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Legend Episode 12, recap

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Episode 12

Damduk pays Jumuchi with land, instead of the customary money. Incidentally Damduk wins his loyalty.

Ho Gae comes to visit Damduk. When entering the palace, he remembers the time he spent together with Damduk before his mother’s death – aww. So cheerful and happy, kiddie! Ho Gae was. (Sorry for the Yoda-speak.)

Damduk doesn’t want ordinary citizens to die in the competition for the Jooshin king, but Ho Gae is determined to win.

Unfortunately, Yon and Ho Gae have the cabinet eating out of their hands. Damduk, however, seems very calm.

He comes home after a long day to find Sujini drinking, in the throne hall, no less. She is sort of offended that he would want her to ‘butt out’ of his business… and quickly sours the mood with a discussion on Kiha. Poor puppy still loves Kiha.

Wow. Way to depress the hell out of the audience.

Logistically, the war with Baekje that Ho Gae proposes is expensive, in time, money, people and food. Damduk plans to approve it – to Julno’s fury and dismay. In fact, Damduk is going to help them.

Everyone’s putting everything into it, even if Damduk is leading only 3000 people against the entirety of West Baekje. Ba Son makes the best weapons she can, and Dalbi even helps out with a bit of logistics planning. She proves to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Kiha angsts about the future of the baby, and Ho Gae just angsts.

Kiha the black shadow Nazgul of Goguryo is scary. But she’s just visiting Damduk at night. Instead of seeing her beloved, she gets an eyeful of Sujini/Damduk.

Sujini’s been raiding the royal winery, and Damduk teases her by drinking all the alcohol she’s brought. Damduk even says, “You’re like my sister. Your disgrace is my disgrace.” Then he gets back to work on complicated paper stuff, but with a huge grin.

Kiha watches and is resentful. When Damduk looks up at where she stands, she’s gone.

Far away in West Baekje, a group of mysterious men take an equally mysterious symbol off to someplace. It’s actually a trap for the Hwacheon informants at the last inn. This new information attempts to derail Ho Gae’s path, or at least to delay him.

Lord Yon finds it slightly disturbing that Hwacheon is so obsessed by the symbols.

Damduk’s plan of strategems and trickery makes the Julno chief terribly annoyed. (In passing, lols at Ho Gae being called a ‘rat bastard’.)

Outdoor stages everywhere proclaim Ho Gae’s bravery and Baekje’s dastardliness. I am amused that Lord Yon would seek such obvious ways of swaying the public, but then it does work.

Damduk plans to attack a minor fort to draw the main Baekje force away from Ho Gae and sandwich the forces in between them. But he sends the Julno chief home to prepare for war. Though, you know, I’m not sure this would work, because Ho Gae would have to trust Damduk first.

The Iron Horse warrior leader (who is actually related to Ho Gae) is granted permission to go fight. Damduk is still the more thoughtful one of the cousins. Well, that hasn’t ever changed, but it’s interesting to see Damduk’s ability to bear humiliation and scorn stand up to scrutiny.

Ho Gae, at first, is unwilling to obey Damduk’s command that the Iron Horse warriors be granted first place in the war – and that no conflict may start without them, but when he hears that Kiha will be accompanying them, his face registers a change.

End episode.


– What do you bet that, when the time comes for the two-pronged sandwich strategy, Ho Gae will stab Damduk in the back?

– Dude, Damduk is all about the subterfuge… which is kind of annoying, but if he can stand the put-downs, then I suppose we have to too.

– We’ve all complained that Iljimae has a torturously slow progression in terms of Eun Chae and Kyum, but here, at episode 12, our people have yet to get together – and I’m not complaining. What a surprise. I thought I would be super impatient, but it’s quite sweet, to see Damduk come around slowly. Then again, if he recovers from loving Kiha in the snap of some fingers, then obviously his love isn’t worth anything.


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