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Gourmet Episode 11, recap

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Hoho, confrontation and smugness! Plus, lots of raw beef.

Episode 11

Sung Chan and Bong Joo have their manly faceoff, with Bong Joo gloating of his superiority over Sung Chan. But you know, the very things he considers advantageous will prove to be his downfall in the end.

Director Seo, Sung Chan and Kang drink away their defeat in the first round, but Sung Chan is optimistic and holds that they have to keep trying. And anyway, in the next two rounds they have the superior butcher and the better cook.

Bong Joo has tea with his father that night. Very good tea, very bad conversation. It’s like he’s trying to have his father all to himself, so he blackens Sung Chan’s name, saying that he opposes Un Ahm Jung at the moment of its life or death (without mentioning the cause). Anyway, am muchly annoyed by Bong Joo’s hypocrisy. HIs father agrees to keep an eye on the competition, and Bong Joo urges him to realize that the rightful heir of Un Ahm Jung is him, and not the descendant of the Lees.

Jin Soo’s boss drives her to the competition place and bribes her with food to get her to tell him all the competition details. Aww at their camaraderie. Lol, at the actual site of the competition, the announcer got into a traffic accident, and the photogenic Jin Soo and her less photogenic boss is recruited on the spot as the substitute.

The on-site evaluation opens while the competitors sit snugly in their chairs, oho, and the people who recognize Jin Soo are surprised. And then she forgets her words, thus entertaining most of the audience by wrongly introducing her luckless boss. So cute. Sung Chan’s there, as the representative of the group, and cheers her on, but then she loses her cue cards. Under his encouragement, she confesses to the audience that she’s a newbie, and they give her good natured applause, not that she hears, because she’s on-site, amusing the camera staff to death.

Back at Un Ahm Jung, Madam Jo and Suk Dong gleefully watch the broadcast for their favourite people.

Anyway, the beef is evaluated, at this uncut stage, by fat percentage, by the quantity and area of edible beef and quality of the beef (texture etc). 1 is good, 1+A is better and 1++A is the best. The various cuts of beef are given ranking stamps. They also measure the colour, maturity and texture of the area where muscle mixes with fat, creating a marbled look.

Out of the 16 groups, there is space for 8 to pass. Needless to say, Un Ahm Jung’s beef and Seo’s beef are in the same evaluation block. In the second round, there will be 4 to pass, and in the third, the winner is decided.

Sung Chan’s group gets 72.6% A, which is great, and everyone gets super excited, and so does Jin Soo, to the bewilderment of most of the audience and her boss kicks her to shut her up. Un Ahm Jung gets 73.0 A. Which is slightly higher, but anyway, they get all excited too.

Chef Oh joins the crowd of excited workers watching the show at Un Ahm Jung. (Um, have they shut down service, then, for the duration of the competition, because, hello, running on less than skeleton staff!)

Now for the quality test. The meat is the normal colour for both teams (rank 4 for Un Ahm Jung, rank 5 for Seo), and the fat is rank two for both teams. For the marbling effect in the beef, Sung Chan’s team gets A+, landing squarely in first place. However, Un Ahm Jung overcomes that lead with A++.

Amidst all the celebrations, one of the evaluaters notice something strange and discovers blood clots in the meat. Bong Joo rushes to the evaluation site, and the judge explain that the bleeding is caused by high levels of stress in the cow, most likely caused by delivering the cow at high speeds or forcing it to go someplace it doesn’t want to. (Both have happened, to Bong Joo and Min Woo’s chagrin.)

Sung Chan and Jin Soo remember their peaceful, if somewhat long, journey back to the competition, with the cow tranquilly in the back, and also walking him gently into the slaughterhouse. (I’m sorry, that one shot where the cow looked over the back of the truck peacefully, like a little kid with big brown eyes? AWWWWWWW)

After readjusting the scores, Un Ahm Jung just manages to scrape by in eighth place. Min Woo nearly attacks a judge, but is held back by Bong Joo. Sung Chan’s team in now in first place, but he doesn’t look any happier.

When everyone’s left, Sung Chan and Bong Joo have another conversation… Sung Chan is modest about his win, but Bong Joo threatens him that in the next two competitions he’ll lose, because it is based on real skill rather than luck. He also adds that he’ll never forgive Sung Chan for betraying Un Ahm Jung.

Jin Soo and her boss come out discussing the next round, with her boss explaining that not only do they have to watch for Un Ahm Jung and Kang, but also another corporation, Hanaru’s butcher. LOL. The TV manager dude comes out in gratitude and nearly chokes Director Han in his enthusiasm. He moves to hug Jin Soo too, but she fends him off. HA. Then Sung Chan comes out and Jin Soo tackles him really really hard. AHAHAHA.

The happy team goes off to celebrate with lots of alcohol, and they joke around. Kang is feeling a bit of the pressure from the upcoming competition. Jin Soo is glee at being asked to host again, and the general atmosphere is euphoric, with a comic pause as Seo’s hapless sidekick takes a cameraphone picture of himself and Jin Soo.

Joo Hee finds chef Oh and voices her worries. She thinks that no matter what, they should be helping Bong Joo right now. (Somehow she’s the only member of team Un Ahm Jung I actually like.) Chef Oh tells her to help him, which distances him from this fight between ‘brothers’. I think Bong Joo’s already ceased to see Sung Chan as a brother, so Sung Chan is just making worries for himself.

Aww. Jin Soo anticipates Sung Chan’s needs and gets him a bottle of water. They discuss on the steps of some building in the night. She understands that he felt badly when he realized Un Ahm Jung’s cow had bled, which is more than Joo Hee or Bong Joo did. He mentions that more than anything, he wants to thank these creatures for giving their lives so humans could enjoy their food. They kid around some more.

Chef Oh goes to talk to Bong Joo, but his son is drunk and asleep. Joo Hee goes to talk to Sung Chan, waiting at his door. (Stalking is illegal, I think, but try telling her that.) She hears the truck coming and perks up, but it’s Jin Soo at the wheel. Very erratic driving, followed by very scared Sung Chan and very angry, stomping home Jin Soo, followed by quiet Joo Hee and surprised Sung Chan.

She asks to speak to him and he invites her home. She looks around at the shabby (in comparison to Un Ahm Jung, that is) and small living quarters, and then at Sung Chan’s unchanged earnestness when he makes a late night drink. Joo Hee’s the least impervious to Sung Chan’s oblivious charm, I think, and it shows.

Joo Hee opens up the conversation by telling him that his drink tastes exactly like that of Un Ahm Jung’s, and that since he is still cooking like he is part of the family, won’t he reconsider his present position? She asks him that if he left for Bong Joo’s sake, then he should come back for his sake too. Sung Chan replies that if Bong Joo no longer sees him as a little brother, it would be easier for her if she no longer saw him as part of the family either.

We switch shots to see adorable Jin Soo taping the side mirror back on to Sung Chan’s aged truck. She also bought a rose in congratulations (keep telling yourself that, hon) for him. However, the road to loverbird-dom never ran smooth, as she sees Sung Chan sending Joo Hee off and misinterprets the situation. Jin Soo rips off the rose she taped onto Sung Chan’s truck. Shame, he could have done with some cheering up.

The next morning, Sung Chan gripes that he can’t go back to business until the competition is over, which is proving ruinous for his business (not necessarily for his finances, as I believe he’s getting paid quite well by Seo). Jin Soo, in the guise of concerned friend, tries to probe his relationship with Joo Hee, but gets nowhere. She stomps off in a huff again. Lols.

Speaking of business, Un Ahm Jung has also suffered a lot of cancellations in the wake of their less-than-stellar performance in the beef competition. An old friend of chef Oh’s come to visit and eats what seems to be a dish of beef. Raw beef. Um. The conversation leads to all the awkward bits, like their recent loss, the emptiness of the restaurant, etc.

Ja Woon has a run-in with Joo Hee’s father again, taunting him about doing unnecessary things (like borrowing funds to expand the franchise) and warns him that he knows he’s not doing this out of a real desire for Un Ahm Jung’s good. Joo Hee’s dad stomps off and Ja Woon cackles.

On yet another battlefield, Suk Dong, Sung Chan’s faithful sidekick, can’t take it anymore. He decides to take the stuff Sung Chan made and give it back to him. When he is confronted by Min Woo and his sidekick, Suk Dong quits altogether.

Sung Chan and co are being tortured at a mock rock climbing place by Kang, who believes in building arm muscle. At first I panicked, because they were doing it without harnesses, but then the shot opened and I saw that they were actually not that far off the ground, plus there are plushy mats, so everything is okay. Jin Soo just watches.

Jong Goo is also practicing his strength, by splitting wood. Sung Chan goes home to cook and practice his beef cuisine. Aww cute, Kang’s daughter is being spoiled rotten by her father and Sung Chan’s heavenly cooking.

Director Seo goes to consult with Ja Woon, once again, and funnily enough, the old man says tonight is crucial, then he mutters something cryptic about a snake strangling a tiger. Then we switch to see all three butchers in question furiously practicing their strokes. Kind of like kungfu, actually, but less glamourous.

Oooh. Jang Goo visits Kang, late at night. He demands soju and gets it. OH YOU BASTARD WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU GRRRRRRRRR. He provokes Kang, who doesn’t, out of courtesy, retaliate, but then he pushes Kang and the table over, purposefully landing his hand in lots of glass shards. Bastard.

The next day, Kang goes to the competition as if nothing has happened. To preserve freshness, the sides of beef are stored in a room that’s climate controlled at 15 degrees Celsius.

During the entire preparation period, Jang Goo and Kang exchange glares. Jin Soo and her boss add very cute commentary. This competition really all depends on the accuracy of the cuts, so a steady hand is rather essential.

The competition begins, as each butcher takes their customary starting positions.

End episode.


– Preview is rather jumbled, but it looks rather bad for Un Ahm Jung.

– So we’ve already established that Bong Joo, as the greedy one, will lose out because of that? And also, bad choice of teammates.

– Jin Soo’s developed feelings for Sung Chan already, aww, and it seems like he’s not returning it yet. But then, Sung Chan’s the type of really emotionally dense boys, so I’m not that worried.

– Passing the torch onto irugnotmis!


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