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Legend Episode 14, recap

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Ngn. I wish the show would just be this endless sequence of Damini moments, but obviously not possible.

Episode 14

So anyway, Damduk makes short work of Sukhyun, as expected, and moves quickly on to Gwamni, the fortress of the fearsome glowy guy. (Miraculously, no one is hurt, but then Damduk dislikes his people dying.)

Damduk’s terms of surrender are very nice and lenient for a warlord of that time. (Well, he is supposed to be a civilized king…) Anyway. People are awed at his majestic look.

Lols, Sujini and Jumuchi switched costumes and are impostering messengers to the next city. They tease each other about their respective ‘lovers’. (Moment for the cute.) And together, the two take an entire gate. Wow.

Fortress #2 down, about 17 more to go.

His New Majesty continues being nice to the conquered forts. (And they just fall like dominoes in front of his pretty face. J/k. But they do fall awfully fast.)

(You know, from the map, Baekje looks awfully like … my native land, what’s it called again? Oh yeah. Central China. As this is probably red hot topic and very sensitive, will not comment. Apparently the show was pulled from Chinese channels and subbers stopped it for that reason. Hm.)

Anyway, the Iron Horse people come to greet Ho Gae, but Kiha isn’t with them because she was ‘sick’. Ho Gae’s underpeople are snippy because the Warriors took a long time to get here. In turn, the Warriors are snippy because they were rude about Kiha. (Which raises an interesting question – if Kiha is the reincarnation of Kajin, then what is the symbol doing, protecting her all the time. flyingcrispi, please answer. :D)

Ho Gae does his crazed for power thing and kills Damduk’s messenger. He doesn’t even bother to clean up the blood that’s on his face. (I like how they made everything red, from the tents to the furnishings, so that the blood on Ho Gae’s face shows black.) He’s clearly the evil one here. (I mean, hello. Setting up for future events.)

He also does not follow Damduk’s orders, instead choosing to lead his 40000 men to fight Baekje.

The capital swarms with the news of the victories (and the inaction of Ho Gae looks very bad indeed). The High Priestess is happy, and orders a celebration ceremony.

Then Kiha storms in, and during the confrontation, a lot of things are revealed. (To the priestess. We know them already.) She possesses the high priestess, and takes over the temple. It’s all for her child, apparently, though Kiha has really just taken the first steps to go against Damduk.

LOL. Hyungo lectures further plans but everyone, including Damduk, is nodding off. The men are all exhausted after a fast and hard campaign. Faced with the possibility that Ho Gae will not back them, Damduk weighs his two options: stay here and die under the swords of the reinforcement armies, or try to enter Gwamni and die. He chooses #3 – go back to Goguryo.

Creepy Hwacheon dude is expecting the Gwamni Overlord to come out and squash Damduk’s army like an underfoot bug. He also has dibs on Ba Son’s brother’s location. Oooh, bad.

The day of the celebrations, the High Priestess is listless and prophesizes something, but breaks off in between words at Kiha’s approach. (The girl’s gone back to her priestess garb.) She has convulsions and dies in Kiha’s arms, but after passing on the torch of High Priestess to her.

Ho Gae receives a message from the ‘Cabinet’, and moves north in search of Ba Son’s brother, who has the symbol of the White Tiger. The scroll says that Gwamni has the Blue Dragon symbol (it does, but the people back at Central don’t know that) and that Damduk is aware. This is actually just a foil to get the troops moving north – loyal as they are to Ho Gae, both the outspoken general and the leader of the Iron Warriors are aware that Damduk is in a dangerous position.

On the other side of the ocean, Damduk receives news of their decampment, and the death of his messenger (the one who named Sujini) at Ho Gae’s hands. It strikes a blow to Damduk’s heart.

The Julno chief balks at what he sees as cowardice, and Jumuchi joins him to go to war with Gwamni. Their absence is discovered only later… and a furious and heartbroken Damduk goes to try and rescue them. (And the entire army ends up mobilizing, out of loyalty to him. Aww.)

(Sidenote: Jumuchi’s horse has lovely socks.)

Gwanmi, impressively ensconced within at least five layers of mountains, lies ominous and stuff as always. Inside the Overlord’s castle, an old man reminisces about teaching the young lord the arts of weaponry. Things were happy, etc. (And as if the audience didn’t know, more hints that this little guy is the one who had the blue tiger symbol stuck in his heart.)

The happy kid has metamorphosed into a brooding warrior who wears an iron mask at all times, and lives in a… naturalized landscape. (Yay for the Darth Vader voice – and we see why he’s masked – his hand is a feat of makeup, involving faintly blue skin and other blistery stuff.) He actually doesn’t want people to attack the fortress, because then they’d have to die.

Jumuchi and co are crouched in some very tall grasses in from of Gwanmi. Lol. They don’t know that Damduk is camped just a little bit away, trying to figure out a creative way to attack Gwanmi, one that won’t end up with all of them dying. Sujini runs out to fetch Jumuchi and co back as Damduk moves to execute their plan.

(Jumuchi and his people in scuba diving gear is a vaguely scary sight, and does their face paint ever wash off??)

Anyway, while Jumuchi is cutting a swathe through the Gwanmi people, Sujini comes with reinforcements. (For a stunned two seconds, Jumuchi thinks that the naval soldiers just started randomly dropping dead.)

You know what they need? A really good assassin to take down all their evil enemies.

Episode ends as we await for the real fighting to begin. (Pattern of development, fighting, more development emerges.)


– Kiha is now going down the whole Kajin road, though her killing of the elders who had raised her parallels the elder priestess’s death, and not (as i had hoped) Dae Jang Ryo’s.

– Props to Sujini for running around like a cute thing and charming people. Even if she’s not as skilled as Kiha, she’s still doing what she can.

– And the dude with the iron mask, Mr. Gwamni overlord, has really nice eyes. That will be all for today.


  1. Micky
    Saturday, October 4, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    haha kinda really late comment but…
    he DOES have extremely pretty eyes.

  2. anonymous
    Friday, August 14, 2009 at 2:39 am

    i haven’t even watched episode 11 yet..
    i read somewhere that the gwamni overlord is cheoro, the kid from ep 2 whose dad jabbed the dragon symbol into his chest. if its true, it probably explains the whole “demon” thing and the spear glowing the similar way the other symbols do..

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