, which proves difficult when he finds out that the students have been running some betting schemes based on his performance. He feels that they’ve cheapened his efforts, though Seung Suk just tells him to get on with it. The next day, they bring his daughter’s friend to talk to him and he feels even guiltier for his initial reaction – her first words when the medics found her was, “Papa… I want my papa.”

However, peeking into his daughter’s hospital room and seeing her continually unable to hold her head up (and also sick with some sort of strange psychological side effect of the beating), he resolves to continue with the training. There’s some pretty scary rock climbing in there somewhere, and lots of baseballs being tossed at a tied-up Jang. Since he’s training to beat only the boxing dude and not as an official boxer, Jang only learns the other’s weaknesses.

Seung Suk reveals his abhorrence of fighting along with his checkered past after one particularly exhausting practice – his parents died when he was young and he grew up in a poor town, where there was constant gang fighting. One night, a really drunk guy cut several people up with a knife and Seung Suk was the only one who stopped him, but after getting slashed in the face. He’s been getting nightmares ever since. Seung Suk has an instinct for fighting and pretty much beats anyone he cares to, but he feels that meeting violence with violence takes away from who he is and has stopped. He also doesn’t plan to continue into university and turn into a white collar one day. Jang tries to act fatherly, but he realizes that Seung Suk is the kind of person who can forge his own path in life.

Finally he is ready, and he takes the boys to a local amusement park for a day of relaxing. At night, Jang proves an inspiration to his fellow white collar commuters, as he gets ready to race the bus home again. He ties with the bus (and would have won if the bus had stopped to pick up its passengers, lol) and receives applause from the people taking the bus, as well as inspiring the overweight driver to pick up his roller skates. When he gets home, his wife serves him lots of protein, revealing that the boys visited his daughter in the hospital room with a picture of his progress every day and gave her a menu for what he should eat.

Jang gets a washcloth thrown at his head for not telling his wife and assuming she wouldn’t know, but she’s proud of him for standing up for their daughter. She tells him that they’ll be waiting in the hospital room for him to take her home.

The next day, all the students at the high school are called into the gym where Seung Suk is waiting. He announces to everyone that their beloved boxing champ is actually a shameless bully of girls. Jang makes his entrance and the fighting begins. Unfortunately the middle-aged father is beaten left, right, centre and sideways for the first half hour, and Seung Suk, who’s begun to care about Jang, tells him to stop in resignation. As the boxer taunts Jang and walks away, the older man gets up and surprises him with a punch to the face, followed up by everything he’s learnt from Seung Suk.

Yay for the triumphant exit. πŸ˜€ One of the boys suggest that Seung Suk should give him a proper send off, and while Seung Suk does glare, he also shouts out, “Go daddy!” to the retreating Jang.

Jang looks like a bloody mess, but he runs like the wind to the hospital, where his wife is about to chew on the curtains out of worry. He bursts in the room and they leave happily.



– I have to say, this haircut works really well for Jun Ki. Really really well. I bet half the audience was drooling at him and not paying attention to the plot at all.

See what I mean? Intense and cute plus mysterious.

– Also, did Everlast sponsor the movie or something? Every shirt or sweater of LJK’s has the logo. Bit excessive.

– Cute movie. But it leaves me in the quandary of craving even more of Lee Jun Ki’s face. Hmm.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    1-The song doesn’t work, it says “error opening file”
    2-The movie was so touching!!! I cried like a baby when he comes back and hugs his daughter.
    3-LJK has lost of sponsors, ’cause he does ads and stuff… But, yes, it was a bit excessive.

  2. ffiza
    Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    hehe.. I watched this movie while craving for Iljimae with eng subs, just to see more of LJK.
    I agree about the Everlast logo thing, it’s everywhere!!
    I was thinking about the same thing while watching it, they must be the main sponsor

  3. yonheet55
    Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 9:39 am

    mhmm, i thought it was an excellant movie to show off all of leejunki’s manly charms. i do believe he knows some sort of marital arts…? and you’re right this haircut fits him BEST to show him as a male

    if you saw the king and clown, i like his hair there as well πŸ˜€ but it makes junki look prettier than me and most other girls !! 0_0

    and lee moon shik was pretty fantastic, i’m sure it was the special effects of the movie but he really did look as if he got more fit as the movie went on.

    and did you notice that poppin hyun joon was in the movie, i am always super amazed at his dancing skills

    oh.. and question. totally unrelated to fly daddy fly, but how did they show in iljimae that swedol tooth had come out.. it looks soooo REAL…. especially when he stuck his tongue through… ^_^

  4. orangemania
    Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    i watched this when it first came out with subs and awwww the beautiful face of lee jun ki. his recent hairstyle doesn’t suit him that well. this movie is bery sweet, a kind father trying to protect his daughter no matter wat. lee mon shik is very believable and we don’t need to say anymore for lee jun ki.

  5. qkyra
    Monday, August 25, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    The song doesn’t work…says error opening file….I really liked this movie since I was craving more Lee Jun Ki and Swedol.

  6. Amelia
    Friday, September 11, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    This movie made me into even a bigger fangirl of LJK. I agreed with your comment on his haircut, my favorite only second to his haircut in Grace MVs. I have that pic of him as my computer background (smart, cool, and can kick ass). The scene where he disarms the knife, *swoons*. Okay, must stop rambling.

    Anyhoo, I saw this before Iljmae, and I watched Iljimae partly b/c of LJK and LMS pairing. They are so adorable. I was very reluctant to watch Iljimae b/c I was so in love with TBDAW. However, after I’ve exhausted all of my other LJK outlets, I finally gave in. I am on episode 17, and am loving your recaps! You have great insights and comedic commentaries. And your comparison of Iljimae to TBDAW was spot on. I can’t wait to read your recaps of LJK’s new drama once it comes out.

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