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Iljimae Episode 9, recap

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Just a warning, this one is probably monstrously detailed.

Iljimae Episode 9

So Eun Chae gets up on the tree and sees Yong perched on the roof edge. She edges closer to him, and wakes him up, and nearly falls off. Then he reaches out to steady her. She gets off in a hurry and puts on her ‘assi’ face. Yong quickly invents an excuse for being on (what is now) her aunt’s wall, saying that he was here to listen to the warbler’s song.

They end up together in the tree (WILL RESIST ALL JOKES).

Eun Chae expresses regret that she’s never heard the story that goes along with the warbler, and Yong offers to tell it to her.

“A long time ago, a peasant had a very beautiful fiancee, who died before they could get married. The peasant would visit her grave everyday, and think of his beloved.”

As he tells the story, Eun Chae imagines little Kyum telling it to her (and falling in like with Yong, yays!) and we have wee kidlets in the tree.

“In time, a plum tree grew by his dead fiancee’s grave, and he took it to be her deceased spirit. So he took very good care of it. But as the years went by and the man grew older, he began to worry: who would look after the tree after he dies? And then one day, the old man disappeared.”

Eun Chae: Where did he go?

In the light of morning, Bong Soon visits her death brother’s grave. Aww. She brings food and flowers to him. (The monk dude looks on in sadness.)

Back to the two lovers.

“The villagers looked and looked for him, but all they could find was a porcelain cup. And as they looked, a little warbler flew out of the cup towards the plum tree.”

Eun Chae: The old man died and became the warbler? (You know, usually this girl’s sharper than a bucket of nails. What’s up with her being slow all of a sudden?)

“Even after death, it cannot leave the plum tree. That is its fate.”

The two look at the bird.

Eun Chae: Do you believe in fate?

Cut to Bong Soon holding Kyum’s medallion/amulet in her hands. She still talking to her brother’s grave.

Bong Soon: Do you remember that nice boy? I wonder if he is still alive.

Cut back to Eun Chae and Yong, in the tree. A servant is calling for Eun Chae in the distance. She jumps off the tree, and when she’s done talking to her servant, Yong is gone.

Shi Hoo braves the rain to figure out just what happened in the field where all the reasures disappeared. Omg, he finds a secret trapdoor in the field!

He remembers the remnants of two rocks he found, and realizes they were used to light something. Then we cut to Yong making gunpowder in his mini-lab (where it came from, out of nowhere, I don’t really want to know, by the looks of it, he has a lot of supplies lying around).

How ingenious. First Yong pretends to be a farmer planting lettuce in the field. He sets up a fuse for the various smoke bombs located in the field as soon as he sees the soldiers approach. Once they’re all blinded, he cuts the cart loose from the horse (not cow, as he says, unless biology’s taken a grave turn to the left). Somehow, illogically, the cart now weighs more with the horse cut loose, and they fall in the secret trapdoor that he built earlier. Then all Yong has to do is pull the trapdoor over his head and wait for the chaos to subside before going back home.

Shi Hoo explains this to Shi Wan and his superior, who are pissed, because all that’s left of the treasure is a single sheet of paper with a branch of red plum blossoms on it and one silver coin. (Ha.)

Lol, after wasting a lot of paper (bad!@#!!), the police and locals finally agree on a portrait of Iljimae.

As Swe Dol and a friend are admiring/arguing about the ‘Wanted’ poster of Iljimae, Yong swaggers up and tries to convince them that he looks like the thief. His father refutes this, saying that the other man looks like a born thief (ha) and that Yong’s eyes are so pretty they are a national treasure, unlike the thief’s (more ha).

Swe Dol becomes a locksmith – because he wants to earn enough money that Yong doesn’t have to be a ruffian.

The guy whose things were stolen doesn’t really care about the money. He just wants the black pearl that was meant for the king. (Yo, embezzlement much?) The thing is called ‘Tear of the Ocean’. Yong gets it evaluated, and the other guy gets shaky hands as he realizes what it is.

Eun Chae goes to look for Yong. (LOL SOMEONE HAS A CRUUUUUSH.)

Yong is about to go home, but he sees a checkpoint ahead and has the pearl on him, so he turns tail and runs (not the smartest thing, as Shi Hoo spots him and runs after). Just then, Eun Chae is stopped by some randomly lecherous noble kid.

Yong tries to stop the dude from harassing her, but gets beaten up as a result. (It’s too bad he doesn’t know how to fight at this point yet.) Shi Hoo uses detainment under suspicion of theft to get rid of the nobleman, and leaves. Eun Chae is so grateful she gives him her handkerchief. Shi Hoo sees and is jealous.

Back at the police station, Swe Dol attempts to persuade Shi Hoo to go easy on Yong, if ever he catches him. (He cites some wrongdoing, but Shi Hoo for the life of him, can’t fathom what he did wrong.) Swe Dol sees Shi Wan bullying Shi Hoo and gets angry.

Dani finds Swe Dol super unhappy, and is puzzled. She’s even more puzzled when Yong brings food home.

That night, Eun Chae asks after Yong, and Shi Hoo gets bitten by the green bug of jealousy again. Yong looks at the handkerchief, almost burns it, then keeps it as he remembers his times with her.

Shi Hoo gets slapped around for letting some guy sleeze off his sister, but Shi Wan forgets to mention that it was the son of a very high official, lol, and Byun Shik gets to look awkward as Eun Chae protests. Shi Hoo, wounds still smarting, goes to visit Kyum’s mom. (Aww, good to see he’s not completely unhappy.) He really likes her cooking. And I think they’re using each other as substitutes.

Lol. Kyum is absolutely rebuffed when he tries to look for Eun Chae. He follows the servant inside to see Shi Wan, and realizes that Eun Chae is the sister of a major asshat.

Meanwhile, Shi Hoo is hot on the trail of Iljimae. He tries to question the little girl that Yong helped – turns out the box he used to hold veggies was used by this particular merchant – and, wait for it, someone forgot to take off the label, so all Shi Hoo had to do was to find the person.

The merchant lets slip that tons of people send boxes to the minister as a bribe, and this gets Lee Myung into lots of hot water. The king decides to punish him according to statutes, even though Lee Myung was one of the people who helped him get on the throne.

Yong goes to bother the police chief again. He bumps into Byun Shik and begs him to let the vegetable seller’s wife in to see him. Byun Shik is afraid that Yong will cause more ruckus and lets him through.

He then goes straight to the king’s audience chamber, and in broad daylight, accompanied by a bewildered Shi Hoo, begins to lament outside the doors of the chamber. The strong showing of opposition by most nobles leaves the king no choice – he releases the minister in question.

It’s the vegetable seller that gets beaten up and his store license revoked.

Yong goes on a crusade again, especially after discovering the names of various stores on the bottom of the containers. The next morning, all the store who’ve been extorted have had their money returned.

Swe Dol’s store opening makes everyone really happy, and uses a pig head thing (could someone please tell me more about this custom?) Both Yong and Bong Soon are busy. Yong’s off being busy with the hooligans, and Bong Soon is looking for the owner of the medallion.

Omg. Mafia dude is going after Swe Dol and Dani’s new store. Yong goes off and gets Shi Hoo. Who is dashing, tall, and yeah. But he doesn’t appear to recognize Swe Dol or Dani (who goes off and cries, but it’s her own fault, aww, there’s a hug for the pms lady).

As mafia dude is facing off with Shi Hoo, Yong comes up and separates the two. Then he finds out that Shi Hoo’s the one who reported his sister. (Crazy Yong, aka personality #1298371901, makes an appearance.)

Mafia dude and Yong lick their wounds in a random restaurant, and bump into Shi Wan, also in the mood to be crazy. (I think, at this point, Shi Wan is mostly bluster and frustration at being useless and outdone all the time.) He loses at gambling, and is about to get his hand chopped off when Yong intervenes.

The result of Yong vs. hooligan will determine whether or not both their wrists come off. Huh. At first Yong holds off the suspense a little, makes Shi Wan suffer, etc, but then he calls out the right card number.

Thus Shi Wan is saved, and Yong has his favour. (Even better, Shi Wan seems to have found a soulmate in personality #1, the street hooligan who doesn’t care about anything.) Shi Wan is the perfect dumb friend for Yong – he gives news without even seeming to realize it. (Gosh, they’re eating sushi?? Now I’m hungry.)

Yong mentions that he thought his mother’s cooking was the best in the world, but he thinks that this is even better – AND IT IS HIS MOTHER’S COOKING. ZOMG. And she makes it really well because it’s her son’s favourite dish. AAAAAAAAA DIRECTOR STOP TORTURING US!!!

Meanwhile, Dani and Swe Dol have just about had it with Yong associating with riffraff and go off to donate body parts so the mafia dude can let him go. Except he doesn’t know who they are, and nearly dislocates his jaw when he finds out.

And Kyum’s mom goes to deliver food to Shi Wan and Yong, they’re gone. *headdesk* DIRECTOR, WE HATES YOU.

Ahaha, mafia dude is so polite to Dani and Swe Dol now that he knows who they are. He agrees with them that Yong shouldn’t be a hoodlum either, and promises to help. 😀 😀 😀

That night, the king (definitely he who ordered the death of Lee Won Ho) listens to the minister who wanted to put corrupt government in jail and muses that he too thinks the former king was better than he is.

Yong, dressed all in black, looks over at a minister, and remembers the night his father died.

End episode


– Well, who’da thunk it? Shi Wan as an ally and Shi Hoo as an opponent. Props to Yong for using the resources at hand and grabbing opportunities. Shi Wan will be enormously useful, as he’s set in his own (admittedly bad) ways but is quite stubborn and stupid-smart. Yong will have no problems staying one step ahead of him. It’s Shi Hoo who’s more dangerous, especially as he’s not really feeling all that nice towards Yong after Eun Chae.

– Nice of the writers to set up a brother vs. brother situation here.

– Awww. Eun Chae. Yong. But next episode looks like there’s some conflict going on.



  1. lyn
    Friday, June 20, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    hey..thanks..im so enjoying ur recap..bye..keep up the good work…

  2. Shinthia
    Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 12:03 am

    lol…when I was watching the drama, and yong complimented the cooking, I was practically getting ready to jump out thE window…. (I swear, the directer are REALLY know how to push buttons neh?) >.<
    Btw, Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for the summary, and its really detailed I might add….LOL….helps me cuz I’m watching it raw 😛

  3. smile
    Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    the cart doesn’t weigh more with out the horse… he pulls a string, opening the secret door so that the cart can fall into the underground hiding spot

  4. farah_najihah
    Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 2:12 am

    omg!!!!!!!!!!i feel the same way too, whe yong said that the cooking is good >_<”
    haha..mafia dude. that caption always made me laugh.

    yeay. thanks for the recap since we all watched RAW, ur recap really help us!

    *off to episode 10*
    will read ur next recap afterwards.. hee ^^

  5. farah_najihah
    Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 2:12 am

    omg!!!!!!!!!!i feel the same way too, when yong said that the cooking is good >_<”
    haha..mafia dude. that caption always made me laugh.

    yeay. thanks for the recap since we all watched RAW, ur recap really help us!

    *off to episode 10*
    will read ur next recap afterwards.. hee ^^

  6. sevenses
    Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    I just wish they’d stop killing us with the near-misses.

    Mafia dude can also be weird hair dude, but nothing will beat Noble Annoyance aka Shi Wan.

  7. Frequentflyer120
    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Aigoo! Aigoo! this drama changes so much on one episode… it certainly keeps you going… (even if the main story moves at a snails pace, if you don’t try too hard, you don’t notice… )

    I hope my computer survives this drama. for every NEAR MISS I curse and abuse the monitor. *shakes fist in protest* if only this was a 12 or 16 episode drama…

  8. flyingcrispi
    Monday, July 14, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Iljimae and Eun Chae sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Well, not yet.

    “Then we cut to Yong making gunpowder in his mini-lab”
    That brings up the question: How did he manage to NOT blow himself up? I mean, you don’t become a bomb maker without internet! How did he pull it off? Plus, I didn’t see any “How to make a bomb in the Chosun era”.

    “Somehow, illogically, the cart now weighs more with the horse cut loose, and they fall in the secret trapdoor that he built earlier.”
    I was so amazed…this is a carbon copy of the Italian Job… only in a lettuce field…

    I LOVE the wanted poster. Would look great on my wall, next to Hong Gil Dong’s (which I wish I had).

    “Swe Dol attempts to persuade Shi Hoo to go easy on Yong”
    I made a quick stop to get the dog out of my room and when I came back, one the screen, the translation was ‘I have done many wrongful things to that boy’. I kinda freaked out, especially after the King and the Clown. Is my mind dark and twisty?

    “Yong looks at the handkerchief, almost burns it”
    That would have been pretty stupid, it’s embroidered silk for frakk’s sakes!

    “Meanwhile, Shi Hoo is hot on the trail of Iljimae.”
    Next on SBS… CSI : Chosun

    “Swe Dol’s store opening makes everyone really happy, and uses a pig head thing (could someone please tell me more about this custom?)”
    Oh yeah, I wonder too. They do that a lot when promoting a drama. It must bring good luck!

    “(Crazy Yong, aka personality #1298371901, makes an appearance.)”
    How do you come up with those numbers? Are they random or do you use formulas and stuff? Or is it code?

    Oh and who’s the guy in the purple suit already? With the grey beard? He gives off good waves…

    Most frustrating thing ever. And they abuse of it. Grrrrr

    Well, I’m off watching the next ep. See you in “Iljimae Episode 10, recap” !

  9. sevenses
    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    They totally should do a CSI: Chosun. With guest appearances by criminologists Byun Shik, In Hyung and Shi Wan! With anonymous appearances by Hong Gil Dong and Iljimae! (Only, you know, anonymous…)

  10. puja
    Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 6:58 am

    So I’d like to thank you. I started watching this drama, only to discover that you literally have to scour the internet to find working videos for each ep. I’m even considering buying the damn boxset from some randomer (and lord knows whether it’s real or not) because I’m sick of watching versions in French and Vietnamese (I speak small amounts of French, but Vietnamese is lost on me). ANYHOW. Episode 9, it turns out, is only available on those dodgy sites that make you give all your details to win some random crap I’d rather not win, but you have to be 18 to qualify? Clearly whoever came up with this didn’t think it through and contemplate the possibility that people under 18 might be watching their shows (half of which are anime…. and therefore, logically, targeted at teenagers).

    BUT I’m rambling, here. The long and short of it is, I couldn’t find the episode to watch (apart from a Vietnamese sub, and I might just watch that and bear your commentary in mind) but essentially, you’ve sketched out the episode and filled in a few gaps for me before I give up and move on to try and watch ep10.

    Many thanks ^-^

    P.S. I like how I appear to be 2 years behind the rest of the world. Anyhow. Yeah =D Be expecting me back here when I fail to find other videos ^-^

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