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Legend Episode 20, recap

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And you all thought I’d abandoned the series…

At this point, I’m still not certain which one is which Phoenix, but at this point it’s kind of moot. Poar Sujini. Poar Kiha. 19 was certainly a banner episode, though.

Episode 20

Ho Gae’s people are doubting him, but the chief of the Iron Horse Warriors holds firm because he saw Kiha support Ho Gae.

Jumuchi makes his move and rescues both Ba Son and Dalbi. There’s an emotional reunion between them, but Ba Son’s just catatonic. Then Ho Gae’s second-in-command holds Jumuchi at swordpoint.

Ho Gae’s pretty far gone into the dark evil overlord side of things. He hears the news and tries to hire Jumuchi away, but obviously fails. He gives Ba Son and Dalbi to Jumuchi, and also commands him to take his people away. However, this is only a plot for Il Su, one of his generals, to chase after the men and kill them.

Jumuchi knows he doesn’t have enough men to face the people chasing them, so they ride for their lives.

Damduk visits the Khitan settlements that Ho Gae razed through. Everyone marvels at the quickness of the strike and his habit of killing everyone, even the children and women.

His men tell him to run away before the gathering clans come avenge their hatred, but he only orders his chiefs to bury the corpses. Damduk is hoping that their attackers spend a few days watching them and know what he’s doing, so they will see him as a friend and not an enemy. Hyungo, Heuk Gae and general Go don’t know this, or can’t see it, and voice their concern.

Lol. General Go on Damduk’s habit of going it alone: Sometimes I just want to tie him up. (Fans add: And smother him in Nutella!)

The watching tribes are confuzzled and snowed upon, so they leave.

Wow, I didn’t know this was possible, but evil Hwachun dude has gotten creepier. His people have tricked king Ashin of Baekje into trusting them, and he wants Ashin to attack Goguryo while Damduk is gone. Creeeeeeeeepy.

Both Sa Ryang and creepy dude’s person at Baekje tell him that it is difficult, but he just gets mad. Sa Ryang is to stay with Kiha (and watch the birth of the kid, it is assumed), while he himself goes to Yan to persuade them to attack the king’s forces in Khitan.

Poor Sa Ryang. He serves Kiha wholeheartedly, but she totally has trouble trusting him. He also is in the difficult position of having to obey evil Hwachun dude. She asks for his allegiance against creepy dude, but I mean, the guy is super powerful!

Cheoro, archetype of tall, dark, handsome and silent, waits for Sujini at the bridge day and night.

Damduk makes a funeral pyre for the people Ho Gae killed in the night. The fire announces his position to people miles around, but that’s his intention. He’s sneaky, that one. Heuk Gae is about to explode with fury.

Damduk totally suffers insomnia. Apparently it’s worse now, outside the castle. OH. He’s thinking of Sujini. Never mind, carry on with the insomnia, then. Aww. He mopes around looking at the perfume bottle.

Interesting, Damduk eats with his men, aww. They super love him. (And General Go knows what he’s doing. Hmm.)

Damduk’s southern scouts encounter a mysteriously debilitated woman in the desert, and they fall prey to an ambush. Damn. Well, now Damduk’s on high alert. More tribes have gathered together to fight against who they perceive to be a part of Ho Gae’s army.

Damduk experiences some worry to his leadership qualities, and General Go reassures him. Aww.

He moves out to retrieve the fallen bodies with the rest of the troops.

Lord Yon is still in the capital, being the lord chancellor. He remembers Damduk giving back his chancellor’s seal, and telling him to take care of country in his absence. He trusts Yon to make the right choice for all of his territory. Damduk recognizes that Yon is an able politician and administrator. Yon is all pensive.

He sees the network Damduk has put in place and seems to know that his son lacks the forethought and planning skills the other has.

Meanwhile, Ho Gae provokes his men into anger against Damduk by telling them that Damduk is planning to label them as insurgents and killing them with the Khitan’s help.

At the attack site, Damduk’s people are indeed ambushed – oh confrontation. Damduk just gives them gifts and rides off. The Kidohari (one of the Khitan tribes) leader looks conflicted.

Kiha and Yon meet. She reveals to him the extent of Hwachun’s control over the neighbouring countries. She claims to be helping Ho Gae, and wants Yon to get the symbols for her. (I think she’s building a power base for her kid, but that’s just me.) Lord Yon asks her who Ho Gae is to her, and she just shows him that she’s pregnant.

(Lol, Sa Ryang is just playing along with her games.)

Lord Yon looks more pensive.

And Cheoro’s still holding his vigil on the bridge. Two beggar kids run around and Cheoro follows them. Sujini’s friends with them, but she’s run away and lived in a shack. What’s more, she’s been unconscious for a few days.

Cheoro brings her to a doctor, who tells him that she’s shutting herself down – meaning she’s sleeping and starving herself to death, and he can’t wake her up (get Damduk, and she probably will). The tall silent knight angsts, with unconscious Sujini just sleeping nearby. Emoness is complimented by the pretty fall colours.

Aww, he remembers watching Seoh do stuff and is all sad. Puppy love, thou art so obvious. Sujini’s smiling in her sleep. It’s hard to say who’s remembering what in the show, but I’m relatively sure Sujini’s seeing Seoh’s past too.

There’s nothing like a nightmare to wake you up. She’s awake.

Four different tribes approach where the the king is. Tension abounds, but they’re not hostile, I don’t think. One of the conditions of the Khan’s meeting with Damduk is that he come accompanied by only seven men.

Of course, Jumuchi returns in time for him to be one of that seven.

End episode.


– Oh Kiha. She’s going to do something stupid again, isn’t she? Also, I’m glad Sujini doesn’t die. Really really glad. And she’ll find out that she and Kiha are related soon. Fun ahead.

– Generally I support most ships in a show, even conflicting ones (My Girl springs to mind) but Kiha/Damduk just really gets on my nerves. I wonder why.


  1. dragonqueen
    Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    u know…i wouldn’t mind if Sujini ended up with Cheoro. They’re cute together.

  2. flyingcrispi
    Friday, August 1, 2008 at 10:13 am

    dragonqueen> Glad to see I’m not the only one.

  3. drupa
    Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Does anyone know the name?
    He was Dutai kodohari strain

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