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Legend Episode 2, recap

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My head hurts from reading Donna Tartt. Her material is always so dense, but good at the same time so I can’t put it down until my brain explodes. So… here for a short break. (Yes, I am taking advantage of my break to indulge in some literary catch-up.) (Tomorrow it’s back to work. =.=)

Episode 2

For some reason the first ten minutes or so overlap with the end of the last episode, so to jump right into the action, and to skip the exposition,

Ten years ago:

Lots of horseback riding in this episode, as we are shown the Hwacheon and Guh Mool tribes’ moves in order to seize/protect the symbols.

Lady Yon, sister to the king, goes into labour. The wife of the king’s brother does too, but she sneaks away.

As the symbols simultaneously awaken, spewing beams of light into the air, the Hwacheon come and take them away. Guh Mool (Turtle) has its people out, but they are not fast enough. Lots of death and carnage.

At the Jin fortress, the guardian of the dragon’s symbol plunges it into his own son’s heart to keep it safe, thereby giving his son the powers of the symbol. At a blacksmith village, the tiger’s symbol is brought out of the village, and the Guh Mool use special force fields to avoid detection by the Hwacheon. The cowardly son of the guardian has run away with it, and we are to assume it is safe, even if not found.

The phoenix symbol at Sabi castle is in the possession of a well-to-do family with two daughters. The mother gives the symbol to her older daughter, Kiha, while telling her to take good care of her younger sister. Everywhere they go, the Hwacheon set everything on fire, and here, they’re not different. Kiha puts her sister in a tub of rice and loses consciousness outside. Her pendant keeps her safe. The resulting force field alerts the Hwacheon to her presence and they take her away.

The next morning the Guh Mool arrive, and find baby sister in the rice tub. A firemark appears on her forehead, and the elders assume she is the reincarnation of Black Phoenix, which must be destroyed, but the youthful Hyungo prevents them from killing her by promising to do the job himself when the time comes – but he’s certain the mark on her head was red, which means she’s not a ticking H-bomb.

(Not even going to ask about how the baby breathed, in a fire and in a container with no air vents. Plus, doesn’t anyone, say, the king, notice massive amounts of murder and pillaging going on? Sheesh.)

When Dam Duk is born, the clouds are pierced by a bright star. That’s how they know he’s the true king. Except because his dad doesn’t want to spread the news and Lady Yon has better messengers, the kingdom hears about his cousin, Ho Gae, a lot more. (But of course Lady Yon pretends that her son was born at the right time and thus is supposed to be king.) In passing, why is Lady Yon giving birth in a gold bathtub filled with water? Her husband, of course, doesn’t care about her, just that the timing of their baby has to be right. *smites*

Back at Hwacheon, old chief dude is fingering Kiha, and making sure she is the Phoenix. Poor Kiha. Those nails look mighty dirty. Then he sucks out her energy to make himself young again. Something tells me this elder dude will meet a bad end.

Guh Mool, being composed of all celibate males, is super happy to have a cutesy baby girl around. They name her Sujini and do everything they can for her. Who is, btw, devastatingly cute. (And it occurs to me that Hyungo went from teenager to 40 years old… I guess they picked casting to last until Sujini’s adulthood?)

We go back to the present, where Hyungo is on the way to the capital with Sujini. In trying to wake her up, he gets a bowl of cold water, but she turns the tables on him and makes him spill water on himself.

At all times, Sujini acts like a boy. Must be because she was raised by all these guys. She and Hyungo sell their craft as fortune tellers. Sujini sees Kiha in the marketplace, and it seems that while they don’t recognize each other, there is a sense of being drawn toward the other person. But they don’t stop to say hi or anything, don’t worry, too early in the season.

Kiha is delivered by her own bodyguard (yay for double status) to the temple of the Oracle as a novice, and she seems really shy, absentminded, etc.

The king calls for his younger sister Lady Yon and announces that he is ready to say his last words.

We first meet Damduk as a cute youngster doing random chores in the countryside. He’s the son of Uhjiji, also born under the Jooshin star, but it isn’t broadly known. His father’s hidden him at all times.

In the temple, Kiha does some spying and comes upon Lord Yon attempting to persuade the priestess to lie and transmit a false oracle about the succession.

The king is about to die, but he declares Damduk’s father as next king. Lady Yon does not agree. The king knows about the Jooshin star and actually wants to pass position on to Damduk. He believes Damduk will be the Jooshin king.

The king tells Damduk to gather the four symbols. He makes him promise to do anything to become king. He then dies.

Damduk sees Kiha during the coronation because she trips and falls, he is amused. Damduk’s father is crowned by the Oracle.

Lady Yon really wants her son to become king. Her husband doesn’t want to bring civil war for the sake for putting his son on the throne, and so Lady Yon decides to do everything himself.

Damduk’s father gives him a lesson on how people may wear kind faces but be demonic underneath. He tells him to survive, and because he is not strong enough to protect him yet, he must not excel or draw attention to himself – even if he is the best kid within a 123374983290483 mile radius. Damduk must make people forget him, until it is time for him to be king.

Damduk is not allowed to go to other places, for safety reasons, and not even to military school. He and Ho Gae seem pretty friendly. (And Ho Gae really looks like a decent kid. And totally not the same age as Damduk, like he’s supposed to be. Hmm. Someone’s been hitting the steroids in order to get buff, yeah? Speaking of which, the actor for Damduk looks 12, this guy looks 16 at least.)

(Damduk’s pretending to be an invalid, lols, so he just reads on the steps outside the military school grounds.)

Ho Gae is so friendly, he offers to teach Damduk so he becomes strong one day. He’s totally unaware of the power games going on.

Really Creepy Guy tells Kiha to spy on Ho Gae to see if he will become the Jooshin king. From what I can tell, she doesn’t really like Creepy dude, and is just biding her time. (Does she even remember her past? Very quiet girl, and it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.)

The next day, she and her subordinate/guardian arrange a situation where Ho Gae has to rescue her. Sneaky. Creepy dude is controlling her using a tattoo on her right shoulder. (Yikes. New and improved Dark Mark or what?) And basically she has to seduce and control all possible candidates for the Jooshin kingship.

(Meanwhile, creepy dude sucks energy out of her and gets younger, again. Yuck.)

At night, she goes to the castle library and studies (not sure what yet). Damduk comes in and reveals that he’s sharper than he lets on – he deducted from the scent of oil that she had been there, and that she was a novice of the temple by the scent of incense. (Btw, the books look blank.)

He tries out a move and stumbles, and Kiha, well-trained in everything including combat, helps him out, then leaves before Damduk can see who she is.

Next episode brings trouble. (And I’m getting interested now!)


– I get the feeling that if this and ep1 had been combined, everything would have been tighter. I mean, it felt very filler to me, despite all the unfolding action going on. Perhaps I am too impatient.

– Damduk and Sujini are just the cutest things! (And I finally understand why screaming hordes of fans run after Yonsama. The man’s got charisma in spades. Though not so much acting skill…)


  1. flyingcrispi
    Sunday, June 1, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Ah…. Damduk&Sujini… I don’t think they even kiss… But there is gonna be a cuter couple (imo). Just wait and see!
    Btw, the guardian/subordinate/bodyguard of Kiha has a name, and it’s Saryang, and even though we only see half of his face, I think he’s cute. (Yes, I love assassins wearing ninja outfits…)
    “I guess they picked casting to last until Sujini’s adulthood?” Yes, they did.

    “Does she even remember her past?” Nope. Not yet. It’s going to take a while (and some catfight) until they both realize they are sisters.

    “New and improved Dark Mark or what?” Exactly what I thought!!! Les grands esprits se rencontrent…

    “Next episode brings trouble. (And I’m getting interested now!)” What do you want to bet that you’ll be addicted by the 6th ep?

    Always a pleasure reading your entries,

    (I tried the tags, I wonder if it’ll work…)

  2. sevenses
    Monday, June 2, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    A … cuter couple? You’re not referring to Kiha/Damduk, right? Cause I’d have to go over to France and check your head.

    Why do I get vibes of impending doom? Why?

    Yep! The tags worked, but not on my email. I had to come here to read it properly.

    Post when you’re not so busy, yeah? (A review of Legend would be nice.)

  3. flyingcrispi
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 5:39 am

    The cuter couple is Dalbi/Jumushi (not sure of the names, but it’s the very tall mercenary with the servant whose husband was killed by Saryang when Sujini was imprisoned and threw rocks at him). They’re just so…. gniiii

    And a review of Legend? GREAT ALL THE WAY, except the crappy ending.

  4. sevenses
    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 11:58 am

    Jumushi?! He’s like… huge and axe-y. Oh well. And Dalbi’s that woman who knows Ba Son and Hyungo, right? I must see the gniii-ness for myself.

    You know what I’d like to do? Vamp-stake that Hwacheon dude. Dae Jang Ryo is probably a vampire, of the power-sucking variety.

    Re: the ending, I’d like my happy Damduk as king/Sujini with him/kiddo as happy princeling one, but it ain’t gonna happen.

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