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Iljimae Episode 8, recap

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I’m holding back from fully fangirling (read: love without all bounds – look how well that turned out last time) this series, but it looks so much more promising now.

Episode 8

Swe Dol teaches Yong the basics of theft – vaulting over walls, stealthy steps, lockpicking, among other things. (Um, and Yong gets this in one day. Dunno about you, but that looks like extraordinary talent to me.) Of course, he incurs a lot of bruises and undignified sprawls in the training, but he’s taking to this like a duck to water.

(We’re proud of you, Kyumi.)

So he does a little night exercise to test his skills.

While Yong is diligently picking away at the warehouse lock, three nobles are discussing how to handle Lee Myung Bak’s treachery. They agree to lie low until there is more proof to take him down.

In the midst of looking at the sword display, Yong hears people entering the warehouse. He finds a handy corner to hide in, and we are left to witness the corruption that has seeped into the highest levels of bureaucracy – that it’s common practice for nobles to have hidden stores of wealth.

Yong takes a valuable-looking container that has a painting inside. Someone spots Yong’s footsteps on the outside wall and calls in the royal guard. Yong goes home and opens the container, but the painting inside isn’t what he’s after, and he tosses it aside in disgust.

The next morning, Shi Wan picks on Shi Hoo while the others go search for the thief.

Swe Dol, doing housework, finds Yong’s stolen set of police uniform in the warehouse and is delighted. Meanwhile, his son is running around with the mafia.

Shi Hoo finds the container of the painting by accident (while avoiding Shi Wan, in fact). Poor Swe Dol gets captured because Shi Wan is searching everyone with a history of theft first. Shi Hoo sees the overturned house that Dani is cleaning up after Shi Wan’s search and feels really bad.

Eun Chae, not one to waste good daylight, is actually helping the people building houses. Her father comes and scolds her a little for building the inn on sturdy and not elegant lines, but since this is actually Eun Chae’s business (all hers!), he doesn’t get much say. He lets her know of the theft at Lee Myung’s house, and she muses that the thief should stay uncaught for a little while, so the nobles could get nervous about their illicit riches. (She’s so perfect it makes me want to roll my eyes.)

Shi Hoo’s discovery of the tube leads Shi Wan to Dae Shi, Yong’s particular friend. While Shi Wan polishes up on his torture skills, Shi Hoo knows that the footsteps left on the wall have been made by someone of much smaller girth than the solidly built Dae Shi. (But Shi Wan is an arrogant ass, so they can’t say anything.)

When he hears of it, Yong rushes over, guilt written all over his face. Having gotten his best friend into possibly fatal trouble, Yong formulates many plots to get him free.

Plan number 1: Complain at the gates of the palace. Enlisting Bong Soon and many other peasants who are already there.

Incidentally, here’s where Yong gets a good look at the plight of the rest of the Korean peasants. His friend tells him to take more concern in the affairs of the country, but at the moment, Yong only cares about finding out what happened to himself.

All the protesting peasants rush the gates at once, creating bedlam, which allows Yong to slip past and vault some walls (this is not going to get anyone to notice your unusual skill in leaping over walls, idiot). Inside the walls, the noblemen are indulging in some soccer. But nothing like the world cup, since they’re all old and wearing way too much clothing.

Then, Yong sets up his giant banner and starts complaining. Assassin dude in purple (an intimate guard to the king, it appears) notices and escorts Yong to the king. (Byun Shik and a noble who knows the truth behind Lee Won Ho’s death take notice of Yong.) The curtain is rolled up … to reveal a really jolly man.

He’s like … giving off Santa Claus vibes, I swear.

Yong is so disconcerted he has trouble speaking. But once he gets the story out, it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there. The king is so nice that I think the guy has a hidden agenda – but for the moment, he comments on Yong’s uncommon vivacity and promises to help his friend prove his innocence.

Satisfied to have gained what he wanted, Yong gets up to leave, then remembers the other peasants and tells the king also. (Not solely concerned with himself, I see.) The nobles are annoyed at being caught relaxing when they should have told the king, and the king agrees to see the others too.

The king actually gets up close and personal with the peasants, which makes me feel better about him – it’s obvious he cares about his people, and he cancels all the other things scheduled that day to deal with their problems.

Yong drops his father’s medallion (these accidents, oish) in the dirt outside the palace, and Bong Soon picks it up. Having never suffered a memory impediment (see? hitting your kids is bad), Bong Soon remembers right away who it belonged to and wants to find out.

The king orders that all the pleas be tended to right away, full stop, no questions. The nobles grouse, but he’s the king, and they can’t outright contradict him. So the rest of the peasants get their pleas granted, but Yong’s friend, Dae Shi, remains the main suspect, and as such, will get his head cut off. Dang.

Yong gets super angry at the bastard ministers, and vows to do things his own way. Meanwhile, back at where Dae Shi works, a general atmosphere of gloom pervades. Yong takes a little axe and goes about stealing all the previous goods at Lee Myung’s house, which forces him to release Dae Shi.

Swe Dol was asked to make an unpickable lock for Lee Myung’s house, which impedes this plan somewhat. However, Yong waits until the minister moves his stuff out to strike. He manages to block the road and blow off smoke bombs (well if it worked in HGD, then it would work here). While all the servants are staggering around blinded, he makes off with the goods. And, to Lee Myung’s dismay, he also broke into the warehouse (take that, unpickable lock!) and leaves a few marks on a painting, of plum blossoms (thus destroying a doubtlessly priceless piece of art, but we don’t care as much), so as to demonstrate that it’s not Dae Shi.

Though I find it rather unbelievable that he managed to cart an entire wagon, cow and all, away into unseen distance within the space it takes for the smoke bombs to disperse. Oh well. Take him as he comes.

At the execution site, Dae Shi recalls the days when his father was still with him with tears. Bong Soon comforts his boss/mother substitute, while Bong Soon’s father gets ready to break the boy out, but an order comes for Dae Shi’s release.

Yong rushes up from hiding away the cart full of valuables, I presume, and cries in gladness that this rescue was not botched.

Meanwhile, Shi Hoo uses the brains that he inherited from his real father and figures everything out, just not the identity of the thief. More opportunities for him to kill some half-siblings and family, gosh.

Bong Soon purposely lets slip that Yong is in fact part of the mafia wannabe, which gets Swe Dol angry. However, Yong tells his father that, with the way things are, Yong the peasant will never make the exams, honestly or otherwise, because the world works in favour of the nobles. (Oh, so he does know. Good.)

Dani comes up while he’s having these revelations with Swe Dol and beats him for being so disparaging to the father who raised him like his own son (indeed, and has tried harder than many real fathers). Swe Dol is honestly worried about Yong, who is of noble birth, becoming a street person. He thinks that he’s failed this son too, and Dani tries to persuade him otherwise. She finally admits her own role in the disaster.

Yong has escaped to the plum trees in his old home and seeks comfort there.

Shi Hoo goes back to the warehouse that night and wonders at the use of red plum blossoms. Both he and his mentor admit that the thief was decent enough to not allow his own crimes kill someone else. (But that won’t stop Shi Hoo from handing him in when the time comes, I bet.)

Kyum, or Yong, stares unhappily at the plum blossoms in his yard and hopes his father knows what he’s trying to do. (I don’t care if Byun Shik’s sister-in-law owns it now, it’s his in spirit.)

The next morning, Eun Chae hands the villa over to her aunt, but takes a final walk in the courtyard to immerse herself in memories, especially of that really nice boy she met there. She manages to lever herself up on the same branch Kyum once helped her on, and sees Yong stretched out and sleeping on the wall right next to the tree.

She is captivated by his beautiful face (you and 28196361510 other girls, hon). Eun Chae inches in for a closer look and is startled when Yong wakes up. She is about to fall, but Yong catches her arm and steadies her.

End episode.


– God, Shi Wan is such an ass. And Shi Hoo wouldn’t be making bad decisions all the time if he could just get over himself. Either that, or the writers need to find themselves a new whipping boy for their plot devices. Sheesh.

– Yay! They meet.

– And Yong is fully ready to step into Iljimae’s shoes now. Hurrah for him!


  1. Da
    Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Thanks for the EP8 recap !!! i dont think Yong practice thief skills in only 1 day? maybe they want to speed up the drama so they didnt have to show us ^^

  2. Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    the “Hwang Shang” gives me bad vibes man, i think he appeared in earlier episodes as the person who ordered the hit to kill Kyum, no? i’m not sure, i cannot tell old men with mustache and donned in traditional garment apart from each other. they all look the same to me.

  3. sevenses
    Monday, June 16, 2008 at 8:56 am

    I hope so too, Da. The alternative is just a bit too ridiculous – though the timeline he’s give to rescue Dae Shi is rather tight, so it was a short period of time regardless.

    And Leleohead, I do agree. I didn’t want to say it because I wasn’t certain either (so thank you for speaking up!) but I do remember that the royal family’s surname was Lee. It’s very possible Lee Won Ho was a cousin/direct son of the royal house, and that Kyum is actually in the bloodline, which is why the king had them killed.

  4. lyn
    Monday, June 16, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    hey thanks..im so happy that i finally get to read ur recap…so busy these days..lol…the king kinda look familiar..iono if i saw him in earlier episode..thanks again for the recap!!!!

  5. farah_najihah
    Monday, June 30, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    i love this episode! thanks for the recap!

  6. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, July 3, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    In this ep, Shi Ho is cute like a death sentenced cookie, and Iljimae has a bad hair day.
    It’s definitely on the road to goodness!

  7. dee
    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 4:10 am

    the king is the guy that personally killed lord lee right?

  8. sevenses
    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    Thanks! (I know. Shi Hoo stuns with his cute.)

    Yes. I’m spoiling you, but what the heck.

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