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Legend Episode 19, recap

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Episode 19

Fighting continues, Kiha has recovered her memories, finally. After all these battles, Kiha’s still a stronger fighter than Sujini.

Then Cheoro gets hit in the chest by a fireball (can the guardians kill one another?) A magical fireball, as it happens, or the ordinary methods of dousing it would have worked. Sujini puts her hand on his chest and literally takes the fire away, which kind of scares Kiha and Sa Ryang. Then she grabs her sword, which is now on fire, and she manages to knock Sa Ryang away, doing significant damage.

I think, by the expression on Sujini’s face, that she doesn’t even register what she’s doing. Kiha begs for her to stop, to spare her child, but Sujini stabs down and gets thrown by the magical Phoenix field. Or the Damduk’s magical child is protecting itself shield.

Kiha and Sa Ryang stay up the entire night in the temple (I don’t see Sujini and Cheoro, so they must have been sent away). Kiha relives the events of that night over and over again. Sa Ryang just sits in one spot, all shell-shocked. Or not. He’s seriously injured.

Kiha cries, for the 11th episode in a row. Sa Ryang looks like he needs some cuddling or a healer. Or both.

Huh?! Damduk is bringing his old army, without any additions, into a land that probably hates the sight of Goguryo soldiers by now. He’s bringing tons of supplies and stuff for the northerners, though.

He gets the nobles to contribute by using salt importation permits. 😀 Sly.

Inside the palace, Damduk is one of the few people still awake – his poor subordinates, having to suffer through his insomniac habits! Lol, some people are asleep in their inkstands. Damduk looks for Sujini, but she’s waking up somewhere, with her arm all healed and stuff.

The Guh Mool are using herbal therapy to try to heal Cheoro’s burnt chest and save his life. Hyungo is more worried that Sujini has just proven herself to be the Phoenix guardian. He can’t bring himself to kill her, after all.

Kiha goes to meet Dae Jang Ryo. She confronts him about her past, accidentally revealing that she has a sister still living. She tries to kill him, but he’s a tribe elder from 2000 years ago, and can’t be killed. Since he has lived for this long with the power of fire, he can’t be hurt by anything that is related to fire. He tortures her some more with her mark.

(Audience: Can we please dunk him into really icy water then?)

Damduk wakes up with a nightmare just now, and this further confirms his bond with either Kiha or his child. He goes to the royal audience chamber, but Sujini’s not there.

The oldest of the Guh Mool rules that she should be killed. She doesn’t want anyone to feel bad about killing her, so she volunteers to do it herself. Her last request is for them to save Cheoro’s life.

All these tough old men are crying their heads off.

Sujini goes to say her goodbyes to Damduk, wearing a … dress?! Omg. It’s pretty! I just never expected to see her in one. And the ancient styled dress contrasts rather oddly with her short hair.

Damduk has no clue, and banters with her. He’s slightly worried that she’s not talking. Hug from behind: 1. Tears: 9271398127319. Questions: 5. Clueless king: 1.

He’s not buying her ‘drunk’ story. She also returns his mother’s perfume bottle. (And despite all this uncharacteristic behaviour, the oh-so-smart Damduk doesn’t even catch on to something weird? Sheesh.)

Aww. He calls her pretty – that she’s always been pretty. Damduk is worried so it takes him two requests before he lets go of her arm. But he’ll never see her again! Not even in pink and lavender! =.=

She leaves. Damduk: WTH was that?

Hyungo and Sujini share one last master-disciple moment, both of them trying to smile through their tears.


Jumuchi continues to fail finding Ba Son and Dalbi.

Ho Gae captures Ba Son’s brother. He won’t give the symbol unless it’s the guardian or the Joo Shin king, which infuriates Ho Gae. His subordinate stabs Bul Dol, Ba Son’s brother, in the leg.

Ba Son finds the symbol of the white tiger, but her brother dies, refusing to give up the secret. So now Ho Gae has a symbol, and someone just died needlessly. Thanks, writers.

The elders use the dragon symbol to heal Cheoro, or try to, at any rate. It works, with lots of glowy special effects.

Damduk is indulging in some wrestling with his men, winning against two people at the same time. Hyungo comes and watches, his face rather ambiguous. But he’s glad the king’s having fun.

Hyungo and Damduk go for a walk, one reporting that all is well in the land. However, Damduk misses Sujini. Which is a problem, given that she’s offed herself. Hyungo can only say that she was sent on a vital mission and that it’ll be a while before he’ll see her again.

Damduk is like, I am angry you took my girlfriend away from me. He stomps off.

Cheoro wakes up perfectly fine in the morning, minus some ash still left on his face. He gazes in awe at his face that isn’t covered in blue gunk.

Damduk rages through the Guh Mool compound, furious that they would kill Sujini over the ‘trivial’ matter of being able to use fire. He’s forgotten all about Kiha, poor girl. And Damduk has to go north the next morning, so he can’t exactly run after her now.

The newly recovered Cheoro volunteers. (The man is so pretty. *drools*)

Damduk commands him to bring Sujini back at all costs, even giving him the king’s seal. Cheoro doesn’t know what to think about the king being so attached to the girl he likes.

Meanwhile, Ho Gae rides back to camp, triumphantly grim (which is loads better than the alternative).

End episode.


– Oh good. They didn’t kill Sujini right away. I was worried about that.

– And poor Sa Ryang/Cheoro. To love women who both love Damduk. Ah, it’s a harsh world out there.

– I’m not really seeing the shape of Damduk’s grand plan for the north, but then the romance play is keeping me busy enough as it is. So then Sujini will wander around, pretending to be dead, and Kiha will bump into her while giving birth and Sujini will take the baby away. Sa Ryang will let her because he serves Kiha before he does creepy dude, but will probably be killed for it, if the creep find out. And then the angst will follow. Yeah.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Monday, July 14, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    Ah, tearjerker, that ep… my favorite…
    I wish they did a second season or a special (not those bts) or whatever so I could see them all again…
    *Goes moping because of the sadness of it all*
    Just so you know, it’s going to be more depressing, more sad, and you’re going to need more kleenex.

  2. Monday, July 14, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    in terms of sadness, i don’t think it gets sadder. at least not in a straight out way.
    *aww poor Cheoro*

    i think it would be a wonderful way of ending the drama if Kiha were to manifest as the black phoenix and Sujini saves her sister her ability to put fires out.

  3. sevenses
    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    It’s the impending sense of doom that gets me, every time. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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