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Legend Episode 1, recap

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Since dearest flyingcrispi refused to tell me what happened, I had to go find out for myself. (Not that I blame her – from what she said and what I gather from watching this thing, it would take ages for anyone to get a hold of the plot.)

And when Sevenses watches something, she has a tendency to recap, but fear not, gentle readers. I will keep it short.

(Public service announcement – am starting work in a few days – please don’t expect IJM recaps right after episodes are released. Thank you, have a nice day.)

Episode 1

Beautiful scenery, wonderful music… Backstory! Backstory! Backstory!

But first, we meet a lovable scamp of a girl called Sujini. Her master, Hyungo, is also the Chief of the Turtle people, but he can’t control her at all. They’ve all been waiting for the Jooshin king, who is the equivalent of Arthur to the Korean people, and now that the Jooshin Star has been appearing for 10 years, they figure it’s time to go to Korea and figure things out. Hyungo also has to fulfill a promise to kill off Sujini if she ever turns into the Black Phoenix (see backstory notes). Notice the abundance of happy that pervades this episode.

Sujini has a Mysterious Past that prevents adults from telling her the full backstory. (That’s okay, honey, I’ll introduce you to someone. Have you met Harry Potter?)

The Backstory

2000 years ago there was a Tiger Tribe, with a fire priestess at the head. Kajin was one such priestess, and the most powerful. And, like any sane human with lots of power, she and her tribe proceeded to conquer the rest of the people. This didn’t sit so well with the King of Heaven (aka God) and so he sent his son (aka Jesus) down to earth to fix this situation.

3 other gods came with him, having apparently nothing to do but pull each other’s pigtails in Heaven. Blue Dragon (clouds), White Tiger (wind), Black Turtle (rain). They are put in charge of a region in their designated cardinal direction. Pause for CGI.

Everyone migrates to the new kingdom, called Jooshin, and they are happy. Tiger Tribe is … decidedly not, and wage war. One day, Kajin gets seriously wounded in battle and stumbles into a cave. There the Lord Hwanwoong healed her (and I would crack a joke about all that glowing, but you have to see it yourself). She fell in love with the shiny glow him.

Alas for Kajin, who wanted to stop war, her people wanted to go on. This is where Seoh comes in and slaughters most of her warriors to stop her. (Very good archer, that one.) But Seoh also loses a lot of her people in the ongoing war, and Lord Hwanwoong decides that he has to do something about all this fighting (it’s always the pretty face that convinces them, seriously. Men. *shakes head*)

More CGI as Lord Hwanwoong passively aggressively fights Kajin. (In this light, his hair looks pink! *glee*)

He takes away her fiery powers and puts them in the Phoenix Heart. When her elders hear this, they decide to go after Hwanwoong. But Kajin doesn’t want anyone hurting her darling, so she kills them all. (Geez. Anyone hear of conflict-resolution therapists?) (Also, generally one makes sure the guy loves you back before one does this sort of thing.)

Kajin runs toward her new future. (*headdesks*)

Seoh is given the Phoenix Heart and made guardian of the south. The spectre of not being able to control the power of fire (isn’t it always fire?) comes up, but Hwanwoong just smiles. I guess he knows what he’s doing.

That night, as Seoh practices using the Orb of Sparkly Fire, Hwanwoong comes and chats with her. (They do a lot of staring at the Orb. Which is in effect staring at Lee Jia’s chest. I’m not complaining. πŸ˜› ) He also teaches her to use it, cautioning her to always have one hand on the orb so she is controlling the power. Seoh runs around creating fires. (No matter how I try, I can’t make her not sound like a raging pyromaniac in that sentence.)

The next morning they watch the sunrise, as is proper in the tradition of kdrama dates. Seoh comes across as humble, compassionate and more balanced than Kajin is, even with all that killing she’s done.

After saying hello to his father (into the thin air, of course), Hwanwoong kisses Seoh on the forehead. (Is that how they conceived in the olden days? Must try it sometime.) Kajin watches this, angry and vengeful.

(Here, the master of Sujini interjects that this falling in love with a human – was forbidden – and caused all the problems.)

Kajin plots to take away the most precious thing to Hwanwoong – his son, and strikes just as Seoh is about to give birth. Seoh, ever the dutiful chief, saves her people first, entrusting her son to a few servants. However, Kajin has planned for such behaviour and kills all the servants except one.

Seoh goes in search of her baby (up a few mountains – directors, please to be remembering she just gave birth, thank you).

Kajin is there, waiting, at the peak of the highest mountain (all geometrically incorrect – wider at top than bottom – but I guess it was for the visual ‘oomph’). Kajin demands the return of the fire for Seoh’s baby. Seoh is torn, because she was told not to give it to anyone else – not in so many words, but essentially to guard it. Kajin, stronger, a better warrior, or just not so exhausted from giving birth, beats her into the ground and is about to kill her when the Phoenix Heart activates itself. Seoh manages to back Kajin against the precipice, asking for the return of her baby. (So the PH activates in the throes of emotion. Good to know.)

Lord Hwanwoong is still a ways off (and besides, he thinks Seoh is dead because he found her bow on the ground). (Now, however, would be a good time to use your apparition skills, o Jesus.) (Oh, he does. Nevermind.)

Kajin drops the baby over the cliff. Seoh is devastated. Hwanwoong reappears with the baby. (Use #1 of having a celestial husband: Can rescue baby at any moment when crazy ex-lovers/fans interfere.)

But it’s too late. Seoh has already released the Black Phoenix (the more powerful and unfortunately destructive and thus uncontrollable form of the regular fire). Epic battles ensue as Hwanwoong uses all his resources to stop the flying fireball. None of the guardian gods can do anything either, and the only option left is to kill Seoh. Which Hwanwoong does, tearfully. Kajin jumps off the cliff too.

(There is a lot of rain, bla, to put out the fires. Just go read Moses already.)

Dan Goon, Hwanwoong’s son, set up a new kingdom after that.

Hwanwoong goes back to heaven, but leaves the four artefacts of power amongst the people. He foretells of a king who will be born to reunite Korea, and that his birth will be marked by the appearance of a star.

Back to the present:

The Guh Mool (of whom Sujini’s master is chief) are guardians of the Turtle symbol and the Hwacheon are the descendants of the Tiger tribe. Since one can command the power of heaven with the four artefacts, the Hwacheon wants to get the four things for themselves and control the power. (Meanwhile, Sujini shows an uncanny affinity with fire, singeing her master’s brows by accident.)

Her master’s duty is to help the Jooshin king gather the artefacts himself before the Hwacheon gets to them.

Here’s the bit the elders are hiding from Sujini: she is fated to turn into the Black Phoenix, and thus her master is bound to kill her when she does.


– Wait. So in the end Kajin gets what she wanted – Seoh dead, and a chance with Hwanwoong in the future? Dude. That’s not a good moral: Kidnap your enemies’ children! Threaten imminent doom! Then you’ll get what you want.

– Also, the Hwacheon people are a creepy lot.

– It looks interesting. I’ll keep at it when I have time.

– Please to be not spoiling me. I will wail and gnash my teeth. πŸ˜€


  1. flyingcrispi
    Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    “Since dearest flyingcrispi refused to tell me what happened, I had to go find out for myself. (Not that I blame her – from what she said and what I gather from watching this thing, it would take ages for anyone to get a hold of the plot.)”

    I’m sorry but I tried to make a recap of the whole drama, but I got lost in names and so much things happen and my sentences ended up not making sense, so I deleted it.
    And I’m very happy I did that, ’cause I get to read your recaaaaaps!!!!
    Btw, it’s going to be a lot more confusing in the future, so hang in there! (but do not hang yourself, sorry that was lame)

  2. sevenses
    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    Gna? Um, are you okay?

    It’s absolutely fine! More stuff for me to recap and lose my head about! Though I’d like to see what you thought in relation to what I wrote, etc. So far I think Sujini’s got something going on with fire, which kind of scares me.

    Making a whole recap of a drama is difficult. I tried with Coffee Prince for a friend and ended up with – Eun Chan is a girl who pretends to be a boy. She falls in love with Han Gyul, there is confusion and angst. They fall in love. End.

    No complexity whatsoever. And Coffee Prince is relatively straightforward, so… no probs!

  3. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 2:23 am

    “Gna? Um, are you okay?”

    A friend said to me I was like a mountain. I was like “Uh?” and he said “Yeah, you’re always high”. So don’t worry.

    “Though I’d like to see what you thought in relation to what I wrote, etc.”

    Well, what can I say? You recaped the first episode (with humour!!!!!!!!!!!), and you did not make any mistake, you seem to be very intelligent, so, so far so good!
    Plus, you know I love your writting style, and that I’m an honest person : if a recap sucks, don’t worry, I’ll tell you!

    Can’t wait for the next recap of Legend (or Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, or Legend of the First King Four Gods, or Story of the Four Gods,or TWSSG…whatever the hell they call it…)!

  4. irugnotmis
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    started watching legend after seeing the 85384738473 recaps you wrote for it. haha
    i must say, oxytocin is amazing. all those mountain climbing and bleeding, she still has the energy to fight the crazy woman.

    what i don’t understand, base on watching the first episode is if the little girl is fated to turn into the black phoenix, why don’t they kill her now (and possibily end the story) instead of later if they’re gonna kill her anyway?

  5. sevenses
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Lol, you’re sure it wasn’t the progesterone?

    And yeah, Hyungo was too softhearted to do any killing. I mean, cutest baby ever!

    (Btw, you can watch legend in english at mysoju.com – I tried looking for cstreams, but the show’s kind of controversial in China, so no live streaming. I’m sure cococrust.wordpress.com has the csubs on torrent though. I’m dling it from soompi, with subs from WithS2.)

  6. irugnotmis
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 9:05 pm


  7. belinda
    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 1:27 am

    thanks for the recap.. i’ve been looking like forever for a recap of this one.. and gah.. it took me years..(i’m kinda lost till now of what happen in the end that i need to read a recap.. πŸ™‚ thanks!

  8. Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 3:47 am

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