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Legend Episode 3, recap

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Lalala. In between episodes of Iljimae I plan to do a complete recap of the Legend/The First King’s Four Gods/Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi series. (Yep, am crazy.)


Episode 3

They really like overlapping the previous episode… [insert eyeroll]

Damduk gets corrected on his martial arts stances by Kiha. Why do all the guys insist on thinking that fighting involves fancy moves? First Iljimae, now this.

He is properly enamoured and mystified. (A natural charmer of younger kiddies, that Kiha.)

Outside, Kiha and Saryang (Hwacheon’s #2) indulge in a mock fight. Kiha wins. (Emasculated by a 15 year-old. Ha.) A little two-faced, aren’t we? Kiha is all dominant in the heart of Hwacheon, but at the palace she’s a lost mouse. Huh.

The next day, Hyungo sets Sujini to follow Saryang, who is also a medicine peddler in his spare time (read: when he’s not guarding Kiha). Sujini’s got the same sharp brain as her sister, and manages to tail Saryang all the way to the Yon residence.

Lady Yon bought poison from Saryang at a really high price – its value is proved by its stealth (undetectable) and effectiveness (administered in doses, it can kill its victim in a month).

Hyungo and his associate want Sujini to find out more, but she’s outraged at having to do all the hard work, on no food, what’s more, and begins shouting. A tough-looking woman comes up and demands to know why they’re harassing a child. (She’s one of the descendants of the people who guarded the tiger symbol.)

That night, Damduk finds ankle weights made by Kiha, to train his lower body. He smiles at finding an ally in an unlikely place. Kiha, too, watches him practice.

Ah, young love.

Sujini and the blacksmith woman watch Ho Gae ride into the city triumphantly after a battle. (Ho Gae is very friendly, not imperial at all, but he lacks the twists and bends needed in an executive leader. Otherwise the kid’s a charmer.) While the woman is shouting about how blood ruins the metal of weapons, Sujini sneaks off.

Damduk hears of his cousin’s amazing exploits, and feels overshadowed.

Lady Yon welcomes her son home with a giant feast. Sujini, much like Enok, is present wherever free food is. In this way, she first sees Damduk, entering the banquet with his father.

Damduk and Ho Gae are still very friendly. Lord Yon is manipulative with words, insinuating that the king is being unfair. Lady Yon is pissed (both literally and figuratively). Btw, Lady Yon is very Lady Macbeth-like – crazy and ambitious.

Ho Gae is a good boy, and is very obedient to his mother. She tells him that he must become king. Damduk, coming to see if she was okay, and overhears. Instead of accusing him, he admits that Ho Gae is praised as kingly all over the kingdom.

Damduk and Ho Gae tussle around, good humour restored. Damduk asks in passing about poisons. (But how much could an honest warrior like Ho Gae know about poisons? Talk of setting the cat among the pigeons.)

The next morning, Sujini runs around with Hyungo, who is alarmed at reports of Yon house preparing an arsenal of weapons. Poor girl’s still drunk from the night before.

In the palace, Lady Yon grows ever more brazen in her affrontery to her brother the king. She believes that her son’s time has come, as the rightful Jooshin king, and shows it. Damduk overhears the exchange, and is worried.

The king is already showing signs of being poisoned.

Damduk, to alleviate stress, goes out to pick some tea leaves. Kiha, coincidentally, is sent with her class to do some leaf picking too. Being the solitary kind, she goes alone into a part of the bushes far from her classmates. As the bushes start to shake violently, she looks surprised, then bored. (It’s hard to pick out Kiha’s emotions, just because she’s so closed off when she’s in character.)

As Kiha is not allowed to speak to outsiders, they converse with the surrounding shrubbery. He asks her to come look at his father after she identifies some symptoms – she is reluctant, but is convinced when he says she is the only one he trusts. (Little does Damduk know she’s there to spy on him and plot his eventual doom. Just not yet, because Ho Gae is the prime candidate at the moment.)

Damduk takes Kiha to the king. She correctly identifies the poison in question. The king and Damduk are dismayed.

Back home, Kiha interrogates Saryung over the matter of the poison. Creepy Hwacheon chief dude wants to know why she wants the antidote, and it’s nice to see her not fall limp into his arms. (Yay! Show us that you’re human, Kiha!) Creepy dude treats her like she’s a little kid, talking slowly and patronizing her. (because he has power over her. Pfft. Men.) He doesn’t care if the king lives or not – he just wants Kiha to gain control over Ho Gae (which she does, I think, judging by the hints).

Meanwhile, we see Ho Gae running around the royal castle (called Gooknae), being cheerful and generally that popular quarterback in high school, if you like. He sees Kiha being escorted around by a couple of guards and is intrigued.

Damduk and his father’s friend, the general Go, stop the delivery of poisoned food, while Kiha finds the poison itself. (Lady Yon did this to her other brother too. Well, not really a surprise. If she can poison this one, why not the other one? It also means that Sujini was in the town for a lot longer than the drama shows.)

Damduk fingers the gold that the royal apothecary was given, and knows who did it. He angsts for a while by practicing fighting with the general, but knows what decision he should make.

(He still sucks at fighting. In order of decreasing skill, it would currently be: Ho Gae, Kiha, Damduk, and Sujini last.)

He asks after the strength of the Yon family, in comparison with royal strength, and decides to avoid open confrontation that will only result in heavy losses on both sides. Instead, he beards the lion in his den – he visits Lady Yon.

No question about it, Ho Gae is completely smitten with Kiha. He’s met seen her twice and already he’s gone through the trouble of learning her name and randomly stopping her if he sees her. Plus, that grin is a giveaway.

Damduk meets with Ho Gae, and it’s hard not to smile at the kid’s open-hearted nature. He’s so at ease and happy I don’t really want to keep watching if he turns out evil. But then noble honour hurts as much as it helps.

The prince tests his cousin by talking about poison at length, but Ho Gae would prefer outright fighting any day. We can tell the young princeling feels bad about the choice he has to make, to possibly alienate his lovable cousin.

At night, Damduk practices archery, with two guards near. Kiha comes by (and the soldiers can recognize young love when they see it, right? Because I would have skewered anyone approaching my prince in the dark if I were a guard.) Damduk angsts about being weak, about cowardly hiding away while pretending to be stupid (not knowing that his friend’s also doing the same thing).

Oh. He’s got some stupid male hangup about not being able to confront the Yons directly because they’d kill him and then stage a takeover. And I thought he was being smart.

Kiha’s response?

“I was an orphan, but the person who raised me said that it is not courage that makes us fight a panther with an axe. It is ignorance. It is wisdom that makes us fear. Wise men catch the panther with a trap. Doing something in spite of our fear, making the best of one’s knowledge, that is courage.”

Applause all round for the wise words. Headdesking all round at Damduk’s somewhat pinheaded reply:

“Kiha, always stay by my side. Always be where I can see you.”

Kiha should be radiantly happy, but she looks conflicted instead.

(So she doesn’t remember her past! Okay, I forgive her for being a conniving, cold, arrogant spy who doesn’t even recognize her own sister on the street.)

The next day, Damduk explodes into action. He has palace guards surround and guard Ho Gae outside in the main palace courtyard. He summons Lady Yon and lays out the facts of the case: the poison, the apothecary’s admission that he was paid to poison the king by Ho Gae, and a case of gold – the same gold the king rewarded Lord Yon Ho Gae for bravery in battle.

Lady Yon is cornered. Smart boy.

Damduk delivers an ultimatum: catch the people of the Yon family who were responsible for the poisoning, and he’ll let Ho Gae live. Damduk adds that he does not want to kill Ho Gae either. Lady Yon is shocked at the person hiding behind the youthful and innocent countenance, but she takes the opening to keep her son alive.

Lady Yon is happy that her son will live, but going crazy mad that he trapped her like this. She takes the vial of poison with her. Before she dies, she makes him swear to become the Jooshin king, and to never trust her ‘deceitful’ cousin.

Poor kid. He’s going to be so messed up.

(You know, for all her insanity, she was just a mother bent on having the best for her son. I can’t hate her for that. I can, however, and am fully disturbed by her out-of-control ambition.)

Lord Yon doesn’t really mourn his wife, and he saw it coming. Ho Gae is bent on revenge – toward Damduk. He’s also crying really hard. (Awww. Someone give him a Kiha puppy, quick!) He says nothing of import to his son.

Outside, Damduk meets with Lord Yon. Ho Gae is rude to Damduk, believing him to be a mass poisoner, but his father knows what his wife did, and lets him in. I can’t believe Damduk is giving respects to the woman who tried to poison his father.

He explained everything to Lord Yon, who believes him, and Ho Gae, who doesn’t.

We see that, finally, Ho Gae’s hate is fully established.


(And, flyingcrispi – you were wrong – I am addicted, and it’s only the third episode.)


– I rather like Kiha. I don’t know what they’ll do to her in the future, but … I really do like the moments the kids had together. But I still anticipate Damduk’s meeting with Sujini, as we know it’s the OTP in this drama. *sigh* I just wish everyone could be happy.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Monday, June 2, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    Argh, damn.
    By the way, just wondering, how many hours of french per week did you have? And did you only learn only grammar and such, or did you had lessons on culture and civilisation, history and geography?

  2. sevenses
    Monday, June 2, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    Whaaat? Is TWSSG going to have a Hong Gil Dong ending too? *wails* It’s starting to look like it! Poor Kiha. But, also, I want my Sujini/Damduk!!!

    Err, I think, 3 per week – two semesters out of four – and just grammar and literature.

  3. flyingcrispi
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 5:44 am

    Lol… it’s going to be as disappointing as HGD, but not exactly in the same way… In HGD, they all die, and CH’s doomed, but here, you won’t really know, and it’s frustrating as hell. You’ll be like: “Uh…That’s it? So, do they die? do they live? Is s/he dead? Is s/he alive? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?”

    Well, you must have learned very fast! I’m stuck with 4 hours of english (the language itself) and 2 hours of geography and history in english. *sadness and despair*

  4. sevenses
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 11:55 am

    I see…

    I’m at episode 8, and from the looks of it, Kiha will be forced by yucky Hwacheon guy to do something that involves hurting Damduk, and then he’ll flounce off with Sujini, which pisses off Kiha – still in love with Damduk, and then somehow the sisters bump into each other, Kiha gives birth, Sujini is given the baby once Kiha realizes that she is the little sister, etc.

    Then the war comes, and everybody dies.

    How was that for prediction?

    Your English is amazing, for that level of study, honestly? I haven’t learned much to be of use.

  5. flyingcrispi
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    OMG, what are you? Pythia?
    It’s almost like you said!!!

    And thank you for the english level thing but I mostly learn by watching american tv shows (to hear what words sound like) and k-drama with subs (to see how they are spelled).
    But seriously, from what I see, you’re pretty good at french! You passed that test earlier this year, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy…

  6. sevenses
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    I give credit to those millions of dramas (historical ones in chinese, that is). Besides, this one is just giving the angst train a run for its money, and it’s barely 1/3 over yet.

    Lol! Subs are good. That’s how I’m maintaining my Chinese. ^^
    Wait until you hear me speak it. 😛

  7. irugnotmis
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    are you a native Chinese speaker? maintaining Chinese and all

  8. sevenses
    Friday, June 20, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Yes? But most of it’s gone rather quickly down the drain.

  9. Kiha&Damduk♥
    Friday, July 24, 2009 at 8:36 am

    Just like you said you liked the kids’ moments together, this site has pics of the actors who plays young damduk and kiha together, they look so cute!!


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