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Legend Episode 15, recap

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Episode 15

The former High Priestess’s second-in-command, which is to say Kiha’s new second has doubts about Kiha’s orders and gives voice to them discreetly. Kiha is pissed. (Wow, is it just me, or are the evil vibes getting stronger?)

I can totally see why Kiha wanted this job. Look at the nice robes she’s wearing!

She calls Yon over and tells him to get rid of the families who support Damduk. She herself will not allow Damduk to enter the palace when he returns, nor will she crown him.

Creepy Hwacheon dude and Lord Yon take the news that Damduk is planning to attack Gwamni will lots of glee. They think he’ll get killed.

However, in Gwamni, the attack is somewhat succeeding… and I don’t know, things look dire enough (they’re still trying to conquer a block of solid rock, sheesh.) The general of Gwamni is hit by an arrow, and the overlord person rides out, giving off steam (and putting out a fire) as he comes out the city gates.

Jumuchi is all restless, and goes off to face him. Ooooh! Shiny spear moment!He totally creates a sandstorm with the flick of his spear, and Jumuchi is the only one to ride out of the storm. They exchange blows. Jumuchi’s hand shakes, he can’t take much more of this, and the overlord slashes his way through Jumuchi’s people. Dramatic fighting ensues. Ouch.

Sujini’s all caught up in the fight.

Woah, Jumuchi manages to wound the overlord, but then he gets a solid blow to the stomach. Just as Mr. Iron Mask swoops in for the kill, Sujini rides up and attempts a daring rescue. (And Damduk can keep his eyes open with a sandstorm blowing straight in his face??)

Okay, the king rides out toward the overlord, seeing his girlfriend on the ground with the rest of his soldiers, and yeah. Mr. Corpuscular Skin experiences heartburn. Then he recovers and grabs Sujini. Damduk watches this helplessly. (In passing, all the other horses are super disturbed at the sandstorms he conjures up but his horsie is fine with it. I want one like that.)

The aftermath is pretty brutal. Wounded men are lying around everywhere. Jumuchi gets treated by Dalbi, who slaps at him for daring to go up against an inhuman devil, as it were. The Julno chief is dawdling outside Damduk’s tent, trying to think of a way to apologize.

Inside, Damduk is all agloom. He refuses to leave for the capital. Even Hyungo is telling him to go. (idk, he shows sympathy with the king over Sujini being held… and he’s okay with killing her one day if she goes off her mind? What a mess.)

At Ho Gae’s camp, somewhere in the desolate north, Ho Gae is getting drunk and thinking of Kiha. His generals plot and the only thing he can do is moan about Kiha’s absence. The Iron Horse Chief is disturbed (he’s super straightforward, and wants to confront the plotters.) Meanwhile, they grumble – and Ho Gae’s behaviour is making them lose respect.

Then all the flames rise higher, and the head general is afraid as he sees Kiha… in another set of really nice robes.

She goes to see Ho Gae. They exchange soft words. Actually, Kiha wants to know if Ho Gae will do whatever she wants him to do. As in the way of owning his soul. (Audience: Um. You already do… but okay. Poor boy has the worst luck in women.) She asks him to get the white tiger’s symbol, and then kill Damduk when she leads him to Ho Gae.

Lol, back at Gwanmi, Damduk goes to rescue Sujini. He is unknowingly accompanied by Jumuchi, Hyungo and General Go (though this one is off to make sure Damduk is fine). It’s nice to see that our girl has so many friends.

The object of such speculation is in the Gwanmi overlord’s room. He keeps trying to touch her – but when he does, he remembers Seoh turning into the black phoenix. He still gets all fuzzy when he sees her, so I guess the guy likes her?

She wakes up and gets all panicky. Fortunately the overlord’s gone, or she would have gotten even more scared. Oh wait, too late. He returns. Ooh, CGI of shiny blue light! She steps foot into this nice forest that doesn’t look like it belongs on a rocky mountain range, but then… eh. Sujini wanders around for a long while alone.

Hyungo and Jumuchi hide in the bushes in front of Gwanmi. They get alarmed at the sight of torches on the wall, but are shocked to see Damduk pretending to be a messenger for the king… woah. Jumuchi starts to rush in, but Hyungo restrains him. (Oh good, one of them sees the dangers of rushing in.) They climb up the walls, somehow.

Meanwhile, Sujini is still wandering in wonderland. She finds the overlord.

The general of the fortress leads Damduk in, and remarks that his king must not expect him to come back alive. He is asked his name, but says he will not speak the truth – and the general, having watched the polo game ages earlier, recognizes Damduk.

Sujini cautiously circles Mr. Brooding in Wonderland. He gets all angsty about being inhuman, which drives away people who see him without his mask. Despite her fear, Sujini feels sympathy for him. The man looks like a blue crustacean with eyes. Poor thing.

She does the gentle female taming woodland creatures thing, but the overlord wants to know who Damduk is, and why he makes his heart hurt. (Ignoring a slasher joke here.) He then springs up and runs away.

It’s because Damduk is at the door. He’s bargaining the ten fortresses he conquered for Sujini’s return. He gets asked the ultimate question: Is Sujini his?

Jumuchi and Hyungo make their way in the fortress. They bump into the general, who turns out to have been waiting for the Jooshin king (to get rid of the overlord’s skin complaints!)

Damduk, alas, succumbs to the blue light, and steps into the foresty wonderland. Creepy music plays. Now there’s two lost people in the forest. The hilt of Jumong’s sword starts glowing, and Damduk knows something’s up. At last.

The overlord of Gwanmi can’t attack Damduk. (Yay for shields.) He sees Hwanwoong’s shadow momentarily in Damduk. Damduk uses the hilt of the sword of Jumong as a bow (somehow it works, don’t ask, it grew parts) and shoots the overlord of Gwanmi. Sujini, Jumuchi, Hyungo and the general of Gwanmi rush over to where they felt the disturbance.

The symbols of the blue dragon comes out of the guy’s chest, and Sujini is mesmerized by the shiny. (Lol, a moment as all four guardians are gathered together, but they don’t know it.) And now Damduk gets the allegiance of Gwanmi without having done any conquering.

And they hear the whole sorry story of what happened the night Damduk was born. (Something clicks in Sujini’s head.)

The street performers are still praising Ho Gae back in the capital, but now the civilians don’t believe him. (Oh fickle crowds.)

Oho. Lord Yon acknowledges Ho Gae’s Oedipal complex and threatens that Kiha better be good to Ho Gae. (Something about him being his mother’s sky. Aww. Too bad the woman was trying to use him to get power.)

The overlord of Gwanmi wakes up. He’s shed that weird skin, and looks handsome, in a razor sharp way, underneath it.

Damduk and co make their way out of Gwamni – contemplating the task of crossing Baekje territory all in their lone foursome. Then General Go rides up with some people. It’s a happy reunion all around.


– Am oddly drawn by Sa Ryang’s eyes. Hmm. Possibly because that’s all that shows of his face. Or maybe I’m just attracted to eyes.

– Wonder how Damduk will react when he hears that Kiha’s closed the castle to him. Plus, Ho Gae’s all evil now, in tandem with Kiha. Have feeling that overlord person will fall in love with Sujini, to complete the triangle/rectangle, whatever.

– And Ba Son’s sidestory is starting to come into effect.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    “Mr. Corpuscular Skin”
    Aw, that’s mean. He’s supa cute (in a few episodes actually, ’cause in this one, he seriously needs to wash his hair and stop fangirling Darth Vader) !

    “Jumuchi gets treated by Dalbi, who slaps at him for daring to go up against an inhuman devil, as it were.”
    That is the greatest couple ever. Heeee!!!

    “They climb up the walls, somehow.”
    It’s totally natural for old men in dresses/armor to clim up a wall.

    “who Damduk is, and why he makes his heart hurt. (Ignoring a slasher joke here.)”
    I almost died of laugher when I read that.

    “Damduk uses the hilt of the sword of Jumong as a bow (somehow it works, don’t ask, it grew parts)”
    Lightsaber lightbow powaaaaa!

    “The overlord of Gwanmi wakes up. He’s shed that weird skin, and looks handsome, in a razor sharp way, underneath it.”
    Told ya!!!! Super handsome (with shiny hair)!

    One of my favorite episodes!!! ❤

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