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Legend Episode 13, recap

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I just realized that Kiha has been able to use fire all along without the Phoenix Heart/Jujak, which means that she really is Kajin reincarnated. (But the issue of the baby remains. Oh well. Her genes are similar to Sujini’s, right?) Props to flyingcrispi who got it right!

Episode 13

Ho Gae doesn’t think much of Damduk’s orders for him to wait for the Iron Horse Warriors, but he cheers up a little when he hears that Kiha will be coming with them.

Damduk orders a number of fortified cargo boats instead of the usual warships. He has something plotty in mind, though Julno chief dude is just puzzled.

Jumuchi, with his funky hair pointing in three different directions, continues to rally his kinsmen for Damduk. (It’s nice to to know what the promising of a little land will do to people.) It seems like almost all the nomad people of Goguryo are under Jumuchi’s command or something… but they’re very proud, and Jumuchi bonds with Damduk over how recalcitrant some of their nobles can get.

Ba Son has been making armour like mad, but still not fast enough to meet the three day deadline. (In passing, how dashing does dear Damduk look in armour.)

Sujini continues being cute and tomboyish. I would say this was a not insignificant contribution to the war effort, but I keep laughing every time I see the girl.

The fortress in question is Gwamni, which is a great sea port as well as focal point for commerce. Thing is, it’s basically embedded within huge thick walls and rough mountains. The one entrance is guarded zealously by the lord of the city, who has been in control since he was 10. (Take that, precocious Damduk!)

Needless to say, the guy’s a great warrior. He wears an iron mask that I imagine would be very heavy and impedes breathing, but he can take on armies, alone. He’s so fearsome his own men stay away during battle, because they’d die. (That’s become he shows signs of being supernatural, which makes me think of the sacred symbols, because his spear does manifest signs of glowiness characteristic of the symbols.)

Damduk isn’t intimidated and moves to attack the place. He sneaks away from the city, in order to fool his enemies. Lord Yon is curious as to why he’s going hunting – using the age old WESTERN excuse of a white doe. Lord Yon is left in charge of the country in Damduk’s absence.

(Sidenote: Gwamni is actually in modern China. I’ll get into the history later, if I remember. I think at the time China was split into 400 little countries, or 7 large ones, cannot remember, as have not taken Chinese history ever. Moving on.)

There are ten fortresses in between Damduk’s capital and Gwamni, which means they’ll need to move fast for things to work out.

Aww, cute. Ba Son and Dalbi back up the army with support, while the Guh Mool provide intelligence and strategy. Jumuchi and Julno are there to supply people. (Sujini is… cute? And very cheering, plus good with arrows.)

Gah. There’s a veritable fleet of ships carrying Damduk and co to Gwamni.

Lord Yon receives orders from Damduk, telling him of the truth of the venture, but neither Yon nor Ho Gae trusts him to keep to his word. Yon gets pissed off and yells at Hwacheon dude, who is creepy but very well informed.

(I’ve just noticed, ancient Korean not being my strong suit, that Hwacheon creep is always speaking in this low, grating monotone. Uck.)

Thanks to a very efficient bird, Damduk has all the info he needs on the status of both Ho Gae and Baekje forces. He plans to attack the Suhyun fort, which is the second largest fortress, and sends Julno people to stall Gwamni’s reinforcements until it’s conquered. Much to his men’s dismay, Damduk does not actually plan on fighting – only to take enough armed men from the people fighting Ho Gae – then Damduk’s forces will run.


That’s … selfless. (And Ho Gae will not, I don’t think, go along with his plans.)

And Damduk’s subordinates just called Ho Gae stupid, because he may not understand Damduk’s plans. Lol.

When the message is delivered to Ho Gae, it’s easy to see that his men are already highly strung from having to wait. Also, Ho Gae does not believe the messenger. Has him imprisoned and tortured for truth, in fact. How frustrating, then, for Ho Gae, because the man is telling the truth.

(This is where we’re supposed to see Ho Gae starting to go evil.)

If Dae Jang Ryo didn’t get on my nerves so, I would laugh at him. The creep has a funny walk, featuring a perpetually stiff neck and arms that are always half raised, moving horizontally with (it is assumed) the wind.

Kiha is moping about Damduk’s easy camaraderie with Sujini. Her control over fire is getting stronger by the day, and she will soon be able to obliterate enemy troops with a gesture.

Creepy Hwacheon dude does not really care about Ho Gae, nor does he want the real Jooshin king on the throne, as he really only needs the blood of the Jooshin king. The symbols activate by presence and finally, by blood. So his plan is terribly detrimental to Kiha’s baby, as they will view anyone with Heaven’s blood as dangerous and an obstacle.

En route to Ho Gae’s army camp, Kiha runs off and tries to commit suicide. Poor, shocked Sa Ryang is all alarmed and tries to talk to her – but his woodland creature conversational skills are sadly lacking. Kiha is angry and disappointed in Damduk, and bitter at having the mantle of ‘Phoenix and mother of Earth’ thrust upon her.

Kiha feels used. (Well, she is, but not really by Damduk.) Sa Ryang looks like he knows and is sorry. Then he hits her with the baby’s life, and tries to persuade her to live on. He seems so desperate to save her that I think there is genuine affection here. Too bad he’s a loyal member of Hwacheon.

Far away, Damduk is having a really bad nightmare as Kiha steps off the cliff, but the Phoenix powers come to the rescue, once again. Sa Ryang is relieved. (I’m warming to him.) He also knows the import of the event – Kiha is carrying Heaven’s child, and cannot kill him/her.

Sujini tries to wake Damduk from his nightmare and gets an armful of unconsciously distressed man instead.

Jumuchi is acting weird, but it’s just because he likes Dalbi and is too stubborn to admit it, even to himself. And Dalbi’s just nice and cheerful in her way, to get his attention. Aww, so cute. (Yep, flyingcrispi, I see what you mean.)

Damduk looks very nice in stealthy black clothes. His clothes fit his mood, and he angsts over not being able to remember Kiha very well. Sujini hides her disappointment, and not very well, either.


Damduk asks Sujini to put his armour on for him, and she’s all, what? I’ll get someone else. But he insists, and they have several moments. (Or at least Sujini always catches Damduk staring at her.)

More dialogue from the happy shipper!

Damduk: Stay and fight with us. You might cause all sorts of trouble, so I’d prefer to have you under my eye.
Sujini: Am I glue?
Damduk: Can’t you, for once in your life, just say ‘yes’ sweetly? I’m the king.
Sujini: ‘Yes’.
Damduk: *is secretly pleased*

He takes out his mother’s old perfume bottle and gives it to her. (Inner fangirl is jumping around at this point, frequently bashing the inner realist, who says that intricately wrought perfume bottles like that very likely did not exist back then.)

Sujini: What is this?
Damduk: *hiss of disapproval*
Sujini: Oh yeah, um, yes.
Damduk: It belonged to my mother. So take it, and come back safely. Don’t interfere unnecessarily and take impulsive risks, and bring it back safely.
Sujini takes this and smiles most fetchingly.
Damduk: Did you hear me?
Sujini: Yes.


In front of his soldiers, Damduk is all business.

Damduk: Remember that we must not fight the enemy with spear and sword. Our weapon is fear. We shall become the most fearsome army in the world. The people will call us the Fearsome Army of Jooshin. This battle also depends on speed. In twenty days, we will conquer ten fortresses. And last of all – no one dies. I don’t need men to die for me. Live and stay by my side. That is my command to you as king.

Aww. So caring.

Sujini and her master, along with other Guh Mool people, disguise themselves as random foreign monks and gain entry to Sukhyun fortress. The CGI ships, meanwhile, make a safe landing and Damduk’s soldiers smash into the city’s defenses.

(Yay! The soldiers are wearing chain mail. Though severely anachronistic, it does my heart good to see Damduk finally being able to do something. And some of these soldiers are girls, unless I am much mistaken.)

Battle begins, and Ba Son’s superior equipment do much good, as do the Guh Mool and Sujini, opening the gates from the inside.

Damduk’s goal is more along the lines of intimidation than actual conquering – he plants a flag there and then moves on.

End episode


– Well, that was exciting. Damduk in armour is a welcome change from the Robes of Ghastly Floridity, and Sujini’s fighting pose is cute. Ho Gae goes evil, but we knew that already – it’s Kiha addition to the ranks of evil people that surprise most.

– Well, I have my Damini moment. I am happy for now.

– Treachery and unhappiness ahead, though, mostly having to do with Kiha and Ho Gae.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Monday, June 23, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    Taratata, I’m always right!!! lol As for the baby, it was just about who would have sex with Damduk first. And it was Kiha ’cause she knew him already and he had a crush on her. Sujini was cute too, but sex that early in an historical k-drama when they just get to know each other…

    Yay for the damini moment, just you wait for the hugs.

  2. anonymous
    Friday, August 14, 2009 at 1:32 am

    for some reason i think sa ryang has feelings for her
    not seriously but still…. nah it makes no sense..

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