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Iljimae Episode 11, recap

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It’s heeeeeere, spent forever waiting for it!! Anyone else have really slow downloading speeds from China?

Episode 11

They open with a pretty complete collage of everything that’s happened so far in the series. I don’t really need a refresher.

So, his date with Eun Chae? Turned out to be escorting her back to the village of the poor. At home, she is revealed to be absent from the carriage. Shi Hoo is super worried, but Eun Chae is having fun at the village. The girl actually has the courage to go home in the dark, alone. Through a bloody forest. *headdesk*

Aww. Iljimae walks her back home. (Not that he can fight or anything, but I guess it’s good not to be alone.) They do the whole ‘I look at you, you look at me’ thing. They evade the patrol, led by a very anxious Shi Hoo, and go on their merry way together.

Eun Chae does most of the talking. It’s cute, how her confidence is rattled by him.

Shi Hoo rushes back, right on Eun Chae’s steps, but she’s very happy and dreamy. Her brother knows something about her escape doesn’t square, but he’s fine with her being fine, so major disaster is avoided for the moment being.

Iljimae returns to his lair (using a very intricately built system of rollers and a slide). He gives money from his most recent heist to the villagers Eun Chae’s been visiting.

In the morning, Dani comes after him with a major broom. She thinks he beat up beggar children, but he’s still limping from the day before. Bong Soon comes up and tries to help, but he holds her off. He yells at her, even though she’s really good to him. Brought him a really yummy breakfast, ohh, I am super hungry.

Eun Chae’s people are happy at receiving a jump start to their new lives, and tells her the news. Which endears her to Iljimae, but not Yong. He shows up right after they leave, and acts his hooligan self. Milady is annoyed. He does, however, drop a few hints about how to make her hotel more habitable.

As a direct result, she asks for heaters. (Hee, she’s secretly amused, it shows.) And she explains the reasoning so well that her father is able to gain brownie points for coming up with a good idea – install heaters, use up potential for forest fires. The king permits this, and Byun Shik lays it on super thick.

Yong runs around annoying Eun Chae, again, when she starts installing the heated floor tiles.

That night, he wounds himself for an excuse to see her, and she bandages him, in her own room, no less. He teases information about the various noble families’ guard numbers out of her – and when her servant arrives with tea, he snuffs out the candle and goes, taking the book of Friends of Heaven members with him. Still all about the revenge, I see. (His priorities are about equal, but he’s not going to miss an opportunity for info, ever, if he can help it.)

Omg. One noble, in an attempt to fend off Iljimae, has installed all spikes on his floor. (He took procelainware and stuff by fishing hook, I think.)

The next day, Yong and Shi Wan go fishing (if they weren’t good friends, I’d suspect them of dating). Err, instead of eating an octopus for lunch, Yong and Shi Wan almost gets ‘strangled’ by the octopus. (Hope it wasn’t alive, or there’s going to be another animal rights suit.) In fact, this was on purpose, to help Shi Wan figure the robbery out and gain brownie points.

Shi Hoo, investigating, notice the abnormal salt deposits on a sword lying around in the denuded treasury. He comes to the conclusion of octopus too, but a step behind Shi Wan. He notices Yong, ubiquitous hanger-on, and rather more smart albeit shamelessly annoying, and begins to get ideas.

(Where does Yong find buyers for his stuff, I wonder? It’s not like people are willing to take expensive vases on trust or anything. Unless he keeps the big pieces and sells what he can, or he takes coin – the toad could have been melted down, I know, but porcelain’s another deal.)

Iljimae actually starts giving warning to the people he’s going to rob now. (Though I wish he’d leave less clues behind.) (And he has a fancy stiletto thing with a handle in the shape of a plum branch. I hope he made it himself, because it’s going to be mighty obvious if the blacksmith blabs.)

Noble household #2 has bells attached to ropes attached to the door. He still pulls it off successfully by ringing the bells like mad after he’s stolen the stuff.

Meanwhile, Swe Dol boasts that Iljimae, no, Iljimae’s father would have trouble picking the locks he makes. (Probably Lee Won Ho would need help lock-picking, but his son the stupendous wonder? Nah.)

While peeing at a random tree, he sees Iljimae fighting with two guards on the roof. Then he magically disappears. (The truth is probably less glorious and more painful.) When Swe Dol tells this story amongst his friends, they laugh, but the monk disdainfully says he can do at least five turns in the air from one leap. Yong limps off, to Swe Dol’s dismay, because he thinks Yong’s been fighting again. (If he doesn’t give his leg a rest he’s going to be pegged.)

Dear Eun Chae raises a veritable storm in her house when she announces her intentions to donate most of her jewelry for a village of sick people, pleading the prevention of epidemics. Her parents are bug-eyed and obviously disagree. She suggests donating food, and money, but her parents disagree too, and she marches off to nurse the sick.

Obviously Yong picks this moment to walk up with Shi Wan, and they hear about her impassioned dash to nurse the sick (not caring about her own health). That night, Iljimae worries, and takes out what he can to help too. (So his little lair is turning into a freaking treasure trove.)

But wait, it’s already affected 5000, that’s serious enough to warrant national attention, no?

Yong gets in under the guise of a corpse carrier, and sees the people lying on the ground being sick… he’s so heartsick, but we know he’s got something up his sleeve – he pulls back a grass mat and reveals stores of medicine, clothing and money for the sick people.

The king issues a writ that anyone who catches him will be elevated one in rank. Shi Hoo is now super determined to catch him.

Bong Soon is so eager to help Yong, but he always pushes her away.

At the store, the owner of the restaurant is depressed at seeing Dani and Swe Dol being happy together. She’s so depressed that she gets drunk with the monk and they end up um. Yeah. That.

Poor Bong Soon has acquired a fear of heights from her childhood. Yong literally carries her across a bridge, complaining all the way. He’s so mean to her!! Even I’m sad for her, and I’m not even a shipper.

Swe Dol does a roaring trade, due to Iljimae’s latest hijinks. (The monk is called Kunghe? I always assumed it was an epithet, but okay. Note: kung he in Chinese = to scare to the nth degree.)

Iljimae comes to return the booklet to Eun Chae but is caught escaping. (He’s sitting in a huge banana tree. Won’t ask.) They have a friendly conversation, but are interrupted by Shi Hoo appearing. There is a chase, and Iljimae really needs to learn how to fight.

Shi Hoo slashes Iljimae across the back, but before he can unmask him, Iljimae slashes him on the arm. I’d say Iljimae’s injury is worse. (Please to be not leaving a trail of blood for him to follow, thanks.)

Eun Chae is waiting for Shi Hoo, but when she sees the blood on his blade, she rushes off, and is stopped. First time I’ve seen her give him an outright glare. He’s all hurt that she didn’t notice he was injured first.

The poor guy rushes off to his lair, and bleeds fake blood profusely. Bong Soon waits for him at his door with a box of goodies in her lap, and sees him fall down. She cradles Yong in her arms, crying and … thinking that he’s going to die.

Shi Hoo bandages himself. Eun Chae is outside, but he won’t let her in. Aww.

Bong Soon surprises her father taking share in the alcohol, and makes him heal Yong – if he can.

Eun Chae sets off too, but not after Yong, not literally, just through the woods where they first met. (She thinks he’s dead? I mean, her expression is just so ‘woe’.)

Kunghe monk tries his best. (So he’s good at healing as well as fighting.) While washing his wounds, the monk sees Kyum’s tattoo, and realizes just who this is. The guy has convulsions but we know he’s going to pull through, or the 9 episodes that remain are going to be super boring.

End episodel


– Yay for plot! Yay for lots of things, but not the profusion of fake blood. I’ve had enough over at Sweeney, thanks.

– Hopefully Yong will be nicer to Bong Soon. And the Eun Chae/Shi Hoo relationship is definitely breaking down. At the moment Shi Hoo is still trying his hardest to fulfill his mother’s wishes, which is to be a noble, but it’s pitting him directly against Yong.

– All my thanks to Camel, who taught me how to torrent and so you guys didn’t have as much of a torturous wait this time. And of course, eternal gratitude to TSKS for being fantastic with the subs.


  1. lyn
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    ey thanks..love it..i just finish episode 12..its good..awaiting for episode 12’s recap…thanks again!!!

  2. koopa
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    Your recaps are the best – fast and very detailed. Thanks very much!!

  3. paradoxcomplex
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    *blissfully reads recap* *hugs Sevenses*

  4. kermity
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    is it me or is Eun Chae turning into this invicible angel warrior? scary perfection.

  5. yonheet55
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    did you hear? iljimae got in trouble from animal rights due to the dog fight scene!! heh…. many they will jump on the octopus scene as well 😀

    thanks for the recap!

  6. dee
    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 7:15 am

    ohh, can i ask how to dl the torrent files at tszx?

  7. sevenses
    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    dee: on the Iljimae thread, you’ll see lists of the torrent files for each episode. The first link is for something else, and the second is for torrenting. Okay?

  8. gracie
    Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 3:03 am

    i cant find anywhere to watch ep 11.. is there any sites u know that i can watch ep11 online? without having to download??

  9. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    “That night, he wounds himself for an excuse to see her”
    Really? I thought that was to attract an hippogriff. But cutting yourself to attract attention, isn’t that Munchausen something?

    Eun Chae becomes an Unicef rep. (or Medecin sans frontiere, as you wish) , and obviously she never watched Bambi nor read Harry Potter or The Little Red Riding Hood. I hate her all of a sudden. Is she going to turn like Madonna and adopt the whole village? No, she’s put on hold her singing career to turn to engineering beds for the poor. And she’s a pro-life.
    She reminds me of my sister, when she was five, she took her piggy bank and gave it to my parents so they could give it to the dying people in Africa.

    Iljimae is good at everything (including creating an handicapped access to his “lair” and being Tarzan), but Yong is still an idiot (a charming one, that is).

    The Santa Gang is still kissing the king’s ass. I hope they die stuck in a chimney somewhere. The king is sooooooo boring. I miss the crazy king from HGD, at least he was fun.

    Bong Soon is so cute! I love her and I want her to end up with Yong… I’m a proud BongJimae shipper!

    Well, that was good!
    (I like profusion of fake blood, I miss Dexter)


  10. ffiza
    Friday, July 18, 2008 at 12:01 am

    thanks for the recap.
    poor bong soon, yong doesn’t even see her as a woman. i want bong soon and yong together. eun chae is just too perfect*boring*

  11. name
    Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 8:13 am

    haha..i was watching this but the video got cut..i tried online streaming sites but they don’t play this series..i even resorted to just reading the text document of the subs but couldn’t figure out who was talking which line and can’t even have a vague picture of what was happening..so thanks to this recap, i think i can imagine what happened in that last 10minutes of the episode..XD hope episode 12’s intro would shed some light to it..thanks much..:D

  12. Phil
    Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Thnx so much i dint watch episode 11 so i was jst floatn wen i watchd 12 ua recaps r so gd its jrt lyk av watchd it.

  13. Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 5:15 am

    I’m rather fond of the monk, he looks a lot like my high school anatomy teacher.

    I’m fond of him, too.

    In fact, the only thing that kept me from dropping the series during filler episodes before episode 7 was the lingering fondness for that crazy anatomy teacher.

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