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Legend of Condor Heroes 08, episodes 15 and 16

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Did yall miss me? 😀

For those of you who are really confused about who’s who, irugnotmis has written up a character synopsis, with pictures, no less. Check it out and I hope that helps! On to the recap now…

Episode 15

Huang Rong makes a bet with Hong Qigong – that if he can guess the name of her dish, then she will give it to him. He can identify the ingredients, but not guess the right name. Um, swallowing cherries whole ftw. Poor Guo Jing is perishing of hunger.

Dude, the dish names she comes up with are so complicated.

And since Hong Qigong can’t guess the name of the soup, Huang Rong tells Guo Jing to throw the soup out. Of course, the old man uses his kung fu skills to retrieve it. He’s hooked for good now. Whenever he guesses wrong, he has to resort to kung fu to get the food. Huang Rong watches avidly.

The challenge goes on.
Lol. Hong Qigong keeps getting it wrong. But he still gets the food.

And at the end of a meal, he agrees to pay them back for the food by giving them pointers on their kung fu. This involves them fighting each other first. And right now, Huang Rong really is better – and through it, Qigong can tell that she is Huang Yaoshi’s daughter. (Apparently she really is exactly like him in manner.)

Lol. She’s trying to get him to teach Guo Jing so that her dad can accept him. But Qigong refuses to take students. Huang Rong is super determined. She flatters him into agreeing, then rushes off to cook for him.

Guo Jing impresses Qigong right off with his sincerity and honesty. The old man decides to teach him the Dragon Subduing Palms (it sounds so simple in Chinese). This set is apparently better than dynamite, to judge by the effect it has on the surrounding trees. Lol.

Qigong says that simple things that require power are the best for Guo Jing, since his steadiness isn’t really up to intricate and tricky moves (I think he goes on to teach Huang Rong something that requires that). Guo Jing practices, but all he manages to do is shake a tree a little.

His solidness (in more than one sense) makes Qigong shake his head and wonder. Anyway, Huang Rong resolves to make Qigong stay until he’s taught all  18 sets to him. Then the snake avenger comes, determined to suck Guo Jing’s blood dry.

The fighting sequence mainly consists of the old man shouting, Guo Jing overusing Kang Long You Hui (亢龙有悔). Qigong just watches, and I think he’s getting a headache. The thing is that Guo Jing knows the move, but can’t use it intelligently or with a bit of stategy.

Apparently the snake avenger (also known as Old Man Liang) has offended Hong Qigong in the past and come out on the bottom. He believed in some random thing that said having sex with virgins would guarantee long life. (Hmm. Sounds like the kind of thing men would make up.) Huang Rong doesn’t understand the euphemism for rape and chases QIgong around, demanding to know. The poor man stops her from asking by hinting at her eventually marriage with Guo Jing.

Yang Kang and Mu Nianci are still doing their routine when Ouyang Ke comes up and asks for a ‘beer’ together. He brings some news about Wanyan Honglie to Yang Kang, who doesn’t care, and warns them to go somewhere far for a while, since his former uncle, also a Jin prince, is out to get his blood. Yang Kang is annoyed.

Ouyang Ke gives him a command card carved out of jade (for protection) from Wanyan Honglie. Before leaving, he takes care to switch a jade keepsake of Yang Kang’s, with his name carved on it.

(Plots ahead, I think. Also, Ouyang Ke is so gay.)

It’s so sad to see the juxtaposition between the happy couples. Especially because we know (or at least I do) that bad things are going to happen soon, to both of them.

A group of Song courtiers meet with the third royal prince of Jin but are attacked by people dressed in black, who also have a rather disparate set of skills. At the end of the attack, one of them ‘accidentally’ drops Yang Kang’s jade keepsake to the ground. The Jin prince gets Yang Kang and Mu Nianci on the wanted list.

Soldiers come to make an arrest, but they fight them off and run away. Yang Kang can’t stand being framed and not able to speak up for himself, as Mu Nianci tells him that they really can’t rely on the officials to be fair and make an enemy out of the Jin prince. He agrees to go with her to the Daoist masters, but only after burying his parents in their native village.

Their every move is actually followed by Ouyang Ke, who has predicted everything, and is working with Wanyan Honglie to get Yang Kang back into the fold. Evil smarts.

Ouyang is in his comfy nest at home, plotting away like anything, and planning to punish the snake avenger for being AWOL, but the news that Hong Qigong is near makes him sit up. (He doesn’t consider Guo Jing nor Huang Rong an impediment in their plans, hmm.)

Episode 16

Ouyang Ke is determined to mess with Guo Jing… for what he perceives as a threat from Qigong and also because Huang Rong prefers him.

Guo Jing is still undergoing his tough training. Total palms learnt: 0.5. Hong Qigong shows off a set of steps and moves and Huang Rong gets it after seeing him do it once. That one is so smart.

After teaching him the meaning of  enjoying things as they come (by making him eat slowly), Guo Jing does make some progress. Qigong threatens to leave after 30 days, but decides to stay after Huang Rong puts in some hard work cajoling him with her really good dishes.

Ouyang Ke’s people track Huang Rong down and tear down all the wanted notices so she doesn’t see them, but she notices them and fights them to a poster, only to have it light on fire before she can read it.

When she gets back to Qigong and Guo Jing, Ouyang Ke is already there, pastoring his poisonous snakes. Qigong chases him away with an astounding show of vocal power. Through his network of beggars, he attempt to figure stuff out, but Ouyang Ke gets ahead of him again.

Yang Kang and Mu Nianci make it to his parents’ native village, a quietly idyllic place nestled in the middle of very pretty mountains. Everything of the Yang’s house was taken away to the Jin prince’s palace.

Yang Kang and Mu Nianci bury away the ashes of Bao Xiruo and Yang Tiexin. the two stay in the Guo’s house, which is old and run-down. Yang Kang is suspicious of outsiders even now, and goes to kill the two people who tried to help him in the day, because they saw him…

But Mu Nianci catches him at it, and scolds him for being unchivalrous (not the word I’m looking for, but close enough). Of course, the moment she brings up his father’s uprightness, he takes the part of the pitiful abandoned puppy, and Nianci can only hug him in sympathy.

And then they almost have sex. Right, because that’s how things work.

Right when things get fuzzy and happy, the person who saw them brings soldiers and people to capture the two. Yang Kang feels powerless but is determined to resist arrest. Nianci holds his hand and they face the torch-bearing soldiers. There is fighting.

Ouyang Ke and Wanyan Honglie are waiting in the wings to come in and help, as the two are slowly overpowered. The soldiers go for Yang Kang’s weak point, which is Nianci, but then he gets hit over the head, and loses consciousness.

They are carted before an official who is determined to make them confess. Then they get whipped, then they get salt sprinkled in their wounds. (Ah, the things we think of for each other. At least it’s disinfecting their wounds.)

Yang Kang is released as someone spoke for him. And then he gets gassed, so he’s unconscious as he’s taken away from Mu Nianci.

In the morning, Ouyang Ke uses Nianci’s fate to force Yang Kang’s reconciliation with Wanyan Honglie. He put up a super good fight, but alas. I think, by his expression as the episode ends, that he’s going to give in.


– Yang Kang = still not evil, but it’s coming soon. I like how slice-of-lifey this show is, even if Huang Rong’s cuteness gets a bit gratingly fake at times. Still, Guo Jing is adorable.

– Interesting, that Nianci is the one who initiates affection between them. I think all the other versions had him persuading her. Here he’s all like, let’s wait for marriage – which is her stance in the book. Also, good ad for abstinence, and I’m sure that makes the government that sponsored this show happy.

– Honestly, Ouyang Ke could have been Wanyan Honglie’s son and we’d have never noticed the difference. Plus, he’s a lot smarter and ambitious in this one. Muchos glorification for the erstwhile useless playboy of marginal skills.


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