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Iljimae 15 text preview

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Hey, got this from baidu:



第2天市井街道上到处 都是一支梅的甲衣,木剑和弓箭等物品在人们称瓒声中叫卖,得到这些东西的孩子闷相互骄傲地称自己是一支梅.看到这些孩子们的勇儿批判着说那帮孩子们不懂 事,结果被孩子们的木剑刺到屁股.

稍后,和时苑一同走进深夜被盗的郑大人家的勇儿发现灰沐后立即檫掉,被时菀问到时狂妄地说一支梅可能是从屋顶上下来的. 但是此时,时厚指着门缝处被截的痕迹说一支梅是从外面进来的,勇儿听后大惊.



稍后边身为一支梅的勇儿找到恩彩与她一同走向自己儿时的家.在那颗梅花树出,听 到恩彩说儿时遇到自己的初恋的告白后大惊.接着,恩彩对一支梅说想看看他的真面目,勇儿摘下额头上的黑带挡住她的双眼,吻向他的唇…


Swe Dol awakens and sees Yong still sleeping next to him. At the same time, Yong is pretending to be asleep, but he’s also watching Swe Dol. In the morning, all the little kids in the street are wearing the Iljimae costume and carrying mock bows, arrows and swords. When Yong says they’re just immature brats he gets poked in the butt with a wooden sword.

A short while later he goes to see the household that was robbed with Shi Wan. He wipes away evidence from the night before and says Iljimae probably came from the ceiling when asked by his companion. However, Shi Hoo points to the lines in the door and says that Iljimae probably entered from the outside. Yong is shocked. (Sounds like Swe Dol might get into trouble after all.)

Eun Chae gets a horse from her father, called Il Ji Mare, and smiles.

At night, Yong goes to Shim Deok’s alehouse and decides to let Bong Soon free from the contract, but she grabs him and kisses him.

Yong changes into Iljimae and goes to visit his old home, bumping into Eun Chae on the way there. Upon hearing her account of meeting her first love (at age 8, let’s not forget =.=), Iljimae is very shocked. When they’re both in the tree, Eun Chae asks to see his real face, but Iljimae takes off the black cloth around his forehead and covers her eyes, then leans in to kiss her…

Whoo! *fans self* Doesn’t that sound exciting!


  1. lyn
    Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    im so mad..they guy that uploads this drama..sumhow dissappear…i watch it on veoh and they said that ILJIMAE is license..wut the hell..*excuse my language if i offend ppl* wuts the reason to license this drama now..is it because the rating is so high?…ARGG!!!!!! crap!!! now i have to go sumwhere else and download, which i hate doing..im going crazy!!!!!!!!!

  2. krizzy
    Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 12:08 am

    well, if you found somewhere which we can download Iljimae please inform us for i’m sure many fans of this drama are looking for it^_^.

  3. koopa
    Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 6:52 am

    If you find it somewhere else, please email each other, rather than post it on a public forum. Because this site could be spied on by people who are looking for other sites to shut down Iljimae upload. Thanks.

  4. sevenses
    Friday, July 11, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Really? I knew it was licensed (the DVD covers are already out) but that’s an extreme step… anyway, I don’t get raw versions since I just download the Chinese hardsubs, but I would suggest soompi – they’ve got some very nice people over there. *wink*

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