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Legend Episode 10, recap

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Was unduly stressed this morning by internet registration for classes, but then realized that it opened at 8AM and it was currently 7:30. Obvious fail here. Anyway, here be episode 10, which marks a turning point, of sorts.

Episode 10

Lord Yon has trouble believing that Damduk is also the Jooshin king (you mean is the only?). However, creepy Hwacheon dude is all about choosing his own Jooshin king. This scares Lord Yon, and uh, yeah, the insanity is glaringly obvious here.

(Lord Yon: I liked it better when you talked pretty to me.)

Ho Gae’s off having his own crazy moment of recollection. He runs into Kiha in the hallway, who wastes no time getting her dagger out and asking him if he killed Damduk. (What a bad morning this is turning out to be, his brain says.) He runs around the issue, telling her what happened last night and hinting that Damduk may actually be the king.

Kiha doesn’t care. She just wants to be certain her lovebunny’s alive. Ho Gae muses that none of the four guardians can truly harm the king, and demands that Kiha stab him. (Um. That’s presuming you got the RIGHT PHOENIX, YOU IDIOT.)

The chief of Julno gives a cremation ceremony to his sons. The one that’s still left alive is crying. It’s a night for tears, as Damduk wakes up crying too. Poor guy. He’s going to be responsible for an entire war (thanks, flyingcrispi).

Sujini, bedhair notwithstanding, wakes up from sitting in front of Damduk’s door. He is in a hurry to leave for Gooknae, ignoring the advice of all the elders.

He even throws Hyungo to the wall when he suggests that Kiha killed his father. (He’s feeling guilty for abandoning his father and siding with Kiha. Aww.) He flounces off, with Sujini following.

Lord Yon threatens the Oracle. She will not support him in defiance of the prophecy. He also twists the facts around to make it seem like Gak Dan killed the king then gave the sword to Damduk – which means he’s in big trouble.

Yon proceeds to strip Damduk of his powers as Crown Prince and to arrest him. (Good plotter, this one.) He gives supreme power to the five clans (but can control them through plotting…)

Damduk doesn’t want Sujini to follow him. He’s also quite mean. (But he reckoned without the powers of Sujini the Alcoholic and Cute Burr, with Extra Sticking Powers.)

Dalbi is still mourning her husband – and lol, Ba Son cooks with a spade. Unsurprisingly, her cooking is horrible. Jumuchi does some shouting and spurs Dalbi into eating. Funnily enough, Ba Son doesn’t care about anything except her precious Sujini.

Damduk goes to the palace to see the oracle and his father’s body.

Creepy Hwacheon dude tells Kiha that it’s her fault that all this has happened, because he could not allow their fire priestess to fall in love with the king again – and if she does, that the two must be separated. Sujini does some nice subterfuge work and delivers a message to Kiha. (Unfortunately she is recognized by Sa Ryang. But nothing happens to her.)

The Oracle brings in a surviving guard to tell Damduk what happened the night his father died, and he has no choice but to believe them… and the priestess also tells him to live far away from the country, because Lord Yon has essentially taken over.

He leaves, but not before trying to kill a pillar of granite. (Me: Yes, because obviously that pillar betrayed you, killed your father and was plotting your death.)

There is significant angsting, while Sujini tries not to interfere again. Kiha is delayed in setting out, which gives creepy Hwacheon dude time to send attack troops to where Damduk’s waiting. Then Sa Ryang moves to block her. To get to her, Damduk kills his way through the troops. It starts pouring cats and dogs, for some odd reason. Oh yeah. Dramatic fallacy.

Sujini falls down, from a combination of injuries and stress, and Damduk goes to her.

Kiha cries, or gets soaked, or both…

Sujini gets treated, back home. Ouch, that’s a nasty-looking wound, poisoned too? Damduk is angsting again… that boy, he just never gets a break.

When Sujini comes to, Damduk is there, apologizing for trusting Kiha. (It’s more like trusting Kiha’s ability to control what’s going on around her. Puppets, all of them.)

And because it’s a Damduk/Sujini moment, I’m going to make you guys suffer through dialogue! BWAHAHA.

Damduk: I told you that I’ve trusted her since I was 11.
Sujini: It is often the closest who betray us.
Damduk: Hey!
Sujini: My name is Sujini. Stop calling me ‘you’.
Damduk: My mistake almost killed you. It killed my father, and those boys at Dae Ja Castle.
Sujini: So?
Damduk: Your master calls me the king because his staff shone. What about you? Do you just listen to your master, regardless?
Sujini: Hey, would you take a look at my wound?
Damduk: [inner monologue] uh… you’re a girl. Argh, bare skin!
Sujini: I’m always like that. No matter how injured i get, the next day I am healed. Except with poison, and only the Hwacheon people use that. I think the king should be like me.
Damduk: *amused*
Sujini: If you become king, people will die. During war, you have to be ready to say, “Charge!” and have thousands of men risk their lives for you. If you get discouraged every time someone dies, how will you be king? So the king should have the ability to heal any wound in a day. That way he can get up the next day and do what he has to do.
Damduk: *still amused*
Sujini: I’ve spoken so many wise words. I need to sleep now, my head hurts.
Damduk: Sujini, thanks.

Sujini falls asleep, all warmed, and Damduk is soothed.

Yon and Dae Jang Ryo (aka creepy Hwacheon dude) plot what to do when Damduk shows up to the royal funeral.

Ho Gae finds Kiha all depressed. He’s really consumed by jealousy, hm, and Kiha’s silence thing isn’t helping. He’s nice enough to tell her to warn Damduk not to come to the funeral tomorrow, because they’re planning to use the Sword of Judgment on Damduk.

Instructions for judgment: Stick sword in heart. If person dies, guilty. If person survives, innocent. (So effective, no one has been proclaimed innocent.)

Ho Gae has to do it, and he doesn’t really want to. (Hwacheon and Yon are banking on the fact that no one has survived to keep Damduk away.)

Kiha asks to be at the ceremony, and asserts that he will come. She goes to see Damduk, in defiance of her superiors.

On the other side, Hyungo tries to convince Damduk from going. He still doesn’t believe it, so he’ll go to see if Heaven will protect him. Hyungo is all frustrated, but he has no choice to follow.

Ba Son bumps into Guh Mool people, who are searching for the errant three.

At the day of the funeral, Yon’s lackey stirs up trouble, arousing the wrath of Kiha and the Oracle. Just then, Damduk arrives. Everyone is shocked.

See, now Damduk recognizes himself as the Jooshin king, and also cuts himself away from Kiha. (Which will result in a lot of pain for our secondary leads, but alas.)


– Slight anachronism… but Ba Son is always chewing gum?

– Kiha has started to wear dark colours like blood red and black more often, in place of her usual pink and white when she was young.

– So Damduk is The Boy Who Just Won’t Die. Good to know. Let’s see – creepy Hwacheon dude/Dae Jang Ryo is obviously Voldemort. Lord Yon is Lucius Malfoy and by extension Ho Gae would be the more proactive Draco. Erm. There is, unfortunately, no Dumbledore – unless you count General Go. Who’s Snape? We can’t let an important figure like Snape go by. Hmph.

– The lack of girls in both canons make it kind of hard to place the two. Is Sujini Ginny (Oh god, that’s just not funny anymore) or is Kiha? Given the previous history of being possessed by Voldemort and the birthing of chilluns, I’d say it’s Kiha. But I like Sujini better.

– While writing the recap, I kept on typing crêpy Hwacheon dude… brain equates evil with food? Erm.

– Next episode looks like a doozy, again. *headdesk*


  1. irugnotmis
    Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    *hands out yummilicious crêpe*
    haha nice Harry Potter analogy.

    you guys’ online registration is so late! but that means you got into med school right? yay!! which one?

    PS: I love Snape!!

  2. sevenses
    Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Actually, everyone registers on the 10th of June at McGill. (It’s insane how many people got there at 8 in the morning and reg’ed.)

    I guess Sa Ryang can be Snape. (I’ll correct that little slip, if you want.)

  3. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    “He’s going to be responsible for an entire war (thanks, flyingcrispi).”
    What did I do?

    Ahh, the rain fight, it’s the very start of the official will they/won’t they of Sujini and Damduk… Definitly my 3rd favorite Damini moment.
    And as for the Harry Potter analogy, sometimes, it reminds me of Hermione and Ron. She’s been there, fought with him, and believed in him blablabla, and all he does is going out with Lavander until he realizes Hermione is way better and she was blablabla, so he breaks up with Lav’ and spends the rest of his loooong life with her. Was that confusing? It’s pretty late here, so I’m not sure it makes sense. Anyway!

    Et c’est marrant que tu parles de crêpes, justement j’en ai mangé hier, avec du nutella… Trop trop bon! Ah, et félicitations si tu as été acceptée a McGill!

  4. sevenses
    Friday, June 13, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    No no, that wasn’t blaming you! It was just to say that you told me that he would be responsible for a war (but then it’s very hard to fight a war without an opponent – it’d be too much like stomping on little kids otherwise.)

    Oh? What are your Damini moments? (All sorts of interesting abbreviations have cropped up, from Damsu to Suduck. The permutations are endlessly cute.)

    Merci! Est-ce que tu as gouté une crêpe avec des fruits (n’importe quelle combinaison) couvert de la crème fouettée puis trempé dans une sauce de chocolat?

  5. flyingcrispi
    Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 4:54 am

    I love Damini. Suduck makes me think of Sudoku. Anyway, I could make you a list, but it would be full of spoilers. I’ll do that on the recap for ep24, so I don’t ruin the cuteness, ok ?

    Oui, j’ai gouté il y a longtemps, et c’est succulent, mais bon, on a vite l’estomac rempli, alors on peut pas en manger beaucoup. Mes combinaisons préférées sont banane/chocolat, framboise/chocolat et fraise/chocolat. Est ce que tu as déja fait des fondues au chocolat?

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