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Gourmet Episode 3, recap

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Most of my info’s taken off Dramawiki and Soompi, so if you have any corrections, fire away!

Episode 3

(Far away, there is an unidentified sense of YUM from my direction as they open the episode with food.)

Mr. Kim, of the North Korean delegation, does not like Sung Chan’s soup. (Well, it wouldn’t be exciting if the show just had people falling down left and right over his cooking, would it?) He’s okay with the cook though, and forgives him for making a weird soup.

Meanwhile, darling Nam Sang Mi, playing food journalist Jin Soo, whips out her harridan skills as she is carted bodily out of the restaurant. There is a lot of yelling and intimidation. Poor guards.

Back to Sung Chan and Joo Hee, who are feeling just a tad awkward over the delegate’s dislike of the food. Mr. Kim makes like he’s going to throw up, to the concern of all, but waves it away as routine. (Um, when you routinely retch, I’d say, get a doctor.)

The restaurant gets scolded for serving inferior food, and this blame gets passed on to Sung Chan, to Min Woo’s delight. Bong Joo has the inspired idea of making it again. (And this will teach them to actually taste their own food before serving, yes?) But there’s nothing wrong with theirs. Min Woo smirks, Sung Chan looks discouraged, Bong Joo looks thoughtful.

Jin Soo, back in her apartment, realizes that her exam entry/ID thing got lost at the place where she got carried out.

At Joo Hee’s suggestion, Sung Chan rushes out to seek the advice of someone, and in his haste, nearly runs Jin Soo down. She tries to get him to help her, but both of them are in a really bad hurry, lol. He runs away from her, and drives to his ‘master’.

The old man is very cryptic, only mentioning that greed will destroy the taste, it will cause decay and rot in the most important thing. Sung Chan has no idea what his master means (he should watch more kung fu movies, they have the same type of lingo). So he does some market research and goes out in search of other people’s fermented soybean sauce.

Only he’s too much in a hurry and gets pulled over for reckless driving. After getting away from them, he spends the night outside a hotel, waiting for Mr. Kim to show up and redeem his cooking skills. To the astonishment of all involved, they agree.

In the morning, Jin Soo is refused entry to the news station test. She resolves to wait 10 days and go for another one.

Chief Cook Oh goes to inspect the fermenting soybeans and is dismayed at their using yeast to prevent the beans from smelling (and thus causing problems with the taste, right?). Bong Joo runs in with the news of Sung Chan’s bold proposal and they await the representative’s judgement.

Meanwhile, Min Woo is stirring up some trouble on Bong Joo’s front – and we are told that Sung Chan is an orphan, the grandson of a good friend of the Chief Cook’s. Bla bla bla, they will not back down and anyway, Sung Chan is disqualified from the competition as it is.

Happily for us, the delegates love this version of the soup and praise him. When he brings ginseng cookies for the delegate’s ailing liver (well if you drink vodka day and night there will be problems with your liver) everyone is most impressed. The reputation of … well, everyone, is saved.

Sung Chan gets back, all happy at having succeeded, and the first thing Bong Joo does is to sock him one. Min Woo walks up and is about to pour more oil on the fire when old chief Oh shows up and castigates all of them for carelessly neglecting an important component of their cooking. The other two take this as more examples of his favouritism for Sung Chan.

Joo Hee finds Bong Joo at the end of the day and he stuns me with the most unromantically inspired proposal ever. (So he was really angry at Sung Chan for chumming around with Joo Hee all the time. Ha.)

Aww, they take a moment to show that even when Bong Joo hit Sung Chan the day before, the two of them are able to back down and admit each other’s faults. Yay for brotherly bonding.

Lol, Jin Soo comes and orders something ordinarily served only to more than two people. She takes time picking at the quality of the food and distresses the waitress. Joo Hee is called up, and explains to her all the changes in menu over the years. And since she is taken to be a journalist in training, her request to see Sung Chan is accepted.

When they meet, the truth comes out in a rather comical stare-off. After Sung Chan leaves in a huff, Jin Soo manages to beg a job off Joo Hee.

The next day, Joo Hee’s father comes to visit, with some especially pretty pieces of pottery. Turns out he’s the supplier of all the chinaware the restaurant uses, and makes them himself, by hand. The boys’ next task have to do with the pieces they’ve been gifted with.

Uh-oh. Sung Chan’s getting a little too smug around the edges. And so his master comes up to him from behind and smashes his plate. Ouch.

It’s so funny, they all have their own little lackeys running around, gathering materials. Jin Soo’s so helpful. I wonder if she gets paid for her time spent being assistant.

9:00 – competition time!

Min Woo’s handling fish, Bong Joo’s doing chicken stew, and Sung Chan is chopping away at pickled veggies. The judges – chief Oh, Sung Chan’s teacher, and Joo Hee’s father, are disapproving of Sung Chan, as he smashed the plate, but chief Oh tells him to go on cooking.

Oooh, so pretty! Min Woo’s used slices of raw fish and other organs to craft a crane on his flat dish. The elders balk at his using potentially poisonous fish eggs, but he assures them it will be okay, and offers them a taste. His fish slices are pronounced to be refreshing.

Bong Joo made chicken stew, but using a black-skinned one to match his pot. He went through a lot of trouble, stewing and simmering and so on, and mixed an interesting combination of spices to flavour it. Even better, since he used ginseng to stew the chicken, the bones can be used for medicinal purposes. He also offers red wine to go with the dish – not the usual Korean wine, but a French one, to erase the thought that Korean cuisine should always go with Korean alcohol. Plus, it tastes really good. (Wow, this guy is talented or what?)

Sung Chan looks positively ill with worry now. But his kimchi salad blows the judges away. (Can be used to accompany soju! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

The three old men go in a back room to deliberate (can I eat the leftovers, please??). Joo Hee’s father prefers Bong Joo, Sung Chan’s old teacher likes the taste of Min Woo’s sushi, but finds that he is too greedy when it comes to taste. Chief Oh remains mum.

End episode. What a way to cliffhang us. Up to you now, irugnotmis.


– Both Jin Soo and Sung Chan are so reckless… I’m actually not sure they’d go well together. Hmm. I guess you can make the case that they’re both terribly impassioned and forget the ordinary details, but not a good way to go through life. So many things (like the loss of his knives) could have been avoided if he’d paid more attention.

– Lol. People just keep on sabotaging Sung Chan.

– And I would take grave offense at the fact that there are no women cooks in the place, but it’s only a show. I’ll let it slide.


  1. zuanie
    Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    Your review makes it seem interesting. I would give the drama a try. But it’s hard to get back to modern theme after watching Hong Gil Dong (and now Iljimae lolz); I’ve never thought I would like Korean wuxia dramas.

    BTW, here is the site on which I posted the translation of your Hong Gil Dong fanfics


    Thanks again,

  2. b
    Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 9:40 am

    Your recaps works! I’m gonna watch it now.

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