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Legend Episode 7, recap

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Episode 7

Hyungo receives the news, and gathers the disciples together.

A phoenix is seen flying around in the sky – Sujini sees it and makes an effort to get out. But the bars are made of iron, so no go.

Everyone believes, from this, is that the Jooshin is Ho Gae. The Guh Mool are puzzled and think that the Hwacheon have messed things up, as Sujini is supposed to be the guardian of the phoenix. (And everyone forgets that it was Kajin and Seoh?)

Now Hyungo explains the funny tattoo on Kiha’s back – it’s the brand of Hwacheon, and anyone who is branded cannot escape the will of the Hwacheon. She’s tried cutting it off, but nothing works.

Damduk is summoned for the coronation. He is distressed and refuses to take the crown. His father tells him the truth of his birth and why he was hidden for so long. Guilt layer #2894723871 is added for causing his mother’s death in the cold mountains.

Shock does not become Damduk. He also knows that his way to the throne will mean a lot of bloodshed.

At the coronation, half the nobles are absent. Oh, they’re in the cabinet room. They demand the return of the elders’ sons before any of them will attend.

At home, Ho Gae is all distressed at finding out the real plan. Kiha wants to runs off to warn Damduk. Ho Gae goes to confront his father and creepy Hwacheon man, to no avail.

Funny that Damduk and Ho Gae are both united in their concern for the well-being of their country and not for actual power. I have the feeling either one would have been an awesome king. *smites meddlers with the hammer of doom*

When Damduk hears of the details from Kiha, he determines to leave the palace and rescue the three men.

The king assigns security detail to his son, even while Lord Yon is doing his best to stir up the mess. Alas for Kiha, the chief of the guard remembers her participation in the recognition of Ho Gae as the Jooshin king.

The leaders of the three provinces have sent their troops towards the central castle, intending to stage a coup. The gates are closed, but they can last only so long.

Ho Gae practices his swordsmanship in frustration.

On the way to rescuing the sons of the provincial chiefs, Damduk is surrounded by his bodyguards, and told to kill himself for the good of the nation.

The king sends the chief back to Julno, to build a safe base for his son. (Thus sacrificing himself.)

Damduk admits that there will be peace in the event of his death, but that the method to bring about this peace is not worthy of the Jooshin king. Just then, Ho Gae arrives. He tells Damduk that he was also born under the star.

At this, the soldiers ready to kill Damduk. Kiha pricks him with a needle and sends him to sleep. Then she carries him to safety, but not before she has to swear to come back to Ho Gae.

Ho Gae promises that if Damduk does not return, neither his father nor him will come to harm.

So, Kiha has until the next sunrise with Damduk.

(Somehow, I like her less than her kid self. Sujini and Damduk are always lovable. Ho Gae is cutesy angst. But Kiha? Ehhh.)

Lord Yon is furious that Ho Gae let him go. Ho Gae, on the other hand, does not like using underhanded methods. (He is accused of doing this for love of Kiha, but nah. The others are just trying to control him.) Now they Asian parent guilt-trip him, saying that every soldier who dies in the ensuing civil war will be his fault.

Damduk wakes up in a hut, on the far side of the kingdom, in a village somewhere. The people are all so poor and desolate. Damduk is shocked and unhappy. (And we show that ethnocentricity again – he only cares if these people are Korean.)

Aww, he angsts because Kiha recognizes Ho Gae as king. The fact that this is Kiha, who was with him all the time, has decided to believe in Ho Gae, hurts him a lot. They still love each other. Aww.

(Wait, isn’t Kiha older than he is? So is Sujini, come to speak of it.)

Ho Gae sleeps in the candlelit shrine, thinking of Kiha and waiting for her to come back before sunrise.

Oh look. Kiha and Damduk slept together. (Wait. So Kiha really is Seoh – she’s going to have a kid, who is going to go with Sujini once she goes over the dark side, and then she’ll go insane when she finds her child loves Sujini more than her, and Damduk will hurt like bucketloads. It fits, unfortunately.)

Kiha leaves Damduk. There is a note. On the road, she is acosted by Hwacheon warriors. And Mr. Creepy chief.

Hyungo, also on the road, has a theory – both Sujini and Kiha can use the phoenix fire. (One is Kajin, and the other is Seoh. Despite the initials, I do think Kiha is Seoh.)

Damduk wakes up all alone. Her note tells him that she will return soon, that she has gone to get people to break his father out of the capital, which has become a siege city.

But she is taken hostage by the Hwacheon creepy guy.



– Nooooooooooo. Thus begins the tragedy of Kiha, who loved Damduk but was thwarted by fate at every turn, bla bla. I suppose that having a love triangle where all three participants were loved is novel, but it makes my head hurt, okay? And really. I bet everyone dies. (Yes, am ill of Hong Gil Dong-itis, why do you ask?)


  1. flyingcrispi
    Friday, June 6, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    Noooo, nobody dies…they just all pass away! I’m just kidding. Seriously, you’re going to have to imagine what happens at the end with that fertile brain of yours. Be sure to make an epilogue!

    “The people are all so poor and desolate.” You mean that the economically disadvantaged occupy substandard housing in the countryside? lol

  2. sevenses
    Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    I… think I will. In which someone gets hit over the head. A lot.

    zOMG, where did that come from? That too. The village is actually called the village of the desolate. Makes you wonder, you know, at the prescience.

    Random guy with following: LO! For this is my village, and I shall name it Desolate!
    Sidekick: But, but my lord, that is a name most inauspicious…
    Sidekick: *muttering* … this all the time … who’s doing all the hard work … could have been master meself … can’t see why … you’ll regret it …
    RGWF: I asked for silence! And now, we shall invade the neighbouring village!
    Neighbouring village: Oh noes!
    RGWF: *is bad at planning*
    Neighbouring village: Huh. What a lightweight. *smites*
    Village: *is desolate*
    RGWF: See? I … was … right … *dies*

    Okay. Have had too much mocha. Sorry.

  3. flyingcrispi
    Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    I just watched Titanic (after 10 years, it’s not getting old), and being short of chocolate, I cried like a sad pancake on my desk. Then I decided to see if you posted or commented anything, and I read that… Gee, it’s even better than chocolate! I couldn’t stop laughing! I really really hope you drink more mocha and come up with stuff like that for everything …
    Thanks for making the waterfalls disappear!

  4. irugnotmis
    Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Kiha is definitely older, but Sujini was only a neonate on the night the crown prince was born. so she’s almost the same age.

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