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Legend Episode 17, recap

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Sujini gets drunk and confesses to Damduk. They make out.

… I wish. πŸ˜€

Episode 17

Damduk’s army makes its way back, not knowing that their welcome in the capital may be less than warm. (Well I’m pretty sure Damduk knows, but not to the extent of having an enemy army attack them…)

Lord Yon is played, oh yeah, by the Hwacheon creep. He and the rest of cabinet ends up being put under house arrest by Hwacheon, ahaha, just desserts. (Sa Ryang just gets cuter and cuter. Um. Don’t ask.) Finally, he sees what a manipulative bastard Dae Jang Ryo is.

Kiha’s orders are doubted by her second in command. She kills the woman using her phoenix powers.

Damduk’s men are itching for home. (They’re only a little bit away from the capital.) G.O. sits incognito in the camp. By the lack of response from the city, Damduk can tell something’s wrong, so he sends a few forward scouts.

Sa Ryang uses Yon’s seal and orders everyone to close the gates of the capital. The messengers of the oracle come, and Damduk is all happy at having word from Kiha, but he hears the message and has even more smileys – he is under orders to go to the temple and ‘cleanse his sins on the battlefield’.

Ooh, Damduk is smart and figures most of the plot out. He prepares for all possible contingencies.

Lol, he comes to the castle gates, with a few people to escort him, but they’re all the best people. Lalala. Tension and stuff abound. And wow, this time Yon might actually be on his side. Damduk marks out creepy Hwacheon dude as the one to actually beware of.

He put his sword down when he entered the temple?! How… gullible.

Lol, Sujini and Jumuchi make off, while engaging the others (including tons of the guard soldiers) in stories of their exploits. G.O. takes note.

Insde the temple, Kiha is busy breaking Damduk’s heart. Damduk is doing his best to wound her too. It’s an inner cryfest on both sides. (Moral: Sleep with someone, and they go evil on you.) They both recall better times with each other, and owwwwww.

The end of this relationship is really, really bad. Kiha keeps throwing him ropes to get her back, but Damduk can’t do it, or misunderstands.

Damduk: I had a little hope and so came to see you. But now, it’s over. I am done with you.

(Why didn’t she use the ‘I’m the mother of your child’ thing? That ALWAYS works.)

We have a five-minute Kiha/Damduk music video. Excuse me while I go somewhere else. Ooh, sushi.

Audience: Ugly breakups r us, much?

Sujini, Jumuchi and Damduk plan to get the Cabinet out, and to overturn the Hwacheon at the same time. Since the Hwacheon are trained as assassins, they’re not going to fight straight on.

They make mincemeat at the Hwacheon secret HQ. Sujini kills off half of them by herself, or so it seems. Very inspired fighting on all sides. (Sujini’s arrows just never run out. πŸ˜€ ) Generally it’s a bad idea to go and fight in a place that you haven’t scouted out, especially a tricky place like a house, but hey, they’re making it work. (Moment of UST between G.O. and Sujini, hee.)

Held hostage twice, first by the Hwacheon, and then by Damduk’s own army, Yon takes a moment to admire Damduk.

Oooh, Damduk arrives and meets with the creepy Hwacheon dude. He has the phoenix heart from invading the Hwacheon HQ.

Wow, fight in the inner courtyard – Damduk vs. Dae Jang Ryo. Ugh, DJR uses creepy black power stuff to throw Damduk around. Just as he’s about to strike Damduk, G.O. smites him with the blue spear of glowiness. DJR flies out of a window and disappears. (Activation of the dragon symbol, wot.)

(So the Hwacheon have really effective spies, and so do the Guh Mool. Yay for intelligence.)

Ho Gae, you big bully, making Ba Son cry. (I want to make him cry, totally.)

You know, I really don’t like Heuk Gae (the Julno chief). He’s brutish, blunt, and singleminded. And what mind he has to lead his purpose is so… so small. I don’t know. He might be essential to Damduk, but I really would rather not have to watch him any longer than necessary.

End episode


– Hm. Is Sujini going to gain her powers some time soon? I mean, not to hurry anything, but like, the series is almost done.

– Also, turnaround for our intrepid heroes. Go Damduk and his army of loyal followers, even if, as flyingcrispi says, they all die in the end.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Friday, July 4, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    “Sa Ryang just gets cuter and cuter.”
    Ninja Sex Appeal Syndrome.

    “Moment of UST between G.O. and Sujini, hee.”

    “I really don’t like Heuk Gae”
    But he so funny!!!!

    “Is Sujini going to gain her powers some time soon? I mean, not to hurry anything, but like, the series is almost done.”
    There’s going to be some catfight at the end of ep 18 and beginning of ep 19, the angsty Sujini is going to appear, hotter(like fire hot) than ever.

    “as flyingcrispi says, they all die in the end.”
    What? I didn’t say that! I said probably there is a probability that a part of a certain group of characters might possibly die. Eventually.

  2. megan
    Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 9:15 am

    does it ends with everyone dead? anyone knows the ending? i’m so curious..

  3. flyingcrispi
    Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Ah damnit. Don’t read the following if you don’t want to crush your keyboard in despair.
    Who dies : General Go, Ho Gae, Hwacheon dude, Heuk Gae, several soldiers
    Who becomes human : the four guardians.
    Who goes to heaven to give the power back to the Gods : Damduk
    Who I’m not sure what happens to : Kiha
    The rest probably lives happily ever after.

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