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Legend Episode 11, recap

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Episode 11

Before they enter, Lord Yon takes away Damduk, Sujini and Hyungo’s weapons. Kiha tries to make eye contact with Damduk, but he never looks at her.

Ho Gae is hard to read – he doesn’t want to be directly responsible for Damduk’s death, but he is very willing to take the throne and Kiha all the same.

Damduk asks for the truth of what happened in front of the assembled nobles, and Kiha’s presence is revealed. Kiha is devastated that Damduk does not believe her – this time Ho Gae is the one to defend her. Poor Kiha has just received what looks like a psychological death blow.

Ho Gae, seeing that he is threatening Kiha, moves to use the Sword of Judgement on him. The Oracle cannot refuse, under combined pressure.

Damduk is surprisingly calm. Kiha is resigned. Sujini is outraged, she speaks out but is silenced by Damduk. He hands the sword of Jumong to Ho Gae. As he walks up the raised dais, Kiha reaches out for one last touch, and is rebuffed.

There’s a lot of talk of the role of Heaven in the world, and the crowd stirs in anticipation.

He accepts the Sword of Judgement, and touches the casket of his dead father. He closes his eyes and raises his arms in an open gesture. Then, as Ho Gae walks up to the dais with the sword, Kiha takes it from him and stabs Damduk with it. He feels the impact, and sees that Kiha is the one to hold the sword.

They communicate via eyepathy. (No, seriously, they actually TALK with only their eyes. Go voice-overing.)

Damduk falls, and Sujini cradles his collapsed body in her arms. Kiha takes out her own dagger and intends to kill herself, but the blade of the sword of Jumong totally disappears after glowing super brightly. Damduk’s fine. As in, really fine, without a scratch, eyes bright and tail bushy, etc.

He is proclaimed innocent.

Since the Turtle and the Phoenix have chosen different kings of Jooshin, the people who uncover and make the last two activate will be the true king. Meanwhile, Damduk is to rule.

Damduk walks to the throne room, and recalls his uncle’s last words. (A little obsessed, these people? And I note with increasing pleasure that the throne is the same one in HGD. That’s where all the angsty mercury fumes came from!)

Sujini’s always with him now – and she manages to cheer him up in a way that Kiha didn’t manage to, which is good. Except this episode is a bit nostalgic, and that makes me a bit sniffy and impatient at the same time. Damduk finally accepts what his father and uncle were trying to tell him and decides to be the Jooshin king, to honour their requests.

Aww, Damduk wants to be the best king there is.

Despite all this proof, Lord Yon is still trying to convince the three chiefs that there was hanky-panky. (Well, maybe not panky, but definitely hanky.) The chief of the Iron Sword is, however, for the moment, loyal to Damduk.

Creepy Hwacheon dude tries to take away her memories of Damduk, but it doesn’t work. (So refreshing to see that something of his doesn’t work, for once. Sa Ryang runs up to catch the unconscious Kiha, but Dae Jang Ryo just muses that there is something in Kiha that is preventing him from altering her memory.

Dalbi begs Jumuchi to teach her how to fight. The man is much put-upon, but accepts her. He refuses the men who work for Ho Gae, which is always heartening, as most of the men are gathering to Ho Gae, because they think he was wronged.

The Guh Mool have turned the palace into an archive, teaching Damduk about the state of affairs around Goguryo. Aww. General Go comes back. There is manly hugging.

(So things are split with the palace guard, Guh Mool and Julno siding with Damduk, and the rest of the frackking country plus Hwacheon is with Yon Ho Gae.)

Lols, Sujini is one of the few people who can actually read… and is annoyed at the Yon’s super ability to set up tournaments and stuff.

Creepy Hwacheon dude takes an unconscious Kiha away to the Yon residence by carriage. The sight enrages Sujini. Huh. She’s really here to be woken by Ho Gae, Sleeping-Beauty-like.

At night, they sneak in to the Yon residence, where unconscious!Kiha is radiating heat (much like the summer sun here, minus the humidity) and making water boil… Uh, okay. This gives Ho Gae an opportunity to wipe her forehead and take his robe off. Several layers of it. (Sujini misconstrues when he hugs her during a nightmare.)

She’s dreaming about Kajin losing her fire powers to Hwanwoong, but also about Kajin’s suicide and Seoh’s death. Poor Kiha is crying and giving off heat, and Ho Gae is just… enduring it.

Sujini is le shocked. (When’s our girl going to realize her own firepowers, eh?)

Ba Son absolutely refuses to do business with the Yon family. Then Damduk comes, escorted by the fierce General Go. Ba Son facevaults and refuses or is unable to get up. Lol, she’s showcasing all types of armour, even western European ones. Soooo cute, as she explains the weaknesses of each one.

Ba Son invented chain mail! And uh, yeah, she shows it off to Damduk, even if she is three sizes too small for it.

The next morning, Kiha has stopped radiating heat, but Ho Gae is still worried. Then he kisses her on the forehead (this being 21863120938109 BC, I think it was a big deal, yea?)

And now we know why Dae Jang Ryo cannot erase her memory. Kiha’s pregnant. Sa Ryang sees this, and backs out in some sort of dismay.

(And Damduk is continuing the tradition of luridly coloured silk robes – at least the colours don’t clash as badly this time.)

Hyungo’s really into his job as advisor. General Go is neutral.

Jumuchi joins Damduk on the condition that he beat Jumuchi – but it’s really because Dalbi’s joining him. 😀

End episode.


– My god, Lee Jia looks fetching even when she’s getting a nosebleed. Wtf, self. Also, layers of makeup do not a beauty make, but the skin sure looks fake.


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    • anonymous
      Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 9:44 pm

      i watch it on youtube
      the user who uploads it is irishagutana

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