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Legend Episode 5, recap

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Ahaha, things are heating up! *rubs hands together*

Episode 5

Ho Gae plows through the opposing teams during the tournament. (Apparently you’re allowed to club the other person as long as you don’t hurt the horse.) Dude, the other teams are getting totally beating around the edges. While that’s allowed, the mallets have to be hollow bamboo – but the yellow team is using mallets filled with metal. Sujini fangirls Ho Gae, but is distressed at the violence of the game.

The phoenix heart activated itself during the game. (It means the end is nigh.) Kiha and Sujini are both acting weird, so we certainly can’t tell who’s making it glow. I would guess Kiha, by the jealous expression on her face. As Sujini leaves, Damduk follows, causing some distress Kiha-wise.

Sujini went to blackmail the yellow team about their metal mallets. *headdesk* I can’t believe her. I just… wow. Before they beat her into a pulp, Damduk comes and confronts Ho Gae about the mallets. Turns out he didn’t know either.

Damduk tells him to pay Sujini to keep quiet, and makes to leave. Ho Gae is willing to admit the duplicity and accept the consequences, but Damduk stops him, citing his ban from the tournament as a reason. Ho Gae is angry.

And now Sujini knows who Damduk is. Oops. But they do get to know each other better (as Kiha watches, lol). Kiha is all worried that Sujini makes Damduk smile.

Hyungo wants her to report the day’s events, but as Sujini refuses, Hyungo thinks that she slept with Ho Gae. He goes off into his own world of waaaaaaah. Sujini is all, umm. Hello?

At the Hwacheon house, creepy leader details the activation of the phoenix heart. It could have either been her proximity with Ho Gae. (Or as we know Sujini with Damduk.) Once everything is confirmed, the Hwacheon will put Ho Gae on the throne, using Kiha to control him, and have him find the remaining symbols to the glory of the Hwacheon tribe.

Ho Gae looks for, and finds Damduk. One is menacing and the other one is cheery. *sigh*

Downhearted, but not showing it, Damduk seeks out Sujini to cheer himself up. (Apparently Ho Gae is also drinking himself into the land of the dead.)

Ho Gae is feeling the pressure of being the best warrior in the kingdom – he has to win. And his poor subordinate gets the blunt end of his temper. But, Ho Gae is okay with ordering Il Soo to tamper some more with the Black Team.

Aww, the Black Team is formed of the urchins that followed Damduk. And… they get knifed. Damduk is super super angry now.

Sujini brings them to her place – charging Damduk, but he doesn’t care, and gets Kiha to come look at his injured charges. Sujini’s master is curiously alarmed.

Hyungo: Isn’t that a priestess of the temple? How did you get a priestess to come here?
Sujini: That’s complicated.
Hyungo: And that guy! Why are you always hanging around him?
Sujini: That’s… that’s really complicated.

Lols. Then she runs away.

The black team has been decimated by random forces all year, and as Damduk hears of this, it makes him contemplative, and determined to help out.

Sujini gets a sense of deja vu, again, with Kiha, but she doesn’t admit to having seen her before. Even Kiha is amused by Sujini’s charm. Sujini gets that Kiha and Damduk have something going on.

The match of black versus yellow is not entirely friendly. The yellows engage in a strategy that involves attacking the wounds of the black team. Damduk can’t stand to watch any longer and gets himself and Sujini of them on the team as subs.

Damduk proceeds to beat the hell out of the yellows.

But then Sujini gets her helmet knocked off and … they get recognized. Damduk and Sujini get hit a heck of a lot.

Damduk’s helmet falls off and he gets in enormous amounts of trouble for doing this. He takes the blame by himself and is imprisoned, along with the rest of the team. Lord Yon takes the opportunity to cast doubts on Damduk playing favourites.

The team is confined in the Yon dungeons, as opposed to the public ones. Ba Son, Hyungo and co are worried for her safety.

Damduk is locked in the ancestral tombs.

Hwacheon chief dude meets with Lord Yon. He tells him of the ancient tale – and convinces Yon with the Phoenix Heart. Kiha is stopped by her temple superior. Creepy dude tells Lord Yon that he will serve the Jooshin king if he reunites the land.

The king sets the best female regiment to guard Damduk. Smart. Damduk really wants to go, so he bets with his guard that if he can beat her in 30 seconds, he’ll be set free.

There is a nicely choreographed fighting sequence between Damduk and his guard. (White against black, how visually appealing.) He wins, of course.


– Bae Yong Joon is really good at this acting kingly thing, isn’t he?


  1. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 6:26 am

    Because of you, I have to download every Legend episode all over again and rewatch them all.
    My social life is over for the week… *cries*


  2. sevenses
    Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 8:37 am

    I… I’m sorry! I’ll stop the recapping for a while, yeah?

    (But gosh, anything happy coming up for a while? It’s all doom, gloom and angst from over here.)

  3. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 10:13 am

    Oh no, no, don’t stop the recapping!!!!

    (When you say “over here” you mean in your life? Do you need some cheering up?)

  4. sevenses
    Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Okay! But you have only to say the word.

    (No, I mean from the drama – am on episode eight, and wooh, do things ever get intense. Thanks for the offer!)

  5. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    “But you have only to say the word.”

    I feel so powerful right now.. lmao
    *Goes back to her dreams of ruling the universe*

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