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Iljimae Episode 5, recap

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Finally! Wonder why the release was delayed… anyway. It’s a depressing week all around, methinks.

I’m not sure which name to use now, since Yong now knows he’s also Kyum… I think I’ll stick to Yong, atm.

Episode 5

We begin with Swe Dol tossing his pried-out tooth onto his roof, praying to the tooth fairy (or the Korean spiritual equivalent) to give him his tooth back. Yong rolls his eyes at the childishness and avers that it won’t work. As can be seen, the return of his memories renders Yong more mature and intelligent. (so he peaked at age 6? Doesn’t say much about his eventual intelligence…) As Swe Dol blabbers on about him making the annual exams and succeeding, Yong tries not to cry at the generous support this man’s always given him, even if he isn’t a blood-and-flesh son.

The next morning, when Swe Dol comes to wake him, he plays the usual charade. (I get the feeling that he stayed up the entire night.)

Byun Shik sneaks into a dinner for nobles who have passed the entrance exams (in the past) and tries to convince the ministers assembled that the prime minister (who tried to help Yong) should have his heart cut out. The man is obviously a little deranged from all that inbreeding.

Yong sees the jail guard procession escorting the prime minister to be executed, but cannot get close enough to do any talking.

Meanwhile, Bong Soon has set up a ‘fishing’ game to attract customers. They pay a certain amount of money and whatever they fish out they get to keep.

Bong Soon’s father has gone shopping for wines, and when Yong goes there to beg for some money, he sees that his pouch of winnings is in the other man’s hands. Yong is asked to prove it, and he shows that he has put little black labels everywhere on his possessions, which naturally includes the money pouch. Lol.

The hunter who’s stumbled upon Yong several times is accosted by loan sharks, who are about to take away his son and sell him into slavery. Making connections, we see that he’ll probably try to use Yong to earn enough to release his son. He has ten days.

Bong Soon sees her father in the street and knows he’s gone off with her money. She gives chase, which leads into a little restaurant. She sees that the bathroom door is locked and wrenches it open, only to see Yong without his trousers on. Oops. He threatens bodily harm, then retreats back into the stall.

Yong has asked the local detectives to find his sister. Bong Soon and father plot to get money back by pretending to be also working for the detectives. She swindles all his money away.

Byun Shik reports to his superior in plotting that everything moves according to plan. It is revealed that there is another target, and if Byun Shik stumbles even once in his duties, he will also be done away with.

The hunter dude investigates Yong’ background, asking his friend who works at the restaurant. (This one’s not too fast, but the other ones save the day.) The hunter’s suspicions are not alleviated. When Swe Dol comes after him for snooping, he turns the tables around by asking him the questions. (Oh Swe Dol. A brave tough warrior you are not.) Dani firmly asserts that Yong is her son, and also adds that the little bastard took ten months before coming out of her womb.

Bong Soon’s source says he can’t go into the place where the files on Lee Kyum’s mother and sister are placed – it’s top secret, and even ordinary ministers cannot go in. The two flee, and when Yong finds out, he’s too late.

Shi Hoo is in preparation for the military exam, while Swe Dol hopes that Yong will succeed in the civil exam. The schoolmaster applauds his dedication to Yong. (Yes, we get the point, he’s a weakling but he’ll protect those he cares about, can we move on? Thanks.)

Our little rascal, in the meanwhile, has decided to retrieve the records himself. He’s still mostly the blustery Yong, but we can see, emerging, bits of the focused and mature Kyum.

Yong isn’t the only one who wants to see the extensive files on the investigation of the treason cases. Two ministers have come, flanked by supporters, to retrieve the files. Byun Shik demands permission, and the two say they will bring the king’s own command tomorrow. (But there ain’t gonna be a tomorrow, babe, Byun Shik don’t love you no more …)

I’d say that Byun Shik needs to watch his steps a little, as everyone and their cousin is getting suspicious of his ham-handed ways, but that is how the man operates, more’s the pity. He’s probably also going to get rid of the investigating minister in charge at the time of Lee Won Ho’s (Kyum’s dad) conviction.

Unbeknownst to Yong, his friends are all scurrying to concoct cover stories for him in face of the hunter’s investigations. The boy is doing some intensive training (and become really good at martial arts eventually because that is how the show’s logic apparently works. Woohoo for convenient plot devices.)

Meanwhile, he incurs some really painful bruises trying to pole-vault over the walls. Inside, Byun Shik taunts the condemned former investigator with his intention to reveal the truth all those years ago. He says nothing to Byun Shik, but asks for a change of clothing – he does not want to go to audience with the king in dirty clothes that he’s bled on. (I suspect, from the expression on his face as his old clothes are taken away, that they contain a bit more than just blood from being beaten.)

Byun Shik receives his orders to cover up for the fake documents by burning them. The person whom Yong saved flies in and systematically lights all the documents on fire. Yong gets in by pretending to be part of the fire-fighting force.

Once in, he looks around, but he can’t find what he’s looking for. (And the books are blank. Either this was a budget-saving attempt or they were replaced, we’ll see.) The soldiers finally notice that he’s not one of them, and chase him around the different yards. Yong runs into the place where the former investigator is being choked to death by someone in black.

The crown soldiers must be having fun, chasing around two different people and combatting fire.

At the end of the day, Yong doesn’t get what he’s after.

The next morning, we see that Shi Hoo has been ordered by his stepmother to bring clothes to his ‘father’. Byun Shik, at the scene, is almost callous about the incident that may cost him his job if he’s not careful. (I suppose one must make use of stupid people, as the smart people have a tendency to crawl over their superior’s heads, but he’s irksome.)

The ministers from yesterday come to get their records, but since the place burnt down, they get a sum total of nothing. To add insult to injury, their witness also died. The doctor is of the opinion that he’s swallowed his own tongue and committed suicide. Byun Shik looks relieved as the other two ministers are increasingly irritated. Shi Hoo arrives.

After the two higher ministers leave, the man in charge of the prisoner voices his doubts, pointing out the drag tracks in the hay that covers the ground. Byun Shik bullies the other man with the fact that he’s the only one to have keys, to silence him. Shi Hoo watches thoughtfully, then points out the triangular point wounds on the man’s chest (he, coincidentally, also has the same tattoo Kyum’s dad did). This new wound, combined with the drag marks, are enough to prove that some one could have dragged him to the door and forced him to swallow his own tongue all without opening the door.

Byun Shik rounds on his son, and tells him to shut up, in obvious displeasure.

(One of these days, the plot is going to become really obvious, and then he’ll be in trouble.)

Yong takes the opportunity to crawl into the wagon delivering the man’s corpse and escape the place. En route, the guards and lone official discuss the evidence, so at odds with the conclusion. Yong overhears this, and when they are ambushed by other two guards, he discovers a scrap of cloth on the dead man’s head. Unfortunately, in getting away from the new guards, Yong drops the fabric and runs off.

In a none-too-subtle gesture, the scrap Yong holds says, “I have this to tell Kyum…” while the guards hold a piece that says, “… I have little time to do this, and so I can only write, the person who killed your father is none other than …” At this, the guards look at each other in shock and dismay. (I hope they’re allies, goshdarn. Yong’s had more than his share of trouble of late. Follows the pattern of sagueks, though, what with insurmountable odds and a crapload of conspiracy.)

Byun Shik, while grooming his scraggly mustache, gloats. This is when we hear that the documents burnt in the fire were all fake (yes! knew it!) and the real ones are somewhere ‘secure’. The lack of physical evidence also dooms the other side’s investigations. (Um, if only you knew.) His partner in crime, the secret service dude who tried to kill Yong many times, is suspicious of the fact that the man changed clothing before he died. Byun Shik, brain capacity about equal to that of a mole, doesn’t seem to grasp the facts, and chuckles away.

Shi Hoo looks pretty, and angsts. He watches Swe Dol chase Yong around the yard with a broom for not coming home the entire night, musing that he’d much prefer this life (not that he’d be a layabout like Yong, I don’t think) to the one he is living now, conscious only of a torturous inferiority that he is reminded of every second.

Yong is still pretending to be his no-good gambler self.

The secret service dude and Byun Shik make their way to where the man’s clothes are being burnt, and they discover a missing square in the fabric. Just then, a subordinate comes up with the news that the body has been stolen. Byun Shik’s dismay and the secret service person’s expression tell us that this was not planned, and those people were presumably allies to Yong, even if neither side knows it yet.

When Yong comes back from escaping his father’s bristled wrath, his mother tells him that someone came for him, and is willing to wait on a bridge until he arrives. Yong ignores her worry at the possibility that he has incurred debts, and runs off. It is the servant/friend (he looks noble, so probably not servant) of the prime minister, who was executed.

Yong approaches with a sense of purpose. (Me: Finally! Some plot progression!)



– Draggety drag drag. What the hell is up with all the filler episodes??! The editor needs to learn some compression skills.

– When Shi Hoo finds out who his real father is, and with the pieces of knowledge he has – the roof in Byun Shik’s house will come off.

– Speaking of Shi Hoo’s real father, it’s tentatively confirmed that Lee Won Ho, father of Kyum and Shi Hoo, is in fact the younger brother of the king. (Who is evil, but you knew that.)

– Not liking either of the female leads very much, as Eun Chae’s frank perfection and Bong Soon’s overacting are both kind of annoying.

– Will post recap of next episode as soon as I can find episode 6 in csubs!


  1. lyn
    Friday, June 6, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    oh thank u..my god, finally i understand..i guess they’re faster w/ csub…i

    waited so long for the english sub..too lazy to download so i just watch the raw

    version and come here for ur recaps..i have to say, i love your humor..it amkes

    it more interesting to read..some ppl when doing recaps they just summarize

    and it gets boring, but i love how you write your recaps…well done…looking

    forward to the episode 6 recaps…thanks again!!!!

  2. sevenses
    Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Thank you for the generous praise! Just to let you know, episode 6 is up!

  3. farahnajihah
    Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 1:01 am

    omg!! thank u so much for the recap XDDDD

    this drama getting more and more interesting !! i love jun ki oppa XD

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