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Legend Episode 4, recap

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Okaaaaay, things are picking up now.

Episode 4

In coming here, Damduk is delivering a mercy stroke and a warning to Lord Yon at the same time. He can outwit whatever the guy will throw at him, but this time the crime will remain secret.

Ho Gae still hates him.

Lord Yon basically tells him, in not as many words, that they have been defeated in this round, but if Ho Gae wins the heart of the people to become king in their eyes, he can defeat Damduk.

Go complexes. Ironically, Damduk’s just given his cousin a reason to seize the throne.

Damduk’s father is distressed that his son’s just painted a bright red target sign on his back, but there’s nothing he can do now.

Time to rehash ancient history – or in this case, ancient and made up history. Apparently the Chinese were so bored they decided to attack their Korean neighbours, and carried off the queen, who was pregnant with Damduk’s father. So he was returned to Korea after 13 years, having been born in China. Big deal. He’s still Korean, and still royal, but a lot of people don’t think so. (But wait, if Lady Yon is younger than he is, and their father the king died in the attack… it doesn’t add up.)

My immediate reaction is not one of pity, but of wanting to vomit blood and shout, “There goes that demonization again!” I’ve had it up to here with the badmouthing, given what happened in April-May in the American media.

I’ll do some research on this. Given that this show contains … rather unbelievable stuff, I think everyone should take it with a grain of salt. 😀

(Sorry. I just get miffed when I repeatedly see Chinese people portrayed as evil evil evil conquerors when history indicates nothing of the kind. I’m not saying Chinese forces were nice and made cuddly with the kids or anything, but uh… not that evil? I mean, DJG – the ambassador is rude, a pig, and a serving girl got raped by the previous one. HGD – that emissary dude, who should be thrown in some really scummy pool?

And now this – “China attacked Korea and assassinated the king.” Really? Of course they would attack and not conquer. In fact, after not conquering,, they set up trading routes and transferred much of their technology to Korea (and the other way too). In fact, Korea at the time was considered a stronger force regionally. So… what gives?

Yes, I am sensitive to this kind of thing, no, it’s not going to go away until all this ridiculous labeling goes away. And yes, I am aware this sort of thing happens in Chinese dramas – especially with negative portrayals of the Japanese. But that’s a different kettle of fish altogether.

And this is turning into an essay. Not my intention. Continuing with the recap…)

Damduk is shocked at being ignorant of all this, and his father is all angsty at being excluded by stupid xenophobes.

As always when he is unhappy, Damduk goes to practice. He meets Kiha practicing too, and they try things out together. He unburdens himself to her, saying that he killed his friend’s mother, and worries that even if he becomes a great warrior, he won’t be a good king.

Kiha doesn’t care what kind of king he’ll make, as long as he’s strong enough to defend himself.

Sujini (already a budding alcoholic), in searching for customers, bumps into the Malgal mercenary clan. She takes them to her blacksmith friend Ba Son, who refuses to fix any of their weapons because she knows it means other people’s deaths. The leader, slightly pissed, throws the axe and splits a huge trunk in two. Her friend is shocked.

We see that Damduk is super popular with the commoners (from street urchins to soup ajummas to gamblers – he’s practically a walking yellow book), and that he goes around helping whoever he can.

Time passes. Kiha, Damduk and Sujini grow up (man, that sounds so redundant, of course they grew). Damduk into a capable but mischievous (at the moment looking too old) man, Kiha into a quiet beauty at the temples, and Sujini into an inept layabout/thief. Kiha can be considered Damduk’s closest friend.

Meanwhile, Ho Gae kicks major ass on the polo stadium. (But forgets how to smile.)

There’s a tournament coming up soon,and he’s part of the yellow team. Everyone is laying bets that he’ll win.

While trying to stop saboteurs from ruining Team Black’s chances, Sujini is mistaken as the saboteur. She runs away after some ingenious mess-making, which amuses Damduk greatly, as he watches from afar. He helps her escape, and a reluctant bond is formed. Sujini wants his money, and Damduk is just plain amused.

Sujini and Hyungo try to convince Damduk to wager on Team Black, and during their musings on Team Yellow, it is revealed that Damduk still feels guilty for his role in Lady Yon’s death and Ho Gae’s subsequent ‘decline’ into sullenness.

Sujini, even as an adult, acts like an idiotic guy.

Damduk gets warnings from his father for wandering out of the fortress that is their palace. He is to stay home the day of the tournament – but we know Damduk. He’ll go anyway.

Kiha’s ability to randomly light things on fire intrigues him, and he makes her do it again and again. (Somehow, she is more like Seoh than she is like Kajin.) And though Damdu wants them to get even closer, Kiha maintains a distance, first as a temple maiden, and second as a member of the Hwacheon tribe.

Damduk bemoans the lack of people who are willing to have fun with him.

The next day, he’s still running around town, hanging out with his dubious acquaintances. Damduk is trailed by Sujini and Hyungo, both trying to make him bet on the black team. (Five teams in total, each from a province.)

Meanwhile, Ho Gae has decided that this tournament will decide his future and whether or not he can win the people’s hearts.

Creepy Hwacheon chief dude wants to meet with Lord Yon about the kingship – but he is also a very wealthy merchant in his own right. Kiha, too, is very high up in the temple hierarchy.

Ba Son the blacksmith is also hurrying to the tournament and drags Jumuchi the mercenary with her.

The game begins, and it’s a funny kind of montage, that the populace, the king, and Sujini are enjoying the game, but Lord Yon and Kiha are so tense.

End episode


– Things are getting scary tense. Yayness for development!

– What if Kiha was the Seoh reincarnation instead? She’s got a lot more in common with both, but at the moment she matches Seoh more… first love, controls fire to a limited degree, etc. She’s just got the worst luck of anyone in this show. *sigh* Why can’t everyone be happy? *visions of impending doom*

– I know the creepy Hwacheon dude’s name is Dae Jang Ryo, but saying ‘creepy dude’ feels oddly satisfying, so I’ll keep doing it.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    Why are Chinese folks the baddies?

    The thing with Korea is that they have been a relatively peaceful country, so the baddies can only be North Koreans, Japanese or Chinese (the coutries that are around). But, at Damduk’s time, no North Koreans, the Japanese didn’t invade Korea yet, so all that’s left is China. They can’t really bring bad CIA agents or whatever… Plus, Korea was a lot bigger then and divided in different kingdoms such as Baekje, Shilla and Goguryeo… They were already fighting with each others like crazy, so the only non-Korean enemy left would be China (which I think was interested in Goguryeo’s territory, because they were neighbours).
    To sum up, the only baddies possible at Damduk’s era are Baekjae, Shilla and China since Damduk is the king of Goguryeo supposed to unite all the kingdoms.

    Sorry if I got carried up, but it’s just that I think they did not pick China just to get back a them in anyway.

    Now, about the Kiha/Seoh reincarnation, it’s true, Kiha and Seoh have maybe more in commun than Sujini and Seoh (spoilerspoilerspoilerspoiler), but still:
    -Both Kiha and Kajin were mean bitches, in love with Damduk, who went psychotic and were fascinated by fire.
    -Both Seoh and Sujini were kind, in love with Damduk, archers, brave…

    But it’s a nice theory though.

  2. sevenses
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    Thanks! I do get that, it’s just the third time I’ve seen it and my tolerance has worn pretty thin lately… will not be irrational, will not be irrational [rinse, repeat]

    Yes, but the child! It really looks like the child will come from Kiha, which means she’s Seoh. Unfortunately. I like my Damduk/Sujini, plskthx, but this time around, the story’s a little bit more complicated.

  3. irugnotmis
    Friday, June 20, 2008 at 12:43 am

    awww i’m hooked =)
    (Sorry, been spamming your wordpress like no other)

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