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Legend Episode 18, recap

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Still no making out… I am disappointed in you, writers. Angst abounds, though.

Episode 18

Lalala, after the successful conquering of the Hwacheon tribe (for now, anyway). It’s weird that Damduk can’t do anything against Dae Jang Ryo – isn’t he supposed to be the reincarnation of Hwanwoong?

Damduk is working overtime to make the kingdom run smoothly (thus confirming the stereotype that nothing will run properly without the king there πŸ˜€ ). Hyungo and the rest of Guh Mool do their thing, so Heuk Gae tries to make Damduk relax by adopting Sujini.

Err. That came out wrong. I think he means to honour his pledge to marry a daughter to Damduk, but being possessed of no daughters, he randomly grabs at an available orphan – Sujini – and proposes his marrying someone. (Though I think marrying Sujini would create more trouble with the nobles, ne?)

Damduk doesn’t know about the adoption and thinks Heuk Gae is referring to his real daughter, who is already married… lols.

Meanwhile, Sujini continues being all comradey with the guys. (Omg, too much leg, whaaaaaa, do not be wearing knee-length dresses when you are drunk!!) Jumuchi mopes at Dalbi’s absence. He looms like an unhappy black tower, greatly aided by his hair gel.

Hyungo is distressed – and tells Heuk Gae her real history. The other sister, Kiha, is still being evil. She’s near the delivery date, I think, and when Sa Ryang comes to tell her to meet Dae Jang Ryo, she’s not happy.

Damduk gets ready for the night’s festivities, but keeps thinking of Kiha whenever he sees fire. (He’s still wearing that horrible magenta and royal blue outfit. Costume designers, please, something not flashy. D:) Guy still can’t get over his breakup.

Well, neither can Kiha. I think Sujini is going to end up with wossface, Gwanmi overlord (Cheoreo?) given the way this angstfest is going.

Sujini doesn’t believe that Heuk Gae is preparing her for marriage to Damduk. She goes off to search for her master for clarification. But her master is in the middle of recounting the Saga of Sujini the Phoenix to Heuk Gae. So obviously Sujini walks in on them in mid-discussion.

Night of revelations all round.

Hyungo tells her that they’ve been raising her to kill her if she shows signs of being the Phoenix. Poor girl cries. And that the Phoenix’s history with Hwanwoong stops Sujini from being able to marry Damduk. She counters that Damduk doesn’t love her, and walks off crying.

Of course, she does the only thing she can under the circumstances – she goes to drink alone. In the bloody royal chamber, where Damduk also wanders when he has insomnia. He jokes about her refusing to be adopted, and about Julno possessing the largest winehouses of all the five provinces.

And then he steals her alcohol. πŸ˜€

Damduk tries to flirt with her, and totally fails. (Not really his fault, given her mood, but still. He sucks at picking girls up.) She steals the wine back.

They should show this in dating class: Observe the distance! Respect your date! Notice that they leave room for Jesus!! (Sorry, Christian camp joke.)

More dialogue time, as I am a Damini hog.

Sujini: When the general announced that he was going to adopt me, you were annoyed, weren’t you?
Damduk: *drinking self into early grave*
Sujini: Can’t you pretend to have been happy? Say something like, ‘When I heard, I was …’
Damduk: … Grateful? To be perfectly honest, I would have felt regretful. And also sad.
Sujini: *back is turned to Damduk so she can hide being crestfallen*
Damduk: I would have lost my best friend.
Sujini: Do you know the meaning of my name? It is a falcon that has been tamed but is allowed to fly free in the skies. So if you try to catch it and bind it against its will, it will die quickly. Funny, isn’t it?
Damduk: I don’t know what to say so I’ll offer you wine! And then steal it back super quick, but only because I wanted an excuse to put my arm around you!!
Sujini: I’ll take what I can get.

The last two lines were mine, and uh, they spend the rest of the night trading alcohol back and forth. Or so it is inferred.

Yon and the nobles are super afraid after their bad behaviour. Damduk is nice – but only because Yon has properly repented. (And the boys are still 18?! Wow.)

Damduk comes and asks the council to think about what kind of king they want, because their motivations explain their actions. As he speaks about the consequence of wanton conquering, we see Ho Gae doing exactly the type of thing Damduk is talking about.


Damduk castigates his nobles for being too shortsighted, and not trusting him. Yay for trade and commerce bringing in countries and needing no wars at all.

Am slowly adjusting to the sight of Sujini wandering around in the equivalent of armour and miniskirt. Hyungo and Hyun Jang meet He Who Does Not Talk, Cheoro, who only looks up when Sujini is mentioned. Huh… he’s in love with Seoh, because when he had the symbol in his heart, he dreamt of back when she was still alive – and because Sujini looks exactly like Seoh, he’s in love with her…

He refuses the symbol, but promises to stay near Damduk.

The king has sent Jumuchi off to retrieve Dalbi and Ba Son.

Cheoro walks around, trying to be subtle about stalking Sujini. Whatever. The girl is unconscious, she won’t notice, and her boyfriend is busy planning stuff.

Ho Gae isn’t at his camp in the north, but the messenger does tell the second in command that Damduk gives him one last chance to withdraw troops before formally considering him for high treason. All this is a pretext for Jumuchi to have the opportunity of retrieving Dalbi and Ba Son, of course.

Ho Gae runs around killing people instead of asking them who made the farming tools that marks him as Ba Son’s equal – the Iron Horse Warrior chief looks slightly disturbed by all this killing that Ho Gae is doing… but it does get results, and they know which blacksmith they’re looking for now.

Alas that the spear of sparkly doom didn’t manage to kill the Hwacheon creep dude. He’s still alive, albeit a bit disfigured. The current plan is to wait for all the symbols to awaken, then control the power with the blood of the descendent (as in, Kiha and Damduk’s kid). If it’s a daughter, then she will be trained as the next priestess of Hwachun, if it’s a son, Sa Ryang has to carve his heart out and keep in an icebox.

(Yeurk. Sa Ryang is too cuddly to do that. Go Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for setting a precedent!)

His advisors are arguing with Damduk about Kiha, citing danger, bla bla, but he’s refused all their pleas, and maintains that he will not kill her. Sujini overhears (all of a sudden this girl develops a lot of stealth skills, wtf). Anyway, Damduk refuses to answer whether or not he’s still in love with Kiha and Sujini takes this as a yes.

Well, the nation’s mood has certainly turned in favour of Damduk.

Messengers get sent to Yon’s house, and I’m guessing that either Ho Gae’s found the symbol or gotten angry at Damduk’s return order. Yon is unhappy but puzzled at Damduk’s gleeful face, and surprised too.

He plans to join with the northerners Ho Gae is killing left and right and attack him in the name of fighting a rebel to the king.

Meanwhile, Sujini is drinking with Cheoro, but she’s doing all the talking. Angst arrives as she drinks herself into maudlin moping… and her skirt’s too short. I can see her legs and hotpants, if she were wearing them.

Kiha’s grilling Sa Ryang for information on the symbols and their guardians, and also on Hwachun’s intentions for her child.

Just then Sujini barges in and demands to see the high Oracle. Oh, she’s with Cheoro. Yay, as Kiha wanted to meet them anyway.

Sujini confronts Kiha, and Sa Ryang confirms that the Phoenix was taken from the Hae family in Baekje. Her assertion that she is the daughter of the house startles Sa Ryang, as he was aware of only Kiha.

Wow. The girl actually has the guts to attack Kiha, in her own temple, with guards and Sa Ryang running around. Cheoro jumps in too, as two against one isn’t really that fun.

Kiha recovers her childhood memories at last, thankfully before she strikes Sujini. She remembers bringing flowers for her baby sister, and her mother’s dying wish, and the poor woman lying on the floor, bleeding her life out.

It’s a shame that the writers pick on Kiha so badly. If she was an unadulterated baddie it wouldn’t be so bad, but she’s just been super played by fate.

End episode.


– Ahhh, Damini. Their love is so chaste.

– Preview indicates that Sujini is going to kill herself, thus unleashing tons of angst in Damduk’s direction. Ouch. And Kiha gets beaten by Dae Jang Ryo again. Writers, can’t we do something happy? Like, in episode 24, when it matters??


  1. flyingcrispi
    Monday, July 14, 2008 at 8:39 am

    Geez, I missed your recaps! Had me laugh all the way, as usual.
    One thing I did not get was the christian camp joke… Would you mind explaining?

  2. sevenses
    Monday, July 14, 2008 at 9:01 am

    I think my recaps are getting shorter and shorter… hmm… anyway, at this co-ed Christian camp, dating was unavoidable, but it was a Christian camp, so the counselors would go around telling the couples to ‘leave room for Jesus’. Thing is, the distance, as a rule, never exceeded six inches, so we were all joking about how skinny Jesus must be…

    That’s all. πŸ˜€

  3. flyingcrispi
    Monday, July 14, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Poor Jesus! I think he became that skinny because he keeps giving his body to eat in churches… (as I love to say, ‘thank god I’m an atheist’)

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