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Iljimae Episode 17, recap

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Okay, so get your chocolate, alcohol, teddy bears, kleenex and whatever comforts you ready. Super intense stuff ahead.

Episode 17

Deep into the night, Shi Wan leads people with a stretcher. He tells Shi Hoo to take care of the rest. He comments that he doesn’t know what this guy overheard, to do this to him… Shi Hoo lifts the cloth cover and sees his father. He gets emotional. Shi Wan solidly avers that he doesn’t know what’s going on. (Looks as apologetic as he ever will.)

Shi Hoo carries his father home on his back. Shi Wan helps a bit.

Yong is in his lair, putting his armour and stuff away. He realizes that there’s something not quite right about his room, and notices that the paper is gone, and so’s his other costume. He sees the lockpick on his table and recalls all the weird stuff that’s gone on, and realizes his father was helping him.

Shi Hoo carries Swe Dol home, to Swe Dol’s own request. He asks Shi Hoo not to blame his mother, that it’s all his fault. Shi Hoo doesn’t want him to use more energy to talk, but Swe Dol goes on to ask him to take care of Yong, to see him as a brother, to not fight with each other.

Yong goes back to the noble’s house to check what went on, and overhears two servants gossiping about the fake Iljimae. Their descriptions confirm that it is indeed Swe Dol…

So he dashes to Shi Wan, who looks really awkward. He tells Yong to hurry home and see.

Swe Dol is on his last legs. Dani gets up to find a doctor, but Shi Hoo looks at her and shakes his head. Shi Hoo looks super sad, he’s crying, he promises to come back the next day, knowing that Swe Dol will be dead by then. Swe Dol is left with Dani alone, as he requested.

He apologizes that he’s broken his promise to live happily with her and Yong. Dani brushes him aside, apologizes to him for treating him coldly all these years. Swe Dol tells her the truth about Lee Won Ho sending her away with care, and his own fears of her never accepting him, and he apologizes for this deception too. Dani says she doesn’t care, and that she only has him in her heart, and for a long time now.

They look at each other. (I really want the music they play here. It totally breaks my heart. Ah, Swe Dol, don’t die!!) Dani reveals that she was cold to him because she was afraid he would leave and she would be left all alone. So she never allowed herself to love him.

Swe Dol thanks her for loving him. (All his life he’s felt useless… awww.) Swe Dol falls silent. Dani puts on her lipstick and begs him to look at her, remember her as pretty. He raises a hand to her face and says she’s so pretty, he’s gone blind from it. His last words are for Yong, and he reminds her that when Yong comes home in the morning, he’ll ask for his favourite kind of rice snack.

Dani promises to make it.

(Writers, you’re evil.)

Swe Dol dies, thinking of his children and his mistakes.

Dani can only sob.

The next morning, Shi Hoo comes out of the house (I think he stayed there all night), also sobbing. He hears someone approaching and ducks away. It’s Yong.

He takes a moment to catch his breath after furiously running, and calls out, hoarsely, “Yong’s dad, Dani. I’m hungry! Give me something to eat!”

(His voice is really hoarse. The guy needs to take care of himself or LJK is going to be the next celebrity to collapse under the stress of working.)

Yong rushes in and tries to wake his father up, demanding bewilderedly why. Shi Hoo, outside, hears him and cries. Yong throws himself on Swe Dol’s body and weeps. Dani gathers him in her arms, comforting him and weeping at the same time.

In the palace, the king mourns his son’s death. (Well, fake tearing 101.)

Yongi pulls the cart that had Swe Dol’s body in it. He and Dani are both wearing mourning white, in the rain. A small crowd of good friends have also come to send Swe Dol off.

(If LJK’s sick, he really shouldn’t be walking around being doused in water.)

As a traitor, Swe Dol is not granted a grave, nor even a coffin. Shim Deok falls to the ground, the others cry helplessly. Even Kunghe looks red-eyed. Shi Hoo walks out from behind, keeping his distance, not caring that his clothes are getting drenched, crying too.

The king looks at the rain and feels refreshed. The assassin, wearing mourning with the rest of the court, looks kind of surprised at the king’s words.

Dani’s too proud to cry in front of other people, so her neighbours go away in gossiping droves. She sits down when they’re all gone and weeps. Shi Hoo lingers outside the house but doesn’t go in to comfort him.

Shi Wan is treating Yong to all the alcohol he can take. He apologizes for not being a large enough official to save his father. Shi Wan wonders why his father had to dress up as Iljimae anyway, and this sends Yong into a fresh wave of tears.

Kyumi’s mother comes in with more alcohol, but he’s too busy crying to look up. (Dammit writers!)

In the same restaurant, Shi Hoo is also crying into his meal. She asks him what was wrong, and he only apologizes to his father. Kyum’s mother walks away and leaves him to his grief.

Shi Wan forgot to bring money! Wow. So now he has to pay, and he searches for money on Yong, giving the tiger claw medallion to the prostitute as payment. Shi Wan piggybacks Yong home, and Kyum’s mother covers him with her apron, to prevent against chills. (Unfortunately, this means she doesn’t see his face.)

He wakes up with one heck of a hangover, and lifts the covering on a tray of food to see dried rice crackers. He remembers Swe Dol feeding this to him when he first woke up as Yong. He tries to eat it but ends up crying on it. (LJK sounds like he’s trying to cry, but his throat is too damaged to make the proper sounds.)

Yong goes back to his lair. He swears revenge on the people who killed Swe Dol – and goes off to the noble he was going to rob that fateful night. (Third time he’s tried.)

He marches in with his sword out, but Lord Suh is dead already. Iljimae is framed for his death. Yong’s been itching for a good fight anyway, so he jumps into the melee of men trying to get him. (How he does it without harming anyone is a wonder.)

The next morning, he sees proclamation saying that Iljimae murdered lord Suh. Kunghe notices Iljimae running off, frustrated at all the deterrences he’s encountered so far.

They do an autopsy on the man’s body, with both Yong and Shi Hoo noticing another tattoo on his chest. The doctor on the case determines that the c.o.d. was a finger to the death acupoint while being held paralysed. Which rather rules out everyone except the very skilled fighters.

Byun Shik frames Iljimae, and is gleeful. The king tells him to spread the news far and wide so the people lose faith in him. Meanwhile, he summons Lord Lee, the last member of their august fraternity who’s still alive.

At night, Shi Hoo overtimes on his job, studying the tattoos on all the dead men so far. He only has three of them, so not a complete picture, but bless him, he tries. Shi Wan walks in and sees him studying the tattoos. Shi Hoo is called away, and Shi Wan takes the opportunity to sneak a peek at what he was working on.

The minister is terrified of the king. He says that he killed the others because they betrayed him, and asks for his help catching Iljimae. Well, it’s not like he can refuse. The trap is laid, Mr. Assassin prepares.

Shi Wan calls Yong over to help him solve the case of the weird tattoos, but Yong can’t reveal anything without information the police currently don’t have (like, say, the guy who’s still alive has a tattoo, and LWH’s passed into oblivion).

Lord Lee the walking dead (let’s face it, the king is still going to kill him) finds a slip of paper left on the door. Ostensibly, it’s from Iljimae, but I’ll believe that the day I start producing chlorophyll. Our dear housethief never leaves warning messages. It’s the Hwal Bin Dang who do that.

Iljimae raids the noble house that night, first checking all the swords. He then notices a noble in the suit of armour, but he pretends not to see him.

Shi Hoo sits in the man’s living room (or his own room, lack of distinguishing characteristics, can’t tell apart), also waiting. He gets up and leaves for the warehouse.

Iljimae pretends to have gone, and comes out raging at his servant for not opening the cabinet doors when Iljimae holds a sword at his throat and does the whole threatening thing. The two fight a bit. Iljimae easily beats him.

The traitor servant dude, who serves the king’s assassin, runs out and is like, the real Iljimae is here. The assassin dude is like, wtf, but he goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Iljimae kicks the heck out of the noble – cutting open his robe to reveal his chest tattoo. (Good thing no one is there to hear him shout who the killed thief was to him, otherwise they would have figured out who he was.)

Iljimae stands transfixed. He reveals his own tattoo to the noble, who shouts out that he must be Lee Won Ho’s son, but then the assassin throws a dart at the noble and kills him. Iljimae chases after the assassin and beats him pretty thoroughly. But the guy throws a bit of leaves at him and vanishes into the woods for cover. Shi Hoo jumps out of nowhere, having followed Iljimae out of Lee’s house.

Shi Hoo pretty much hates Iljimae for causing Swe Dol’s death right now. Very pretty fighting sequence. The two seem pretty much even in levels of skill, but Iljimae is just slightly better and throws Shi Hoo against a tree, his sword wrenched out of his hand.

He remembers Shi Hoo being responsible for his sister’s death, but spares him a death blow. (Or any blow at all.) He walks away.

Shi Hoo, that bastard, grabs a sword and attacks Iljimae from the back. WTF! Anyway, Iljimae gets slashed twice. He kicks Shi Hoo and runs off.

The hunter is happily cleaning his traps when Iljimae staggers to his hut, mask off. He recognizes Yong, Kyum and connects the dots to him being Ilijmae, but promises not to tell. He sends Iljimae off to the right road.

Shi Hoo chases up, and the hunter sends him in the wrong direction, but his son accidentally reveals the real path… his son is dumb.

Iljimae falls to the ground, the wounds overcoming him. He hallucinates Dani telling him that he can’t die here, and musters strength to get up. Such is the strength of mother love. Shi Hoo follows him … straight to his house.

Daylight comes, super fast, and Yong sprawls on the front table, all injured and unconscious. Dani carts him inside, not caring if he is Iljimae. Shi Hoo witnesses all this, and is super shocked. She dresses his wounds and calls the doctor, but has the presence of mind to hide the armour first. She meets Shi Hoo outside, with armour in her arms.

He’s holding a bloody sword in his hands, shaking with fury. Shi Hoo carts an unconscious Yong outside. Dani begs him to stop, but he gets angrier and decides to kill Yong on the spot. Dani shrieks out that Yong is also his brother by blood.

Shi Hoo puts down his sword, but is super bewildered.

The doctor says that had the wound be a little deeper, Yong would have died. But he assumes it’s because Yong is running around being a mafia follower.

Dani tells him the truth v. LWH, finally, but Shi Hoo doesn’t want to believe her. Besides, she’s already lied so much to him. He’s also jealous that Swe Dol and her seem so hung up about Yong, while he’s uncared for.

“Protect him? Please realize that he is Chosun’s biggest thief, and I, an officer of the peace. Only by killing him do I have a chance at becoming the noble you so want me to be.”

Dani only repeats that he is his brother, that he cannot begin to kill those of his own blood. Shi Hoo refutes that, saying that the day she sent him to Byun Shik was the day he became his son. He leaves for now, but if Yong steals again and he catches him, Shi Hoo will be absolutely merciless.

Poor Dani. Poor Shi Hoo.

The king is annoyed that they didn’t manage to catch Iljimae. He sends the assassin duo out to detect the people’s hearts. The assassin hears the people gossiping and surmising that Iljimae, being the saviour of all people, couldn’t possibly have killed anyone. They also mention that the king inside the palace isn’t kingly at all, that they much prefer Iljimae. The assassin is hard hit by this.

Assassin #2 follows the shadow of Kunghe. (Somehow recognized him from the back, do not ask – if he can recognize someone from the back, why can’t he recognize Yong from the Iljimae mask? The eyes are often the most revealing part of the face, esp in the case of LJK.)

He asks if Kunghe left the king’s service just to muck out stables all day, but Kunghe replies that to him, this is the palace. Bong Soon calls for him, and the other one figures out that she was the little kid of that day. He wants to know if she was the sister of the kid they killed. Kunghe sends him away.

Unfortunately, Bong Soon heard everything, and questions him in distress. He looks down in silence admittance. She takes a rake to hit him, but she can’t. Poor Kunghe.

The assassin dude kills the people who made fun of the king, but discreetly.

Yong wakes up and realizes that the dude who killed both nobles is the assassin from waaaaaay back. Dani comes in, not saying anything except telling him to sleep well. She does tell him that his night clothes are being washed and dried, and not to let anyone see him.

Yong hangs around Shi Wan and pretends to solve the mystery for him. Since Iljimae has been accused of killing the noble by using a dagger at close quarters (plus eyewitness servant), Yong proceeds to undeceive Shi Wan. Using a hanging ham, he demonstrates the difference between a thrust dagger and a thrown dagger. Shi Wan is enlightened.

At the meeting of all the detectives, Shi Wan reveals that the servant was lying, and that Iljimae was innocent.

Shi Hoo balefully glares at Iljimae.

Before the servant can confess, someone tosses a dagger at the servant too, and all staff evacuates in chase of this mysterious killer person. Yong stays behind and shakes the answer out of the servant, and he says that it was on Byun Shik’s orders.

Oh. Bad.

Yong goes back to his lair and burns Eun Chae’s handkerchief, chastising himself for having feelings for the enemy’s daughter. Sins of the father, indeed.

A fake message from Iljimae arrives (so the king has decided to kill off Byun Shik too?). Byun Shik is all like, wtf, why attack when neither of my sons are here??

Iljimae stands at the plum tree, mourning his relationship with Eun Chae. Who arrives, having extremely good instincts for Iljimae.

She’s all happy at getting a message from him. GAH, NO DO NOT BE CRUEL TO HER, SHE LOVES YOU REALLY. (Wait, he’s hurting her so she won’t be hurt at his killing her father, or is he just being mean, cause I didn’t think he could be that mean.)

Iljimae: After we have no need of meeting.
Eun Chae: What? Again?
Iljimae: I thought you were pretty smart for a noble girl. Don’t you understand what I just said? I just told you that you’re of no more use.
Eun Chae: *hurt* Why are you like this all of a sudden?
Iljimae: You didn’t really believe I was hero, did you? That arm… I cut myself. I borrowed your lists. I only really needed someone who was in your position.
Eun Chae: Even your heart was false? (Aww, she’s crying now.)
Iljimae: *looks all kinds of shifty* Nothing was real from the beginning. It was just for fun. I’d heard that you were very smart, but you were easily fooled anyway. I was going to play with you longer, but I do have a bit of conscious. Thanks to you, I earned a lot of money.

He goes off, and Eun Chae cries, but not very much. She’s more the type to go into a cold rage.

Meanwhile, Byun Shik’s house is like a kicked anthill, it’s so full of lanterns and people.

He goes in to view his treasures and glees that they’re all there. Lol. He climbs to the roof of his house and watches there. He gloats that there’s not way Iljimae would know about his secret warehouses, but um, this is the Iljimae who’s been dating your daughter and hanging around your son we’re talking about, right? He knows, dude.

Shi Wan swaggers in, then chases after some perceived intruder. It’s Eun Chae, who looks super shocked. She knows that there’s no chance without Shi Hoo, but he’s away at headquarters, overtiming, again.

Eun Chae knows that she’s the only shield between her father and Iljimae, and looks disturbed.

Iljimae comes in, Byun Shik hides behind a secret screen door, holding his most valuable vase close. Since Yong knows the house pretty well, he’s just walking around. By a certain breeze on his candle, he figures out the way to the secret warehouse.

Byun Shik is surprised, and ends up smashing his vase. But he has other worries, like the sword Iljimae is holding to his neck. He begs Iljimae to leave him alive, if only to steal everything in the room, he’s fine with that, just don’t kill him!

Eun Chae looks for her dad but only finds an empty room. She flashes back to all her times with Iljimae. She takes her dad’s sword and goes to the secret storeroom.

Iljimae, meanwhile, is kicking Byun Shik around. He asks why he killed all those people (the five other members of heaven), including Lee Won Ho. Byun Shik is like, who the hell are you??

He admits his role, but says that he was also following orders. But then, Eun Chae comes and props a sword on his neck too. Iljimae looks around, all betrayed.

End episode.


– The next episode looks waaaaaay intense too. The plot is unfurling nicely, so I actually don’t need to say anything, beyond beating my chest at the angst and the near misses.


  1. Shinthia
    Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i’m going crazy with anticipation…..i seriously can’t take this nymore….it’s bad for my health lol. >.<

  2. Da
    Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Thanks soooooooooo much for the EP 17 recap ^^

    i also crired when Yong hugged his died father…it’s so painful to watch !! and i feel pity for Eunchae.. she didn’t know anything and Iljimae’s word was soooooo mean to her T^T

    this drama caused me can’t do other things !!!!!!!
    it’s your fault Lee jun Ki !!!!!!!! hahaha

  3. Anonymous
    Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    omg this plot is getting ridiculous…i can’t wait for ep 18…..gyah…..this ep was ridiculously amazing.. and sad. thanks for the translations!

  4. koopa
    Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    Another HGD looming above. Bong Soon is very sweet, so I think she’ll be killed off next. Evil writers are becoming predictable. 😦

    Thanks so much for the recap! I’m taking a break after this series is over, these shows are so intense. Barely able to sleep for the last two nights waiting for the upload links. Ha!

  5. Matahari_Biru
    Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Thanks for the summary..

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    Thank you for the recaps^^

    Intense indeed. I seriously need the next episode… bleh

  7. smplytffny
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    Whoa, I ‘ve been looking for episode 17 for a very long time.
    I was very frustrated.
    Thank YOU for posting this so I’d at least know what went on.
    I heard that this is like one of the most important episodes, so thanks for a very clear discription.

    P.S. Your way of writing this was very humorous. I enjoyed it alot :DD

  8. Monika
    Friday, January 8, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    oh my god look at this episode. Its geting better and better towards the end …… but that better does not include happier. damn i’ve run out of klennex now.

  9. ellie
    Friday, February 11, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    I’ve never cried so much for a drama as when Swe Dol died. I swear I was in tears for a good half hour, and sobbing for ten minutes. God. /hugs tissue box close

  10. Anonymous
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    i loved thd drama

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    what is the name of the song that played when yong was buring his dad?

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